The difference between a content writer and a blogger

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The difference between a content writer and a blogger

If you've been following me for a while you probably know that I write a lot of content for this website as well as my customers.  Now, since I've been writing content for a while it means I've had plenty of personalities purchase from me and they usually expect the same thing, but there are the random few that expect something else from me because they assume I'm going to be their blogger lol The difference between a content writer and a blogger

A content writer and a blogger are similar but different at the same time because one will help you out a little and the other will do everything for you.  It depends on what you need to be done to determine if you need a content writer or blogger, but luckily you're here to figure out which is right for you!

What is a content writer?
A content writer is someone that will work from the shadows and produce great articles for your website, your blog, your marketing purposes, etc.  They will write whatever you want them to, with you providing titles and keywords, and they will send the work directly to you for you to use how you want. 

What is a blogger?
A blogger is someone that likely is also a content writer, but they don't work from the shadows, and they produce the same level of content but they aren't guided as much.  Usually, when you have a blogger you will give them creative freedom and let them write about any topic they want as long as it's researched and niche specific.  They will optimize their content, just like a content writer, and they will also add images to their posts The difference between a content writer and a blogger

Should I hire a content writer or blogger?
This really depends on if you want to take full credit for the content or if you don't mind sharing credibility with the person who wrote it.  If you want to take credit for the content, you should hire a content writer, but if want them to do all the work and take credit then you should hire a blogger. 

Hiring a content writer means you will have to do more work since you'll be publishing the content yourself.  Hiring a blogger means you're doing less for your content generation since they will log in, format, and publish the content under their own profile on your website or blog.

What are the costs of hiring a content writer or blogger?
The amount you pay depends on the credibility, skill level, and experience of the writer or blogger.  You'll usually spend less when hiring a content writer and publish the content yourself, because the writer doesn't have to worry about formatting and adding images, so it's less work and that means it should cost less.  A blogger will tend to be more expensive since they have to take a few extra steps in order to get the content published.  They will essentially do everything and get a little bit of credit for it, so they will get paid more.

If you have someone like me who has 15+ years of content writing and blogging experience, you're going to pay a premium for blogging since I know what to do in order to get you noticed.  If you wanted me to just do content writing for you, it would be significantly cheaper since I don't have to do much after writing the content.

What should I expect from both of these content generators?
When you hire a content writer, you should expect to give them the keywords and other basic information for them to write about, then they will submit their work to you for your approval and the job is done.  If you're hiring a blogger, you will usually give them creative control as long as they're staying within your niche, and they will get paid per post or on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  You'll usually have quotas for a blogger to hit, meaning they need to do 10 posts a week in order to get paid, which is pretty common.

In conclusion
I've written this discussion because there have been numerous times in the past when someone pays me to write an article for them but expects me to log into their CMS and format the article as well as add images, but that's not what they paid for.  If you want someone to do that, hire them to blog for you and pay them accordingly, otherwise you can get the article and post it yourself The difference between a content writer and a blogger  Content writers and bloggers get confused all of the time because the work is very similar, but hopefully, they are less confusing after people read through this article The difference between a content writer and a blogger

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copywriters create many other types of written content too, while content writers limit themselves with websites only. Unlike bloggers, who usually settle with one niche, content writers are more flexible as they receive different requests from different clients.

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