Motivation Monday - It doesn't matter if you have $7 or $7,000,000 you need to keep grinding

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Motivation Monday - It doesn't matter if you have $7 or $7,000,000 you need to keep grinding

Everyone talks about how they want to be a millionaire, but not many people will work on the weekend, and they sure won't work 16 hour days.  If you want to be rich or wealthy, you need to put in the time it takes to beat your competitors, and the amount of time you need to invest is not measurable.  You have to keep working, regardless of what people are telling you, and you can sit back and relax later on when you have a business that runs itself and makes you money each and every day while you sit on your couch or go on vacation.

You need to fail early on, fail often if needed, and always fail forward because it shouldn't stop you from becoming successful.  I've failed hundreds of times in my career, whether it be an SEO process or jumping into a niche I wasn't familiar with.  If people were afraid to fail, Michael Jordan would have never taken a shot and Steve Jobs would have never tried to make the iPhone, and both of those people are/were extremely successful in their industry.

Work smart AND hard!
A lot of people will tell you to work smart and not hard, but why can't you be smart about what you're doing and do 10x the amount of work you could have been doing in the first place?  Working smart is commonly paired with less time invested, which is backward thinking if you want to be successful, and you need to invest all of your time into working if you want to be as profitable as possible.  Yes, working smart is great because you're reducing your workload, but that doesn't mean you should stop when done.  You should add more work onto your day and get an entire week done in a single day, then watch your competitors get scared when you come out of nowhere and take over the niche Motivation Monday - It doesn

The billionaire and the beggar both get 24 hours a day
It doesn't matter who you are, you have the same amount of time each day as a billionaire or a beggar, and that should open up your eyes a bit.  We're all equal, no matter how much someone makes, and you can be as rich as you want as long as you put a lot of time into it by constantly grinding.

Extremely wealthy people work weekends, they work 16 hour days, they miss events, and they miss parties.  If you can do this, you will be able to see success much quicker than the person who isn't.

Never think you're the best, but strive to be
Whenever you work and you're actually the best in your industry, you need to think you're always in 2nd or even 5th place but know the race is never over.  You need to strive to always be the best, even if you are, and you will push the standard in your niche so high that people all over the world will begin to gravitate towards you in order to see what you're doing, buy what you're selling, listen to your words, and anything else you can think of because you've done it.

If you let your ego get in the way, you'll start to fail when you hit the pinnacle of success, and that's not something that should be in your plans.

Be your own hurdle to overcome
A lot of people will ask you "Who is your hero or idol?" and your answer should always be "Me in 10 years!" because you'll want to keep bettering yourself day to day.  You'll constantly be pushing yourself to be better than you were because you're trying to be better in everything you do.  The beauty of this is you will always be chasing success, and it's no one's fault except your own if you fail because you're chasing your own success 10 years from now.  In 10 years you should still be trying to aspire to be yourself in another 10 years, and that will keep you working those long hours and becoming the dominant business in your industry.

In conclusion
If you think "I'm going to take a few weeks off" you won't be as successful as you could be.  I like to take 1 day a week off, and I'm still online through my phone and working, but I do less in those 24 hours than when I'm actually on my computer.  My day off is just a slow day in the eyes of someone else who is going to the movies or out to a bar with friends.  My sacrifices are so I can be successful, more successful than anyone I know, in a much shorter time by just not going out but working instead.  If you can keep grinding, you can have the same mindset as hundreds of thousands of successful people, and you will likely be in their shoes in a few years Motivation Monday - It doesn

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Time is of huge essence in all we do, be you rich or poor, how your time management is shaped would be exactly what determines the output from what you engage in.

Great piece of writing by the way.

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