Thinking of getting a chatbot? Here's what you need to know

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Thinking of getting a chatbot? Here's what you need to know

It's nothing new when someone talks about getting a chatbot for their website, mainly because Google has launched their very own and people want something similar.  People are attracted to chatbots because it will simulate someone on your chat system that is always responding to your customers, which is likely going to increase your sales due to the fact you're responding immediately to inquiries as they come in.

Adding a great chatbot to your website will reduce the cost of running your business as well.  This is because you now don't have to hire a VA in order to respond to everyone that asks a question when you're not online.  You will save $300+ a month that would otherwise go to the VA who would respond for you when someone would be asking questions.  Multiply that up for a year and you're spending $3,600 just for a virtual assistant to respond to people while you're asleep or out of the office.

Know the purpose of your chatbot
If you don't understand what you want your chatbot to do, you won't know what to program within it, and you'll likely just confuse your visitors when they ask a question.  Do you want your chatbot to answer questions, pitch services, leave an away message, or something else?  Well, you'll need to figure this out before you get started because you will just be wasting time if you don't.

If you know what you want your chatbot to do, you will not be wasting time setting it up to do something and then changing your mind half way through when you finally figure out its actual purpose.

Don't try and trick customers into thinking you're actually talking to them
One thing people try to do is imitate an actual person and get people to think their chatbots are something other than what they actually are.  If you're trying to trick someone, they will see you as less trustworthy, and this means they will not purchase from you or sign up for your newsletter.  

Instead, write something in the initial message like "Hello There!  My name is (insert your bots name here) and I'm the chatbot for (insert your website name here).  How can I help you today?" and people will see you as more trusting because you're openly admitting to using a chatbot.

People will test out your chatbot to see what type of responses they'll get, and if they're getting the right responses they might just sign up right then and there without actually talking to someone Thinking of getting a chatbot?  Here

Review the performance of your chatbot
Just like an employee, you need to review the performance of your chatbot every month or every 6 months to see how well it's performing.  You'll need to see if it's converting people into customers if it's responding with the right answers if it's reading the messages right and pairing well.  

You'll need to edit a lot of questions and answers within your chatbot each month, this is a normal process, so be ready to add in plenty of content before you can consider your chatbot a flawless member of your team lol Thinking of getting a chatbot?  Here

In conclusion
Chatbots are a great addition to any website because of how well they can convert someone into a paying customer, but they need to be programmed well enough to do the right thing the first time.  If you're not tweaking your system to be the best it can be, you're just going to lose customers, so be sure you're always on top of the review process and watch what's happening when you're not around to respond.

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