3 ways to stay relevant in this competitive digital marketing world

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3 ways to stay relevant in this competitive digital marketing world

You're never going to see your true potential unless you're targeting people in specific areas, optimizing for mobile traffic, and building a presence on video platforms like YouTube and DailyMotion.  This is because these are 3 of the biggest ways to bring people to your website and be sure they're happy with every digital step they take. 

When you get into marketing you may think that you're just going to be working on PPC campaigns, which is definitely a great way to get traffic and sales, but it's much more than that.  The digital marketing world is definitely a competitive one, so you'll need to do the following 3 things in order to keep the traffic flowing and always have sales rolling in.

Staying on peoples radar through smartphones
When you're running an ad campaign or just a basic branding campaign, you'll notice that a lot of your traffic is coming from people on mobile devices.  If you're not optimizing your pages for mobile traffic, you're not going to have as many conversions as possible, and that's not something a business owner wants to hear lol.

Use AMP pages or simply purchase a responsive theme that is already coded in a way that allows your pages to show up just fine on mobile devices.  If you can do this, you can keep everyone happy which will lower your bounce rates (that's good), and your overall traffic will tend to increase due to people sharing your website with people on social media platforms as well as their own websites.

Geo-targeting your advertising campaigns
This method works best for brick and mortar type businesses but also works for fully online businesses like an SEO company, so everyone can actually benefit from geo-targeting when it comes to an advertising campaign.

You can run specific content on your pages and target keywords related to areas around you, or you can just run a PPC campaign and target areas within a specific mileage of your location or an area of your choosing. 

If you go the geo-targeting route, you'll want to be sure that you're targeting the right areas and not ones that can't afford you, so be sure the median income is higher than $60,000 a year.  In order to do this, I like to use the USPS calculator to estimate the price of an EDDM campaign.  You can check the average income for certain locations, and it will give you a ton of info that will help you out, so use this little trick when you do decide to geo-target and you will be sure you're going to get some sales 3 ways to stay relevant in this competitive digital marketing world

Build up your presence through video marketing
Almost everyone knows that video marketing is a great way to get some additional sales, but not everyone sticks it out after their first published video, so you'll need to dedicate yourself to this if you really want to see it build up. 

Don't start tracking your success on YouTube or DailyMotion until you have a minimum of 10 videos live for at least a week.  I say 10 videos and 1 week because you can't really get estimates on how your viewers are going to react to just 1 video, and it takes time for a video to gain exposure, so the 1 week minimum is pretty standard.  Now, if you're posting 10 videos right now, you'll want to wait a couple weeks in order for them to naturally rank within the search engines as well as the internal engines of the platforms you're posting to. 

If you cut this off early, or don't post enough videos, you'll never see the power of video marketing and you're just going to say it doesn't work.

In conclusion
Staying relevant in this competitive world is a 24/7 job and once you slow up your competition will take you over in the rankings and popularity contest.  The more you do the 3 things I mentioned above, the better your traffic and profits will be over time, so be sure to stick with it and have compiled results 3 ways to stay relevant in this competitive digital marketing world

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