3 simple steps to turn a bad marketing campaign into a cash machine

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3 simple steps to turn a bad marketing campaign into a cash machine

Whenever someone has a website and is trying to do their own marketing, without studying what works, they're likely going to have a bad marketing campaign.  The chances that you're going to hit a home run with your first marketing campaign are extremely rare, but they do happen from time to time, just don't think you'll be one of the select few who does this.

Bad marketing campaigns are rampant due to people not wanting to invest time and effort into fixing them, and hopefully, you're not one of those people, because this discussion won't help you out at all lol.  If you are one of those people who want to fix it, in order to bring in more profits, then please read through these 3 things that you need to do in order to have the best marketing campaign possible 3 simple steps to turn a bad marketing campaign into a cash machine

Stop pitching in every article you publish
Every single time I land on someone's website, who is just starting out, they are pitching their own services or products within the content.  It doesn't matter what page I go to, there is always some product being linked to within the article that I'm interested in reading, and that's not how good marketers actually interlink.

Instead, place banners or links in your sidebar that bring people to your best selling products or something they would be interested in.  This way your content stays link free and it doesn't look like you're trying to force your readers to purchase from you while reading.

Offer valuable content without asking something in return
When you start running a proper content marketing campaign, you will quickly realize that content which has valuable content does better than content that just sounds like ad copy.  People want to read something valuable, and if your content offers them something unique without a pitch, they will likely check you out and possibly subscribe.

You will build your presence online through content marketing and people will flock to you over time because you're not trying to sell them something.  You're not asking for anything in return, but you will get plenty of sales and publicity because of it, you just have to do it right the first time and wait to get noticed.

Be someones online Super Hero!
Everyone online is asking questions about something prior to making a purchasing decision or before jumping into building a new website.  All you have to do is answer their questions and don't pitch to them!  You can go on Quora or Yahoo Answers and find dozens of questions right not that no one has answered and you know the best answer to. 

These are just little steps in your big marketing campaign that will compile over time in order to give you a steady flow of recurring profits.  You can be someones online superhero simply by helping them with a problem they've been dealing with for the last week, and all you had to do is type for 10 minutes to get them through their struggle.  If you're helping out 100 people a week, or just 10, you're going to be building your authority within your industry and those people you helped out will likely come back to you for more.  The best thing about all these problems you're solving, your responses are publicly viewable, and that means everyone with a similar problem will also come to you because they saw how well you helped out a complete stranger without asking them to pay you 3 simple steps to turn a bad marketing campaign into a cash machine

In conclusion
There are plenty of bad content marketing campaigns out there, I see a few each day when browsing online, but that doesn't have to be you.  All you have to do to fix a bad campaign is stop pitching, write up quality content, and help anyone you can online so they come to you when they run into more problems.  The more you follow those 3 big things, the better your content marketing campaigns will get over time and send in thousands of potential clients each month 3 simple steps to turn a bad marketing campaign into a cash machine

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