Why does seoclerks delete my thread?

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Why does seoclerks delete my thread?

Hello, I want to sell Twitch followers, but SeoClerks deletes my thread after 3-4 hours,  what should i do to sell followers?


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Well, it's better if you ask SEO why your thread was deleted. I think someone posted a couple of months ago with the same problem but it's with YouTube I think.

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I agree with you on the need for sellers to understand if the services that they are selling are acceptable here for it is going to go a long way in making everything work out for everyone at the end of the day.

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Yeah, I remember that post as well but I didn't understand everything. I guess sellers should first ask the admins if their services are approprite or accepted in this website/forum. On the other side, I am a little bit surprised about the fact that it's possible to sell YouTube views/subs or followers from other social media sites. I didn't know it's possible tho.

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I think SEO does not like your action. That is why they deleted your threads. You might have violated their rules and regulations. Its a big problem for you indeed.

I have not experienced this yet. I don't want this to happen to me as well. Its good that you brought up this questions. I could not answer for you. It is for you to ask from SEO why they did that. Its up to them to answers your questions too.

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Thanks for the information. SEOClerk is one of the world largest SEO marketplace and there you will get all facilities except some social media signal section. SEOClerk does not allow some social media signal selling system.


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This. I believe Google is starting to act on these so called social media sellers and pushing them down the search rankings. SEOClerks is also removing listings for YouTube views, subscribers etc. so it's not only you that is having your threads/listings deleted.

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There are a few reasons this could be happening, and I'll explain why.

  1. It goes against SEOclerks Terms of Service
    Even though you're not actually selling accounts, you might be breaking a rule they have set in place to keep the marketplace safe. A lot of bigger companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitch are cracking down on freelancers selling a follower service. SEOclerks could just be protecting themselves from any sort of lawsuit that could come their way because you want to sell followers on their platform.

  2. Your service may be misleading
    You could have a legitimate service and send thousands of twitch followers to specific accounts, but your wording may seem suspicious, and that could be why you're being deleted. It's like when an SEO service says they guarantee your top 10 rankings in G00GLE but will never refund your money when you barely break page 10. They don't have to refund you because G00GLE isn't a real thing. You see what I did there? Instead of putting two O's in there I used the number 0 (zero). SEO services will do this little trick because they want you to believe you're going to get top 10 rankings, but the freelancer knows you likely won't get seen after they run their "Guaranteed Top 10 Service".

  3. Buyers could have been complaining about your service
    If you're not actually doing the work and hoping to just cash out before people realize you submitted false work. I'm not saying you're doing this, I'm just saying that some people try this and usually get caught.

In the end, no one can really tell you why your services were deleted, it's up to you to contact the support desk and get a detailed answer directly from the higher-ups.

The support desk can be found here:

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With all due respect, I don't think providing a service which sells Twitch followers is a morally sound one. Your service essentially allows Twitch users to rig the game in their favor, and is obviously unfair to other users who work hard to gain followers legitimately and organically. Because of the nature of your service, it's quite likely that it goes against Twitch's Terms of Service, and therefore would put Ionicware under legal scrutiny for hosting said service. I think that Ionicware is understandably trying to avoid legal backlash, and therefore took down your service. It isn't anything against you, but you can't be providing services like that on this site.

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Your thread probably have breached one of the rules set my Seoclerk and it's only right for the thread to be deleted because it didn't meet the standards set by the site. Take for instance, this compliant thread of yours was approved, showing that it didn't infringe on any rules. But if you want to know more why your thread was deleted, you can contact support here and have clear explanation.

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Just contact SEOclerks and try to clear what happened. Let them know your side and explain to them what had happened. I'm sure that the matter will be taken cared of by the support team.

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Maybe because you break the rules of SEO or the content of you post was mislead the customer, visitors or anyone that is reading your posts. I think it's much better if you'll contact the SEO's s customer service to clarify your issue.

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Freelancing 101: If something on a job platform happens that you do not like, DO NOT post a whiny public forum post. DO email the platform help email directly with a polite inquiry about 1) whether the thing happened, and 2) if so what infraction prompted it--for the purposes of your own education and to avoid repeating the error. We don;t have the answer, they do. Our opinion of you doesn't matter, theirs does.

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One reason why they delete post are because it is not appropriate or it's a fraud. I think the admin will let you know about it but if not try to contact their support. Also review your post maybe it is not inline about the topic.

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I don’t know Twitch very well but it seems like another social media to me. Anyway, if you still haven’t heard it, there is a ban on services that are for social media. The new policy restricting the sale of service for followers, likes, views and other numbers for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have been implemented to prevent the complaints from buyers. Most of the traffic were produced by bots and are considered fake traffic.

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