7 content marketing tricks that can save you money as well as boost your sales

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7 content marketing tricks that can save you money as well as boost your sales

We all know that content is king, but do you really know what you're doing with it and how it can be used to it's fullest strength?  There are plenty of people reading this discussion and they're just publishing content to their blogs and calling it a day, but that content likely won't become king, it will be more of a prince or likely a court jester.  Sure, you might publish a blog post and get a few thousand people coming in, but that won't happen all of the time when you start off, so you need to follow these 7 content marketing tricks if you want to get the most out of your content.

I take a minimum of 30 minutes to write up a lot of my discussions here on SEOclerks, and I actually type between 85 and 100 words a minute depending on what the discussion is about and if I have extensive knowledge about it.  A lot of my longer articles that are 2,000+ words long take me at least an hour to write up and edit, which is a decent amount of time to just publish it on my blog and let it sit.  Investing that much time into something and not doing anything with it, later on, is pointless, you shouldn't have started it in the first place, and that is why I'm writing up this discussion now.

Below, you'll find 7 content marketing tricks you can use to boost your content, save you money, and also boost your sales across the board!

Refurbish your old content and make it new again
Go through your old blog posts and articles and see what titles are lacking a catchy draw, what bodies of content need some upkeep, what pages need a little optimization, etc.  When you get through all of your posts and have a list, go through that list and start to rewrite your articles or just refurbish your current content so it's better than it was before.

You'd be amazed at the traffic spikes you can see, that are stable, after going through your website or blog and just editing everything so it's better optimized.  Add on top of that some additional content as well as boosting up your current content and you'll get a steady flow of traffic coming in that wasn't there before.

Push your content into new mediums
Most people just publish content on their websites or blogs and that's it, they don't go into different mediums like social media or 3rd party websites to bring in additional traffic.  Sure, you could publish your content to article directories, but that won't really help much.  Rewrite your content a little bit and send it to a niche specific blog or website that is accepting guest bloggers and you might get your content published there with a nice backlink aimed at your pages.

Don't just publish it and let it get stagnant
This is common practice, you publish content on your website or blog and let it sit there, you'll also respond to any comments that come in but you're not doing much than that with it.  What you'll need to do is set up a Facebook ad campaign to get traffic to your blog posts, it doesn't have to be a lot of traffic, just some traffic each day will suffice in the beginning.  After a few weeks, you'll begin to notice returning visitors coming to see your new posts and likely share what they enjoyed reading.

Have a set series to work on
Here on SEOclerks, I like to do a "Motivation Monday" discussion here and there, which is a set series I can use whenever I want.  If you can do something like that on your own blog, you'll be creating a personality online, and people will gravitate towards that to get information.  I like posting my motivation Monday posts because this industry can be pretty brutal and you never know how much longer it will be until you're successful.  Your million dollar day could be right around the corner and you won't know it unless you push through the hard times, and I want my Motivation Monday posts to help people get through that extra day or week in order to become successful online 7 content marketing tricks that can save you money as well as boost your sales

Figure out what works for you and write up a series every week to keep people coming in!

Publish some interviews
Go out and talk to people or business owners!  Yes, it's a scary thing to talk to complete strangers, but I have faith in you! It's not difficult to simply email a group of people and ask if you can interview them for a blog post you're writing up about the industry you're working in.  You'd be surprised at how many people will gladly answer all of your questions, in detail, if they're getting a backlink or just some brand awareness on the internet.  It helps out both parties in this scenario because you're getting content on your blog and the business is getting seen more online.

Bring on guest contributors/posters
A lot of bloggers want to get their own content on someone else's website or blog and that's why this is actually one of the easiest things to do on this list.  Newer bloggers won't understand much of the importance of guest posting as a contributor, but you can educate them and they will likely come to play on your blog and publish some great content for you at no charge.  You can also give them a dofollow backlink if you're really nice, but I would advise you only give them a link in their signatures instead of letting them link to whatever they want in the discussion.  Later on, you can give permissions to certain contributors and let them know they can link out every once in a while, but you don't want to boost your OBL through the roof so be sure to monitor this.

Crowdsourced content is great
This is a great way to get more out of your team members, for free, if you want to build your content quickly.  Yes, this part does require you to have a few employees on hand that have an extra 30 minutes to write every single day or every other day, but that's not much to ask.  If you add it into their job descriptions, like "You must write a 1,500 word article each day related to our company" and they agree to the position, then they're locked into that task 7 content marketing tricks that can save you money as well as boost your sales  If you require a lot of content in each post, I would suggest doing it once a week instead of once a day.

In conclusion
You can get a lot out of just one article you're planning to post.  You can push it through various mediums, rewrite it for a different approach and target more keywords, set up a PPC campaign to get the content seen more, or you can do all of that and bring in a lot of traffic.  You can also bring in guest posters as well as require your employees to write content for you in order to boost your content generation in hopes of pulling in more traffic from the search engines.

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You are right, updating old content, adding up-to-date information is always a great idea. In particular, this is perfectly perceived by Google, and you can get additional traffic from such actions. I first read about it in this article about content marketing.

Also, I would always focus on the main problems of your audience and your customers. Try to help them through content marketing.

Thank you Tommy, these are great tips

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