We're all entrepreneurs but some of us don't know it

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We're all entrepreneurs but some of us don't know it

A lot of us are entrepreneurs and we don't even know it, we're business owners and haven't taken a stab at it, and we could be successful but haven't thought about trying something new.  If you've ever had a dream of making money from your own business, you're an entrepreneur and can likely build yourself up to success if you do everything right.  It doesn't cost a lot of money to start up a website and optimize it to see what type of traffic you can start to bring in.  It does cost a lot of money to get something custom coded and have a team optimize it, and that's why people get so confused about working online lol.

An entrepreneur is someone that wants to make money on their own and not work for a boss.  Do you hate your boss and want to start your own thing?  You're an entrepreneur that just hasn't busted out of his or her shell yet, but it should happen and hopefully sooner rather than later! 

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things to ask yourself and think of if you aren't sure if you're an entrepreneur, and those things are:

Is there out there you know you can fix with a product?
The birth of most entrepreneurs is when they come across a problem and they decide to make something that fixes this problem.  Most of the people on the show Shark Tank who get instant deals are the ones who are solving a problem no one ever thought about solving because it could be a little thing.  Problem solvers are entrepreneurs in training, mainly because they see the best way of doing something without taking action right away, and that means they can likely get a product or service that fills a void in an industry and it will turn a profit.

Think about it, before there was SEOclerks we would have to post SEO and marketing services on forums and hope they would get accepted.  Jordan saw a void in the industry and wanted to bring everyone in one place, now SEOclerks is the best SEO marketplace in the world after just a handful of years in business!  Solve a problem and you will likely make money from it.

Do you have little things you do to make something easier?
There are so many things out there that took the easy route to make an action or operation easy but stopped evolving when the sales started to flood in.  If you see this as a cash cow, you're right, and that's because you can make something similar and evolve the idea of a different business that stalled out because they got complacent. 

If you do something like put a rubber band around your cigarettes so they don't fall out of your shirt pocket when you bend over or put a paper towel down over your coaster when setting a drink on it, you're an entrepreneur and you don't even know it!  You can make a cigarette band that can be marketed to people who always drop their packs and you can make a coaster that absorbs condensation so it doesn't get on your table!  Little things like these are what turn people from hourly employees into CEOs overnight.

A simple thing can make you a millionaire
Some of the littlest things in the world have made people millions of dollars in sales and profits.  I saw a guy making magnetic eyeglasses clip in his garage get $900,000 in funding and then made $5,000,000 over the next few years simply because he solved the simplest problem people have when it comes to putting your glasses in your shirt pocket or in your neckband.  The glasses stopped falling out, hundreds of millions of people wear glasses and sunglasses (maybe billions), and it was successful because of low price points and high demand.

Get a prototype, talk to a manufacturer, and get your product made
If you're past the point of thinking "Am I an entrepreneur?" and you know you are but don't know what to do, make sure you have an idea and turn it into a prototype.  After that, you'll need to contact manufacturers, if you can't produce it yourself, and see how much they would charge to produce your product.  Get your products made, market them just right, and rake in the profits then come back and let me know how successful you've been We

In conclusion
Everyone can be an entrepreneur and make money online, but the few who figure out how to find the voids will be the ones making millions.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel, you just need to make it work a lot better, and people will gravitate towards you and likely sign up or make a purchase right there on their first visit We  You'll never know unless you try We

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Tommy Carey


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Becoming an entrepreneur is all about being a solution provider. There are lots of problems that we in the world that people can solve ans make whole lots of money from it. I have come to realize that we all can be entrepreneurs as we can get to solve one issue or the other. Most of the millionaires that I know rose to that height simply by becoming problem solvers.

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Exactly. Solving a problem is one of the best ways to think of an idea for a product, website, or piece of software. You're essentially filling a void in the industry, and adding your own thing into it, then the people wills tart to flock to it since it's needed.

Solving a problem with a product, system, or service is one of the main reasons investors will give money to these small companies who haven't really produced much in terms of sales or even built a bunch of products.

Solving a problem is one of the best ways to make money, and a lot of people are doing this day to day and don't realize they could make a lot of money from their little daily tricks, but if they do figure out their tricks can make money then they'll make money online or offline easily We

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Many people are yet to see this scenario where they could get to make a whole lot of money by solving one issue or the other in an area where they are staying. The saying that entrepreneus are solution providers is something that every business person should always have in mind while aiming for any business.

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You are completely right. I've seen friends with a small business, just because they're helping others how to solve a simple issue. A friend used to help his father feel better, because he had an accident and needed physical therapy, but they couldn't afford it. So, he took some brief lessons, learned a lot on tutorials, practiced a lot, and now he offers massages to low earning people. He's not becoming millionaire, but he found a way to solve an obstacle, and is taking the best of it.

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That is a nice insight about the entrepreneur being a solution provider. In our city when I was young, the main problem during summer was the shortage of water in the tap. People would endure not having water for a month or so and the entrepreneurs would come to the rescue. They would be selling water to be delivered to the doorstep. Although the service is quite expensive but people were willing to pay just to overcome the inconvenience of getting free water from a distant source.

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That's right, before i got into business i was working as a technician for 15 long years. Yes it's earning and i have lots of skills learned from it. But for how long i can be in this field?, that's why i thought of having a business. It took me 2 years to finally come up with a business and a product to support it. The hardest part of it really is just doing's because i'm used to a corporate world that i'm afraid to fail doing my own.
I'm glad that i have taken the initiative in starting a business, and all you have to do it.

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As they say, no one can be rich by being an employee. That's why if you want to be rich, then you have to take a risk and be an entrepreneur. I've been trying to start my own but my struggle is I'm very shy. There are a lot of opportunities for me to start a business but I'm too shy to market my products.

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Definitely, at some point in time, it will be more profitable for you to start thinking like an entrepreneur and start a business or look towards investing. Most people are afraid that they don't know anything about running a business, but with a little bit of research and hard work, anyone can do it.

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This is the mindset that I want my children to grasp in the future. Our parents tell us to study hard and find a comfortable and good-paying company but breakthrough happens with investing. I'd rather see them as entrepreneurs in the future.

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Getting ideas, though, is way difficult. I mean, if you can get an idea, I'd say it would be like winning the lottery and in that case, one could easily go to a crowdfunding site and get backers. Anyway, though, there could be Thomas Edison types that are simply good at making inventions In that case, I'm sure these days they would be billionaires.

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It's really a good idea but it's easier said than done because you first need to have a good idea that solves something and that my friend is a very hard thing to discover. It's like searching for a diamond in a river.

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You not need completely UNIQUE idea to start your online business or become entrepreneur. You can do whatever other people do as well. maybe you have better luck We maybe better knowledge, maybe better influence and business presentation, maybe better friends who can recommend your services etc etc etc...

Important thing is to START and keep going. LEARN from mistakes and learn from other people successes, keep up with current trends... head up!!!

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To be honest about it, I am also waiting for that little something that will make me a millionaire. But it’s not for me, it is for my husband who is very talented. He had composed songs and had joined and won contests. Unfortunately, he has no commercially recorded song until now because maybe he lacked the exposure or the promotion. And he is also good in writing stories and has one story made into a movie. But again, he is still waiting for that luck.

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It is amazing that all of us are entrepreneurs. We see a problem and try to solve it.

Entrepreneurs begin ventures which can be replicated elsewhere. How I wish I can see a big problem, solve it and be a big entrepreneur.

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That's true. We all can be entrepreneur the only problem is we don't see ourselves as one. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. We need to dedicate our time to be a successful one. We must know how to take risk for us to be successful, if we fail we can use it to become more better next time.

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They are the one who think of a business and how to manage it.

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We're all entrepreneurs but some of us don't know it: Indeed. Yes we are. But we have a different paths. Others prefer to work hard and earn money. Others are born to have their own business.

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