5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

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5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

If you think about it, many successful people have had the entrepreneurial mindset for a long time, even when they were kids.  These types of people only advanced their tactics because they got older and wiser so they could eventually pull in more cash.

Many young people aren't sure what they want to be when they grow up, but they all know that they need money in order to do anything they want in their free time.  This is where the entrepreneurs stand out from the rest, even at an early age.  How many times have you seen kids selling lemonade on the corner to make a few bucks to purchase a toy or just so have money to do with as they please?   Fairly often if you're in a friendly neighborhood lol.

Below I'm going to go over 5 low income start ups that any teenager can do in order to make some extra cash.  You never know, it could actually turn into a full time business and you could be thanking me in a few years 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

1st Business: Online Marketer
Yes, an online marketer is not out of reach for teenagers, this is because you don't really need a degree to do it.  Teens today have grown up using the internet, unlike us old folks who had to go outside and play with friends to cure boredom lol.  Because of this, they know how a lot of media platforms and social platforms work, and they know it well.  I actually saw my 8 year old daughter teaching my brother in law how to use an iPad a few months ago, and it was hilarious 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

Teenagers grew up with social media, which is covered with marketing from left to right and up to down.  They know what it looks like and they know what tricks them into clicking, so they have the ability to become great online marketers in their spare time.

2nd Business: Snow Cone or Lemonade Stand
Now this isn't going to be like one that I mentioned in the opening paragraphs where you have a kid on the corner selling treats.  This would be something mobile or stationary that is on a bigger scale compared to what the little kids on the corner are doing. 

You could get your own little setup and customize it to be mobile if you want.  You could then get contracted by town coordinators for their events and sell your goods there. 

Teenagers are drawn to something like this because they can set their own hours and they can be their own boss.  They will make more money the more they work, and that's great for the parents because the kids are out of the house making money for themselves and not asking for any haha 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

3rd Business: Craft Creators
Have you ever heard of a website called Etsy?  Well it's loaded with all kinds of crafts that people make from home, and a lot of visitors buy this type of stuff.  I have 2 sisters who got into this type of business and they have loads of crafts listed on Etsy.  They make a decent amount of money from their stores, but the big paydays are the local craft shows.  I went with them one time to just help out, and they made over $700 in 8 hours just sitting in their booth selling their goods.  Of course it takes time to make each piec they are selling, but no more than 5 minutes each, which turns into a large profit 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

There are many success stories like this going around and I'm sure a lot of them are true.  People can get into selling crafts and it will snowball into success over time if you keep your clients happy 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run  Usually when someone is happy with a purchase, they will come back time and time again to purchase more 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

4th Business: Auto Detailer
Every summer there are loads of teenagers trying to get a job at car washes.  That is because it's an easy job to do and it's not very stressful, you're just cleaning cars.  If you're working at an automated car wash, you just have to spot dry the cars when they come out!!!!  lol.

Now working for a car wash is a great job for a teenager, but the young entrepreneur can take it a step further and make his or her own money.  They will wash and detail the clients car with the client never even having to leave their own home.  The mobile detailing center type of business is growing across the US and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. 

I actually know a guy who did something like this, he wasn't a teenager, but it was the same thing.  He would work with local gas stations and offer a $20 quick detailing and wash, which people loved.  He would pay the gas station owner 15% of every sale he made, which is reasonable, and keep the rest for himself.  After about 3 months he had 7 employees working for him at 3 different gas stations.  He would still work all day with 1 of the employees and have the other 4 split into 2 groups.  He was making around $600 a day and after he took money out for inventory, he would split 50% of the profits with the employees he had.  So not only is he making $200+ a day but he's handing out a nice little bonus to them for being great workers 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run 

5th Business: Tech Wiz
When you have someone, a teenager, who grew up with technology, it's easier for them to adapt to new things tech related.  This means that they are usually better with gadgets and computers than most people who aren't studying how to fix them or upgrade the devices 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

I wouldn't suggest that a teen go right in and start up their own tech company right away.  Get your foot in the door with a bigger company and see how everything works while you're getting paid for your time.  After you figure everything out, start your own tech company and see where it goes 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

You could do anything from cyber security to just a basic computer repair shop.  You could do local marketing and get a decent amount of technology noobs to pay you for a basic system scan and malware removal.  Trust me, there are plenty of people out there that think their computers are beyond broken and all they have is a simple piece of malware stopping them from doing something lol.

In Conclusion:
These are the 5 businesses that I could think of off of the top of my head because I know people that have actually done them.  The limits of starting your own business are only based on your imagination.  Get out there and stat something to see where it goes, if it fails, learn from it and keep going 5 businesses most teenage entrepreneurs can run

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I would advise against opening a lemonade stand as a teenager unless it truly is an extremely hot day and you are guaranteed a lot of sales. It's just the better business for little kids because you can guilt people into buying the lemonade with your cuteness lol. Plus, it just isn't a high earner especially when you consider the other earning opportunities you can take advantage of. I think a really good thing to start is a blog, if you can develop it, you can earn quite a bit from affiliate marketing.

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Haha, I can confirm from real life experiences. I had a lemonade stand as a teenager, I think I was roughly 14 years old and we opened it up with two other friends. It wasn't supposed to be a serious business though. We just wanted to mainly earn enough for occasional ice creams. Anyway, the only people that bought anything were our relatives or people that knew us. Everybody else just walked by.

I think that the lemonade stand itself is scalable but I wouldn't bother with it because it's too much effort for too little pay. There are far better business options for a teenager than that.

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I think the lemonade or snow cone stand stated here is a bit different, in that it is mobile, which can be used for kids' birthday parties and other similar events, and I think that is a very good idea and can definitely be pulled off by teen entrepreneurs. I agree that doing it the traditional way could look silly at that age, but doing something like a mobile version of that, I can definitely see as being profitable and if done the right way could even really become a franchise of some sort. I'd compare it more to the current trend of food trucks than a traditional lemonade stand.

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Yeah. I must have misunderstood it when I first read that point. But the same idea still remains to be honest. How many people are going to hire a person to do a lemonade stand at a birthday party? Very few if you're lucky, to be honest. Most people can just buy or even make their own lemonade and then serve it themselves. I doubt they would want to pay someone. And even though it is mobile, I just can't see it doing well especially for a teenager no matter where you are.

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Haha. How come this post made me giggle. When you mentioned lemonade, it reminds me of those little kids on the block who have small stalls and chairs and table and stuffs selling lemonade. Was it in Just For Laughs Gag? LOL! Not that version though.

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Dropshippers in my friends list in Facebook is growing. Most of them are young entrepreneurs maybe trying their hand in a business. Dropshipping or online marketing is a good way to experience handling a business because it has a low capital requirement. Just get a supplier who is willing to make you an agent or broker and set up a Facebook page that will serve as your store. And that's it. You can start promoting your business among your Facebook friends. When there is an order, all you need to do is to forward it to your supplier and he will handle the delivery and payment as well.

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For teenagers there are so much they can do both online and offline, it quite easy for them because they're within the age bracket that job seekers need especially on part time basis or during holiday.

in my country,they can try baby sitting in a nursery for some hours.
Market some product especially from door to door.
But for online, if they're bright and sharp enough ,they could take up online task like data entry and filling survey jobs.

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I have noticed that these days most of the teens are getting into product reviews. And they are targeting the market of their generation. And it does work out. Lot of them have made some good money out of it. So on that point you can see that such business do work. Like say surfboard and game playing. That works out for them. So on that point I can tell you that for each teen the idea would be different there as well.

I think business such as that is not a good idea if it's just doing for the time being. I have learned that if people can focus on small business with efforts, then surely it is possible in that direction. But not a lot of them are going to make it easy for themselves too.

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I am considering to sell some products on etsy. My friend suggested me to join this site as she is really successful on there and she promised to help me. I already sell online on other sites but want to explore new sites and reach new customers. I hope that I will be successful on etsy. You provided some really good ideas above about how teens can earn online. I hope that this article can reach many others. It is really insightful.

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I think dropshipping on ebay is the easiest business a teen can do. You don't need money to do dropshipping business. All you need is set up ebay store, find dropshipping companies, create accounts and promote their products on your ebay store. When someone buys the product, you forward the buyer's information to the dropshipping company and the drop shipping company does the rest. It packs the products and sends to the buyer. When forwarding shipping information, you can forward the payment as well (you can keep your comission). Sometimes you need to pay in advance, and even if you have to do this, it will not cost you more.

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One thing that I've come to like about so many of your post @Razzy is that most of them always come with amazing tips that can be implemented quickly while getting an immediate result. You almost said everything that I have in mind while still a teenager, but it was quite unfortunate that I was preoccupied with my academics that I forgot that after academics would be the need to make money and more of it.

Your first idea on online marketing was one I tried doing last two years but was hit with lots of challenges on the way that I gave up then and I did not take it seriously until last few weeks that I had the chance to meet a mentor who guided me on way I would maximize my earnings through the online market and that was it. Auto detailer is quite popular here in Nigeria for many kids sign up with those places and wash cars for people while getting paid. Never heard of Etsy, but would check it up later!

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Hmm, drop shipping is not actually that easy as most people paint it, but the real truth about these business is that none of them is easy and I can't really guarantee you success. It mostly all boils down to how you handle it at your own end. Almost every teen can start any business if they are determined to do so.

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I agree that drop shipping has an image that projects an impression that it is easy. However, I have to say that it is indeed easier in comparison with other businesses. And most young people in my social media friends list are into drop shipping. They tell me that earning decent money is easier than other alternatives of earnings like offline retailing. What they do is just to advertise the products to get orders and the supplier handles the rest of the work. Well, I think that is really easy.

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I think it is easy to develop online earning stream than offline income stream. However, this does not mean everyone can make money online. I am doing affiliate marketing since many years, yet I have not earned substantial m oney through affiliate marketing. Dropshipping seems easy at the first glance, however, it is not easy to do. First of all you need a website, secondly, your website must get a top position on SERP. Thirdly you need high traffic.

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