6 Excuses to why small businesses don't have a website

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6 Excuses to why small businesses don't have a website

Did you know that roughly 30% to 40% of startups and small businesses don't have websites? Yeah, crazy right? Some other staggering statistics are that 20% of these startups and businesses "might" build one in 2016 and 15% have no intentions of building one at all!

What the hell is going on with business owners not wanting to put up websites a.s.a.p. for they businesses? If you're a web designer and know how to target startups, you could rake in a good amount of cash targeting these people 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

Anyway, let's get to it.

Here are 6 excuses to why small businesses don't have a website.

  1. I Really Don't Need One - lol this is funny. Whenever I hear a potential web design client say this I always ask them if they like to make money. They always respond with "YES" and then I say "Well, your website will convert people more than your sales people can". They usually sign up for a design after that if it fits within their budget 6 Excuses to why small businesses don
  2. None Of My Competitors Have One - That's Amazing! Now we can set up a website for you and you have absolutely no competition online! That's pretty much unheard of, you just found the needle in the haystack and the diamond in the rough at the same time haha.
  3. I Can't Afford One - That's understandable if you have been contacting the top 10 listings for "Web Design" in Google because they'll charge you $5,000+ for a basic design. But you can go to websites like SeoClerks ;) and other related marketplaces to hire a freelancer to do the work for you at a fraction of the price. You could even go the wordpress route and spend $100 total on a premium theme and hosting for a year 6 Excuses to why small businesses don
  4. I Have Enough Customers - That's a lie. No business has all the customers they possibly can and the only reason they're saying they have enough customers is because they think you're trying to scam them or sell them something they don't need lol. And not to mention that over 70% of people who hear about your company will try to look you up online if they're interested in buying or signing up. No website means no more sales.
  5. I'm On Social Media - You're on your way to success! Where's your website? Whoops! You've only got one part of the giant puzzle of your business. Just being on social media won't help convert your people into buyers. Again, 70% or more people want to look up your website before purchase 6 Excuses to why small businesses don
  6. I Don't Have Time To Manage A Website - Really? You've had enough time to get down to #6 and you don't have time to answer an email? Do you have a cup of coffee in the morning? Then you have plenty of time to manage a website. If you really want to, you can hire a company to manage all your back end stuff like website maintenance and answering emails.

These are just a few excuses I hear from people not wanting a website. What have you heard?

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Nice answers to some common objections by small business owners when pitched a website Raz! 6 Excuses to why small businesses don 9/10 these are the objections given simply because they didn't know how to go about it and the ways they did know of were either too expensive (searching "web design" in Google for example) or because they think they're doing enough as it is if they have constant orders coming in. But it's then that you need to bust out the math! Try to do a quick calculation of how much better off they would be, or how much more money they would be earning (after tax and expenditure) by the end of the month or even year from getting a small amount of sales/orders from their site. And since the website doesn't really need an insane amount of time to be spent on it and just basically sits there ranking in the Search Engines, it's well worth having for those reasons. And the reasons you have stated above as well.

To me, these days, a business not having a website is like, well, not like anything from this decade or so anyway!

Your website is like a virtual business card. Connecting those online users and your targeted audience into potential life long clients. It's one of those things that's better to have and not need than it is to need and not have! 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

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Only a 9/10.....

lol I'll take it 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

I totally agree on the virtual business card. I actually tell clients that exact same thing and they get that 'Aha!' moment because they then realize that people are looking at the sh*tty website design or trying to find a website for the company and are turned off because the design is bad or they just can't find the website.

I remember a few years ago I had a client sign up for a month to month SEO campaign and he had no competition. He was on the fence when I got him to sign up and the only reason he agreed to go ahead with the campaign is because I didn't make him sign a contract. After about 8 months of doing the SEO campaign he was making an extra $6,000 a month and wanted to sign a 1 year contract and pay in full lmao 6 Excuses to why small businesses don I think he's now bought a new house and rents it out for additional profit 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

But that's a rare case. I wish they all were like that.

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Nice CD Razz! This is so true. What I don't understand is that, they don't even care to create a website or social media profile to promote their own business, seriously it looks like they are living back in time. I've seen only a few of them using facebook, facebook is the internet for them lol.

I've heard a lot the excuse "I Can't Afford One " and it doesn't make sense if you ask me, because anyone can create a website for free without even spending a single buck, for template, domain name or hosting.

I understand that costs of setting up a website are different depends on the type of business, but it's not wrong if you a give a try with some "free plan".

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Have you ever tried to teach an old man / woman how to use a computer? If so, imagine how long it will take you to teach them to use a website, administrate it, manage the content, optimize it, illustrate it. Answering to an email it's not the heavy part.

I know business owners in my place that they don't want to have anything in common with the computer. They rely on a different form of advertising and truth to be told, they don't lack in customers. Word of mouth is still a powerfully mean of bringing customers. Like you said, some of them they use Facebook because it's the new thing but that's it. And they seem compelled with the results so then, I'm asking you, why even bother setting up a website(consider all the expenses because they are not able to do it by themselves) when they are doing just fine as they are?

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Hahaha you have me laughing out loud. When I started reading your comment a vision of trying to show my mom how to do something popped into my head... so yes I get what you mean about that.

Yes true, some businesses do ok without a website, but for how long I wonder? And how large can you really grow without one?

It is the way of the future, so I think very soon every person and their cat will have their own website even if they don't have a business.

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Hello! I'm in my 60s. It's not that hard! 6 Excuses to why small businesses don Although, trying to get my husband (also in his 60s) to use the computer was like pulling teeth without pain-numbing medication. We still can't get him to answer eMails. True story. Not making it up! 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

But to anybody or any business who thinks they don't need a website in today's world, I will point them Martha Stewart. I gotta respect this lady. Ms. Stewart built an empire just being "Suzy Homemaker" that has a net worth $300 million (as of April 2017).

Her story? When her business was thriving, Ms. Stewart was sent to jail for investor fraud in 2004.
MARTHA STEWART'S SENTENCE: THE OVERVIEW; 5 Months in Jail, and Stewart Vows, 'I'll Be Back'

At that time she was about 63 years old. She served her time and when she came back out, she jumped right back into her business and one of the first things on her agenda was: get together with her managers and staff, especially those in the IT Department because she knew she had to expand her online presence, not just in America but worldwide.

For all businesses, if you can think old school, back in the day, when businesses were listed in a Yellow Pages telephone directory or owners placed an ad in a newspaper. Why? So customers could find them. Now think replacement. Telephone directory and newspaper advertisement EQUALS website and should also equal a way to help customer find you and an opportunity to expand your customer base ~ locally and possibly worldwide!

When people are searching for a business they don't go to the phone books and newspapers any more. They get on the Internet. Social media presence is good. But it takes very little effort to set up a website. If you're a senior citizen then you probably have tech savvy kids who can help you do it! 6 Excuses to why small businesses don If not, there are lots of companies offering the service and their fees are reasonable.

Also, people need to think in terms of "inheritance". A business is an ongoing concern. Business owners usually will leave that business to somebody. Don't leave the new owners (probably your kids) in the Dark Ages, giving their competitors who are on the Internet the upper hand / advantage.

Thoughts and perspectives from an old lady. 6 Excuses to why small businesses don

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Whatever the excuse thing is, they are missing out, and we as freelancers and online service providers, are missing out on additional customers! Great list Razzy, all classics, I think I've heard them all!

This got me thinking, what if I would go ahead and create let's say 20 websites from 20 small businesses in my area and then just contact them, showing the work I've did for free, pitching for the login details or further development.

With all the templates and website builders around you can set a website in less than an hour. Most businesses have a social media page so you can get the logo, taglines and stuff like that from there.

What do you think?

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Oh my gosh yes Razzy, I have seen so many businesses that don't have a website and it is scary. I bet they have a listing in the yellow pages though, and no I am not talking about the online one, I am talking about the physical book yellow pages LOL.

Businesses need to get with the times or else they will completely be lost soon. Yes I know a lot of businesses work with having people physically enter their business but the way of the future is online.

Being on social networks is just not enough anymore. People are hardly being phoned anymore, they are being emailed or the informatin about the company is being looked up online. And even if they are called, their phone number is searched for online!

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Very good post. I agree with what you mentioned. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of small business owners who fail to appreciate the importance of having a website. Many have tried to set up a free one, only to notice that it was not that effective and gave up. Others just do not want to go through any hassle or expense, and then expect to remain competitive. I strongly believe that even a very small local business can manage to expand and grow bigger in time if only they set up a website and a social media presence. A good part of potential customers go online to shop, not walking around in the road!

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Being on social media is one good excuse but I still believe that having a website for your business is the best. In your website, you can have your own design and specifically emphasize your blurb and other important details in relation to your business. You cannot just do that in social media. However, there is a cost in creating and maintaining a website as against the free social media. Maybe it would depend on the size of your business.

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