Improve your sales on 3rd party platforms with these simply tips

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Improve your sales on 3rd party platforms with these simply tips

We've all tried to make money online, and I'm sure you've come to the understanding that you probably need to be on 3rd party platforms in order to be the most successful you can possibly be.  When I talk about 3rd party platforms, I'm talking about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Niche Forums, Blogs, etc. essentially anything you can post to that will allow you to keep your pitch live for a long time. 

People always want to go it alone, and that's the main reason they fail.  You might not have the experience it takes to do the copywriting or image creation that is needed to convince total strangers to give you money.  You need to put your ego to the side and understand that there is always someone better out there for a job, and you should hire them to do it for you.

Below are a few things to focus on when you're putting up a sales thread or pitch on a social platform, video platform, blog, or forum.

Use a copywriter
If you don't understand what a copywriter does, you definitely need to hire one when you want to branch out of your own website and onto 3rd party platforms.  A copywriter will spin some golden words of content that are done in a way that will boost your sales solely from the emotions the reader is now feeling after they've read your pitch.  Have you ever bought something online because of a good pitch and you thought it was an amazing product or service before you ever got it?  They likely hired a copywriter lol Improve your sales on 3rd party platforms with these simply tips

Use quality images that are relevant
A lot of images I've come across on SEOclerks and other similar platforms aren't too specific to the service that is actually being sold.  Some people just use an image of an attractive woman, which is annoying and is only done for clicks, but I understand why the service provider is doing it lol.

If you want to be taken seriously, understand that a quality image speaks a lot about a service provider.  If you just take your time and make a nice image, that is fairly unique, your service will stand out from the crowd and you'll likely get more sales. 

Use strategic breaks in content
I actually launched a service here on SEOclerks that helps people with their own services and how they are set up, this is because I think it's annoying to come across a huge wall of text on a service.  People seem to not understand that putting breaks in content by using an image or simply by pressing enter will keep people reading for a longer period of time. 

If you can figure out how to do this, you'll see your sales increase over the next month Improve your sales on 3rd party platforms with these simply tips

Show social proof
This is a huge thing to do when it comes to boosting your sales on 3rd party platforms.  This is the act of taking a screenshot of reviews from previous clients who were happy then adding them to your sales pitch.  You can also go the simple route and just say "9,000+ happy customers have already ordered!" and that's usually enough.

Now, if you were to make a custom image that said "9,000+ happy customers have already ordered!" and kill 2 birds with 1 stone lol.

In conclusion
This isn't rocket science, it's just common practice to boost your own sales, and you'd be surprised how many people aren't doing it.  I actually forget to use social proof sometimes or I won't use a 100% custom images, but I'll always go back through and edit everything in order to be the best it possibly can, and it will always boost my sales.

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Tommy Carey


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Thanks very interesting tips for me

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This is an eye opener to Images and social proofs.
Thanks for the information.......

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Good copy entice people to get their wallet and make a purchase. If you can create your own copy, no extra cost in your part but if you are not good in writing a copy consider that hiring a copywriter is part of your investment.

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Yeah, you can save a ton of money if you can just write up your own copy that will increase your profits. If you can't write it up yourself, you could be paying $500 per page, and you likely won't get nearly as much content as you would think.

I do copywriting for people and charge around $0.25 per word because it's a much tougher job due to the fact I have to work marketing into the content without it looking spammy. I'm not even the most expensive copywriter out there, I've actually seen people charge well over $1.00 per word and companies actually pay it! Think about it, you could get good at copywriting and write up 1,000 words of content and get paid $1,000 for it if you were lucky enough to get them to pay you a premium Improve your sales on 3rd party platforms with these simply tips

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One truth is that a copywriter is one of the persons that can bring about good income to the company with the nice sale letter that they write. In our world today, it is necessary that we understand that when we have some couple of good copywriters being part of the business, that everything is going to work pretty good.

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I tend to agree with this, if you can't write effectively then hire a copywriter to compose your poats. This way you can be assured that you have an effectively good pitch which would get the attention of readers.

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I think the positive reviews from previous clients will be a deciding factor for prospective clients to avail of your service or products because those reviews are proof of your good business practice. In home shopping tv here, the largest portion of the commercial are the testimonies of the clients who had bought their products. It is clear that they are using those reviews of clients to sell their products.

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"Show social proof " This actually a good way to tell people the quality of service you have. Having good reviews and comments is a plus in advertising because it is some sort of guarantee.

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I'm one of those people that can't stand looking at a huge wall of text. Strategic breaks I try to do. Social proofs I've never done. But I am not just now really getting into using 3rd party platforms, so I'll keep this tip in mine.

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Realizing how important these 3rd party platforms are will go a long way to improve your online work.

Before your post I never knew certain things like images and breaking your content was.

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I think using quality images can be a very good strategy to attract people towards your product. People will be attracted to a quality image first and then they will go and read the content you have put in. Also sharing the reviews of the satisfied customers with the potential customers is definitely going to help the new customer to feel assured about the product and eventually make the decision to buy the product.

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When I started submitting articles for a blogger, I would check it when it is published. Even if I was the one who wrote it and I had checked it before submitting, I just want to be sure that my article was intact. After a year of that routine submission, I was surprised to see the most recent blog that I wrote with accompanying images that are related to the story. The blogger said that I should start submitting my article with photos if possible because the images truly enhance the blog.

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