4 reasons why SEO will never die!

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4 reasons why SEO will never die!

When it comes to SEO, people say that is will die out or it already has, which isn't true at all because it's the process of showing the search engines what your website is all about so they can index you properly.  Sure, it will change over the years and not be anything like it was when it first started, but that doesn't mean it's dead, that means it's evolving!  SEO will never die because the search engines rely on us doing it in order for them to come in and index everything properly for their visitors to see exactly what they're looking for.

Search engine optimization helps the search engines, and they rely on us to do it if we want to be found within their index.  There are various things we have to do in order to be found easier online, such as building backlinks and adding our keywords into titles and descriptions, as well as the content itself helping us get seen by the masses.  There are various things we have to do in order to be found online when it comes to SEO, and that's the main reason it will never die.  It's too complex to just die out overnight, or even over the next 25 years, because everything relys on specific metrics of SEO to run, and that means Google and the other search engines would have to completely change everything to remove SEO from the equation.

In this discussion I'll be going over why SEO will never die, and that is because:

Backlinks are crucial to assess popularity
A backlink is a link you place on another persons website and hope the search engines see it.  You can use anchor text within the link, which will turn that link into a word, and the search engines love this because they will be able to evaluate what the link is all about.  Of course, you'll want to use anchor text that is related to the page it's linked to.  Doing this will show the search engines, not just Google, what your link is about and what they are about to go and look at as long as the link is dofollow 4 reasons why SEO will never die!

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO, and those will never stop since they are HTML and not a program coded by the search engines.  We will always place links to show people out websites, and the search engines will always use them as a metric to assess what your website is all about and where to place it within the search results 4 reasons why SEO will never die!  SEO will never die 4 reasons why SEO will never die!

On page optimization helps the search engines know what you're about
When you begin to optimize your pages, you're doing so in order for the search engines to evaluate your pages and figure out where to place you.  If on page optimization wasn't a metric in SEO, we would see a completely different search results page when we looked up anything on our favorite search engines.  Think about it, if you were to search "SEOclerks" and there was no such thing as on page optimization, you would likely have to sift through the results to find this website lol.  There would be no organization or method to index websites, which would create total chaos within the SERPS, and for this reason, SEO will never die lol.

SEO helps with branding
This fact isn't as much a reason for why it won't die, but for why people won't stop doing it.  SEO and branding go hand in hand, you can't really have one without the other.  Think about it, if I place an amazing article with great images on a news websites to help me brand my website or business, I'll likely link back to a website and that's where the SEO comes into play. 

Branding is a great way to build up your business and sales, which will also build your backlink and SEO profile, which Google and the other search engines will use to boost your rankings because you're becoming more "popular" in their eyes 4 reasons why SEO will never die!  This is why SEO will never die.

There are more places than Google which rely on SEO
Google isn't the only website and business that relies on SEO to evaluate and rank your website.  Yes, Google has the predominant market share when it comes to the traffic online, but they're not the only place that has people looking for you.  There is also some other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, AskJeeves, Baidu, Ask, AOL, DuckDuckGo, etc.  All of these rely on SEO to evaluate and rank you, which means SEO will never die.

If SEO were to be removed from all of these other platforms and websites, you would have a very difficult time finding what you need to with a single search.  You would have to type in various search terms to figure out the best result for your questions, which would get extremely annoying after the 10th try, and that is why SEO isn't going anywhere anytime soon 4 reasons why SEO will never die!

In conclusion
SEO will never die because it's the thing that helps us rank.  SEO isn't an action, but a combination of actions that get labeled as SEO.  It will not be going anywhere, anytime soon, because the search engines rely on it to index your website and move it around within their own search results based on what they find online about your website.  If you were to remove the metrics like backlinks and on page optimization from the ranking factors, you would have an extremely difficult time finding what you needed when you were online.  For that reason, SEO will never die but it will be altered over the years based on the search engine algorithm updates.

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Tommy Carey


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Whoever said that SEO will die out? That's a ridiculous thing to say. The first 2 letters in SEO are SE which stand for "search engine". If the search engine dies out, then obviously there will no need for SEO. But who said the search engine was going anywhere? I try to keep up with the SEO trends. Search Engine Land is a valuable online publication.

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You'd be surprised how many forum threads and blog posts pop up with every new algorithm update and have a title similar to "SEO is going to die now!". Usually, it's from people who don't know what they're doing when it comes to SEO and think the search engines are trying to remove the optimization of pages, which will never happen. If SEO was removed, the search engine results pages would be complete chaos, and no one would use the search engines to figure out the answers to their questions 4 reasons why SEO will never die!

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Ridiculous is definitely the word and probably the person who was speculating on the death of SEO has no knowledge of that subject matter. When I first encountered discussions about SEO in this site, I ignored it because I was not interested even if I still don’t know what it was. But when I learned the purpose of SEO that’s the time I started giving importance to the discussions because search engines will be with us and knowing SEO methods will be an advantage in freelancing.

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I think every year new content platforms are coming. Video, text, audio and other means are already monetized. As long as there is a monetization. There is going to be SEO. It's just that things may change from the search engines to another. So SEO is going to be there in one way or the other. And that seems to be the thing that may continue to be there. I guess we always see things changing on that note.

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In the evening news last week, there was the interview with 2 young guys. The topic was SEO. And I was surprised upon hearing that SEO can be your livelihood that is if you are good in SEO. The feel of those SEO specialists is that SEO will be the biggest industry tomorrow. They may be exaggerating but there is truth in what they said because I have been seeing that acronym all over the internet as if everything is now dependent on SEO. So I guess it’s not yet late for us to learn what SEO is all about and how to write SEO contents.

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SEO strategies are changing over the time, however, SEO is becoming more important these days then it was in the yesteryears. SEO will exist as long as search engines exist. Since search engines will never die as long as there is the internet, SEO will also continue to survive. Therefore everyone should consider developing SEO skills.

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Depends on what the future of search engines will look like. I bet one of Google's goal for the next 10 years is to integrate SEO into its own services, just like they did with Adwords.

I mean, they've updated the SEO Google handbook as well as developed a lot of Google-powered tools highly helpful for SEO specialists, new updates on tools like Search Console or Google PageSpeed insights as well as the countless other testers (structure data, amp, mobile speed test, etc).

I believe Google figured out that the SEO industry is worth exploiting. Why should Google leave tools like Ahrefs and SemRush to earn from sources Google can easily control?
I think Google has its eyes set on SEO and will provide the tools as well as the best practices (for the most part) on how to properly rank in their search engine. Why wouldn't they ask for a price for tools like Search Console (pro version) or tools like Google Keywords Planner or Google Trends (all premium versions)?

Those who want to learn the system and are willing to pay for valuable information will profit from all of this, just like Adwords.

I may be going on a limb here, but I believe Google is definitely making steps towards SEO and SEO tools, this much is self-evident, what happens next remains to be seen.

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This is right that SEO will never die. Because search engine have a business now a day in this world to show some ads first in demand of money. Like shows google Ad words ad first. For that reason for staying first position some time we will be need paid advertisement also which is call google PPC. World wide search engines will give huge facility about SEO for the upcoming years but also there will be always need a manual research and manual SEO work to rank any website first.


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I think it will die at some point in future. In my opinion Google will look for a way to rank sites organically and people will not be able to manipulate their content, even with keywords. Technology is changing rapidly on a daily basis. It's just a matter of time. This is the age of artificial intelligence remember?

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SEO will never die because it has a lot of traffics from everyone, like me I used to visit SEO every day, and the articles and the content itself was very unique. So I don't think this website will go down.

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