5 reasons you'll need personal branding to move forward with your business

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5 reasons you'll need personal branding to move forward with your business

Everyone is trying to be famous online, but what you should focus on is personal branding instead, since that's the way you will build your business even quicker than chasing fame.  It's a lot easier to build a brand around yourself than tweaking your backlink profile to trick the search engine algorithms to boost your rankings for every keyword you're targeting.  Branding yourself goes much further than getting people to remember your name within the industry you're targeting.  You will be able to get more clients signing up with you solely because they now know you're a professional and not just some online celebrity.  Think of someone like Tai Lopez, he's known for his name and people follow him afte they realize he knows what he's talking about.  I'll be honest and quickly labeled him an online "guru" who just takes peoples money, but he's doing everything right in the branding department and letting people come to him.

If you're reading this, Tai, I'm sorry for calling you an online "guru" which holds a negative weight when thinking about online marketing.  I thought you just targeted the unknowing and naive people of the world with ideas of grandeur and took their money, but I was wrong, and I'm admitting it right here 5 reasons you

Ok, back to the discussion 5 reasons you

Personal branding can be so big if you're trying to boost your sales because people will hang on every word you speak, or type, but it's more than that.  You can actually help out people and they will spread your name, not your website URL, which is huge in any industry because you will be seen as "The Man" or "The Woman" to go to when a company is in need... And that means you can charge a premium 5 reasons you

Boosting your own online reputation is a full time management job because you need to monitor everything that comes across your Google alerts about you or your website.  The more well known you become, the more often people will talk about you and your websites online, and it could be a mix of good and bad comments and content.  Hopefully you're getting plenty of good comments around the web, but that doesn't mean everything will stay positive, so you need to talk to anyone commenting or mentioning you regardless of how they see you.

I actually just launched my own branding campaign to build my own authority within the industry I'm targeting, and I've already noticed a good amount of positive feedback and clients wanting to work with me in less than just 48 hours 5 reasons you  I sort of had a head start though, because I'm targeting the high quality content writer industry and I've been writing for a while and can link to all my accounts across multiple websites for potential clients to check out.  But that shouldn't stop you from pushing your own personal branding to become the authority. 

So, what you should do is build your own personal brand because people want to work with other people and not just a website URL 5 reasons you  To do that better, work on the following points below:

Your Image is Your Brand
When you hear someone say "put your best foot forward" it's the same for building your brand online.  Instead of your foot, you will need to "put your best face forward" lol 5 reasons you  It doesn't really matter how you look if you want to be an industry leader, it matters what you know and how you convey it to the masses. 

Loads of companies will look through applications and judge someone solely on how they look, which is unfortunate since it's an involuntary action that sometimes carries over to the interview and hiring process.  For this reason, a lot of corporations are not requiring applicants to submit a head-shot/photo when applying to the company.  They are also not asking what nationality a person associates with so nothing can be biased and the hiring is solely done through experience and not personal opinions. 

Unlike a job application and interview, if you're going to be branding yourself, you'll need to be in front of the camera and let people see who you are.  You're not really applying for a job, you're telling people you're an authority without actually saying it, and they will not care so much of how you look because they're following you simply for your intelligence.

You control the content about you
We all have some sort of content about us online, whether it be on social media or something we don't have a hand in, it's out there and we are in control regardless of what it says.  If you're looking to get a job, you'll need to drown out or remove this content if it's negative, since most employers will do an online search for your name to see what pops up.  You'll also have to do this if you're looking for investors as well as business partners because they won't see you in a positive light if negative things are written about you online.

A few years ago, one of my websites was the target of a slander campaign and all the information being published about me and my website were 100% false.  The only thing I can think of is a competitor was focusing more on ruining my name, instead of building up theirs, in order to make more sales for themselves.  Something like this was out of my control, so all I could really do was go to the forum thread/blog post and voice my own reasoning to why the content was false.  Usually the owner of the website would take down the content after I proved my innocence, but sometimes the person posting the content owned the website and wouldn't oblige.  For situations like this, you need to publish plenty of positive content about yourself through your own blog posts, forum threads, press releases, etc.  You'll essentially flood the rankings for your name, or website name, within the search results and people will have a tougher time finding the negative things that were falsified.

Build up your social profiles
In today's world, everyone and their grandma (literally), has at least one social media profile.  If you're trying to build up your own brand, you need to have multiple profiles that you manage yourself.  If you're running your own branding campaign, you will easily be able to manage a dozen social media profiles and funnel people to your website.

Think about it, the more social media profiles you have out there, the more likely you will flood the search results for your own name in a positive way.  You will also be sending plenty of traffic to your videos, content, websites, etc.

Utilize Infleuncers
Influencers did something right, they built their own brand out of nothing, and now have a devoted following within their industry.  What you can do is piggy back off of their success and build up your own following.  Basically, you'll hire specific influencers and have them post positive content about yourself in order to build your authority within your niche.  You'll have to work with infleuncers within your own niche, since working with one is an anime niche when you're in fashion won't work very well.

Influencer marketing is a newer method that came on the scene not too long ago, but has gained a massive amount of weight in the marketing field due to how well it works.  You'll need to do it for a little while before you see anything positive coming from it, you won't be an instant authority within your niche after just one round of influencer marketing.  People need to see your profiles and name popping up occasionally in their news feeds in order for them to start gravitating towards you and your own brand.

Be Patient, This Takes Time
It doesn't matter how far along you are within your industry, personal branding takes time and you will have to be patient.  Like I mentioned early on in this discussion, I started doing some personal branding and had quick success, but I had been building up all my writing profiles for almost 2 years.  This means I had actually been working on my content writing pitch for 2 years and the people looking for content writers instantly trusted my work because I have thousands of examples of my work out there for them to see on other websites, not just my own.

Building your own online presence will be different than building a websites presence within an industry.  You will essentially be starting over, if your domain name isn't your actual name, and the branding will need to be started from stage 1.  If you can change the profile names on other platforms to match your own personal name, you can essentially leap frog the branding process, but it will take time.  Luckily I didn't have to convince platform owners to edit my name on their websites and the people looking for a content writer trusted what I said 5 reasons you  Of course, they could have always contacted me on the platform and I would have responded with my actual name, but they trusted me enough to work with me after I showed them live examples of my work 5 reasons you

You need to be patient and build up your presence slowly.  You don't want to go too quick because you'll need to manage everything that is coming across your desk.  If you're doing this part time, and working on your current business full time, you won't be able to manage everything if it goes too quick.  Start slow and build over time until you notice your personal brand starting to take off within your industry 5 reasons you

In conclusion
Personal branding is an amazing thing and I highly recommend anyone to do it if they want to be seen as an established authority within your industry.  It does take time to do this, but it's definitely worth it in the long run since people will be able to search your name and find amazing words written about you from complete strangers, solidifying their decision to work with you 5 reasons you  So get out there, purchase a domain that is close to your actual name, and start branding yourself as an expert within your field and watch your "fame" increase slowly over time 5 reasons you

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You need to be very careful though. In my experience, once you start putting your name out there and you start writing opinions and content under your real name, there is no turning back from it.
Social profiles are fine and easy to create, you won't get in trouble for having those of course, but once you have your own website, under your own name as the brand name while having opinions and creating content, get ready for anything.

All I'm saying is once you have a blog/website you should prepare for the type of content you won't be able to fully control, meaning someone else can start writing about you and won't be always in a good light either.
I guess it depends on the type of notoriety you build about yourself, but overall, yes, building a personal brand is important and when it comes to your real name, you should have and control at least half of the first pages results in Google.

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I think personal branding has it's set of the process. And some people can make things better with the branding in these days with the influencer marketing. Some of them are into the social media marketing. You have to be reasonably good at the way things are working. You can't get things easily done though. And considering the personal branding as a process, it makes me feel that it can be good enough on the business side if you ask me.

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Utilizing influencers is the task I'm finding has to be incorporated into my marketing strategy for the new year. 2018 and beyond!

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Building the social profiles is very important for a site owner especially if you are engaged in e-commerce. A selling business is very attractive if you have a good profile in social media that all you need is to post about your product and the market will be coming to you. But you also need to have a high quality product that is not common and ordinary but something unique and classy.

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