8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

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8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

When we all start out blogging, or working on websites, we make mistakes. People will post personal content to company Facebook pages which have nothing to do with the industry the company is in. We all make mistakes when starting out, so if you want to start stronger than most of us did, you should read through this discussion and take notes lol.

Making mistakes if proof that you're a human, if you're not making mistakes, you're inhuman or a robot. Your viewers and readers will understand if you send out a newsletter too early, or send it twice by accident, but they won't really forgive you if you send out the wrong content that offends them in some way, shape, or form.

In this discussion I'll be going over the 8 main online marketing mistakes that a lot of people do, so you can try to avoid them as easy as possible 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

You should start blogging sooner rather than later
When you start up a website for yourself or your business, you need to start blogging immediately. The more content you get on your website, the more likely you'll get found by the search engines and jump up in the rankings over time. You need to promote, optimize, and above all else create high quality content that people actually want to read. You'll also need to promote your articles via social media so you can get more traffic coming in, in a quicker time frame. Increasing the rankings of your blog posts or sub-pages will take much longer than PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or Facebook.

Optimize from the beginning so you don't have to fix old posts
Many people will start blogging and get 100's of posts deep, then realize they hadn't been optimizing anything for the search engines. have you ever went back and tried to optimize just 10 posts? It takes forever due to the keyword density optimization, titles, descriptions, alt tags, etc. So start doing this from the beginning and save time later on.

If you've already been blogging for a while, and not optimizing along the way, you should go back and work on them as well as you can. You don't want to switch up too much, so just focus on the titles and descriptions of the posts for better search engine rankings. If one of your posts is already ranking well for one of your keywords, leave it alone and move on to a different post. You don't want to edit a ranked post because it could just drop in the rankings and take a while to come back up.

Publish new content often
You need to be posting quality content consistently, but you don't need to do it every single day. Posting a few times a week is good enough to boost your rankings over time 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid Remember, you're not reinventing the wheel here, you're just publishing quality content that is optimized in order to boost your rankings and get some free high quality traffic.

You can't copy content from websites related to your industry and then paste them to your own website. This will never help you out because your content is a blatant copy of someone elses that was already indexed. You probably won't get a duplicate content penalty, but your post won't get indexed, which means you won't see any search engine traffic coming in.

If you're not sending out newsletters, don't collect emails
Many people plan on collecting emails and sending out newsletters to all their subscribers, but what they do is collect the emails and never send anything out. Your email subscribers are one of the biggest pools of sales you can tap into whenever you need to. There have been plenty of studies that have said email marketing actually has an amazing ROI compared to the other marketing tactics.

People giving their email addresses to you are basically saying "I trust you will send me quality newsletters without spamming me all the time" and that's exactly what you need to be doing.

In short, you need to be sending out newsletters and emails to your subscribers if you plan on keeping your list alive. You can even automate a bunch of emails right after a user subscribes to you, which will save you a lot of time.

Set up profiles on all the main social media platforms
If you're going to take your business seriously, you need to be on all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You will also need to lock down your name on all the smaller platforms so people can't impersonate you or your company.

You need to be on all the popular platforms, but you don't need to be active on all of them at the same time. You should pick a few and invest more time in them than the others, so you're not spreading yourself too thin.

Publish to your social media profiles
Just because you're on all the social media platforms doesn't mean you will become instantly popular. You will need to be active on these platforms and build your following over time. Treat your social media profiles like they are your own website, since they are actually an extension of it. You will need to post quality content to your profiles, and you better make sure it's optimized!

You can always boost posts as well, this will help you gain a following even quicker, but it's not necessary.

Duplicate Content is Bad
You should only post an article once to your website or blog. Posting the same content over and over again will just get you a duplicate content penalty and your website will likely drop in the rankings. So to avoid a penalty, that isn't so easy to lift, you should just post the article once to your website and keep it at that 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

Stay professional and keep your cool
Many times a blogger, forum owner, or webmaster will get too personal with their commenters and it will never end well. Even if the argument is stopped, the content will have been seen by everyone coming to your website and it will hurt your branding and reputation. You need to stay professional with all of your visitors, even the ones who only want to post negative comments. Doing this will keep you seen as a professional even when in an argument.

In Conclusion
Each point I mentioned above is crucial to run a great website. You can't just do whatever you want and try to abuse systems that are in place to block spammers and trolls. If you are just starting up, or have been running your own websites for a while, the tips I mentioned above will help you make a better website or blog.

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Thank you so much for more help,

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I started my blog with no knowledge of SEO so my posts are not optimized. It just recently that I learned SEO and started fixing my posts. I'm not yet also collecting emails because I'm not ready for sending newsletters. If I just knew these mistakes before starting my blog, I should have done it the proper way. Thanks for the great tips.

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Set up a mailchimp account and start collecting emails! You can have a free account that sends up to 2,000 emails a month, which means if you collect 500 emails you can send out 1 newsletter a week and be just fine 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid Of course, you won't get all the fancy premium features that come with the paid versions of mailchimp, but if you already have 500 emails then you're likely making enough to pay for the premium version 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

I highly urge you to go through all of your old posts and optimize them. This could take a lot of time, but it's definitely worth it, so be sure to do it right the first time and always go through your new posts to be sure they're optimized so you don't have to come back in a month or next year to fix them 8 online marketing mistakes you can easily avoid

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Optimizing your profile, and using social media for marketing are a must. Nowadays, whenever you want to find something you just go to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. You will find reviews about the product or the place, price, distributors, location, you can find everything. Also, through social media you gain clients/followers, and they will make you add more customers, specially if they have a good experience with your business.

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Maybe you mean to say by when you want to find something is all about popular products that you can find in social media. Not all products are in social media and the best tool for finding the details of a particular product is to use the search engine that will provide you with a search list for the related links to your query. Be careful of social media because there are so many fake news and fake posts.

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Great advice as always. I think that many fellow bloggers will relate to your first point - "You should start blogging sooner rather than later". This way my biggest mistake! I wanted to start blogging years before I actually gained enough courage to start posting. I was just afraid of the judgment and all the "what if's". Don't be afraid and dive in.

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Starting immediately is another good point for procrastinating the work of blogging is not what we need as we walk down the journey of writing on blogs. This is why I don't joke with beginning anything new once I have made up my mind to start. That is the only way that I can get to make things happen at the end.

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I totally agree with you! Have the courage to start now. Don't be afraid of the things that doesn't happen yet.

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I'm just in the process of setting up social media marketing for an organization I work for. Previously they only had Facebook, so I've been setting up their Instagram and Twitter as well. That's a good reminder though about LinkedIn too, I'll have to do that next. It's actually a lot more involved working in social media marketing than I might have expected - always having new content and engaging with your audience definitely requires significant time!

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If you are a beginner in everything online marketing and especially SEO, if your domain is rather young an without any backlinks, you should avoid reaching the so-called backlinks threshold, meaning that if you pass a certain number of backlinks in a certain period of time you may end up in Google sandbox.

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I have a plan for my own blog but it has not materialized because I don’t want to start something that I cannot maintain in the future. I know of some people with stagnant blogs and websites. That’s a lot of effort wasted. My main problem at present is the available time that I can give my blog. Admittedly, my hands are full because of my full time job in the office although I can still write on the side. What about my social obligations? Anyway, my planned blog will someday be a reality.

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Setting up our social media profile to reflect what we are doing on the blogs that we have. One thing about doing so is that some of our friends on the social network will know that we have a blog and can happily come online to read our contents on the blog without even telling them to do so. Also, it is necessary that we write quality articles that people are always ready to read and not one that is full of junk words.

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People who want to blog tend to think too much about how their content will be received and if people will even read it so they keep delaying, but you truly will never know what will happen unless you just go ahead and start, so you should just worry enough and use those concerns to plan ahead, but you should also just start blogging after the initial planning.

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Great discussion! I agree the everyone should just post an original content in their sites. Writer who posting a similar content again will face a content punishment and your site will probably will have a bad reputation. So be unique and be happy of what youre doing that isn't so natural to lift, you should simply present the article you original made on your site and wait until you get your reward.

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