5 ways to help increase ROI with your company's social media profiles

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5 ways to help increase ROI with your company's social media profiles

I'm sure you've heard it already, but social media profiles are needed if you want to improve your marketing strategy.  I'm sure you know that you need to post great content, obtain a lot of new followers, and get more leads.  But did you know that Social Media success and SEO are tied together?

The thing that is a key role in getting found on Facebook is not just the content you post, but the information you enter when starting up a new page.  I'm sure that if you've set up a page or two you know what I'm talking about.  You're basically building a mini-site of your own money site and hoping people come to it.

A lot of people downplay the role that social media has within SEO because it can't be directly proven that it works.  But did you know that Google ranks social media profiles pretty high due to their authority?  So don't you think that it would benefit your company to have multiple social media profiles across as many platforms as possible in order to pull in traffic?

Now I'm not going to go into detail about search engine rankings with profiles, but I will remind you that most social media platforms are basically search engines in their own right.  Facebook alone has around 2 billion search every day on it's platform and twitter is roughly at 2.1 billion.  Don't you think you should optimize for their search engines as well?

It's definitely important to update your website with fresh content and on page optimization in hopes to achieve top rankings.  It's also a good thing to focus on optimizing your social media profiles in order to pull in even more leads, and here's how you can do it...

1. Create as many social media profiles as you can, then link them
Many people will just focus on Facebook and Twitter since they're massive, but if you're like most people, you too are missing out on a lot of potential traffic.  Having a bunch of social media profiles ranked high is really good because you control the messege that is shown to everyone that visits.  This is good for generating leads, reputation management and SEO at the same time.

Where You Should Start Making Profiles:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn (company page and personal profile)
  6. Pinterest

Be sure to write up optimized content when starting your account so that you have a better chance at ranking high.  Also, be sure to link to your main website so people can find you easier.

2. Write up an optimized Bio
The Bio of your social media profiles is what Google uses as their meta description.  This is the snippet of content that shows up when someone finds you through a basic search.  If this is optimized, you have a better chance of ranking for your main keywords because you're technically piggy backing off of the social media platforms authority 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company

You'll need to have your keywords in there once or twice to ensure that you have a chance at the rankings.  The keyword stuffing rule still applies, so don't overdue it.

3. Watch how you designs your profiles using pictures.
A bad website design will turn potential clients away, and the same thing happens with poorly designed and managed social media profiles.  If you're using some crumby image that is pixelated, people will think that you're not as good as you say you are, regardless if you're the best.  Use high quality images that fit perfectly within the boarders and you'll be happy you did when the sales start coming in 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company

4. You don't have to post every single day, just post sometimes
A lot of the top marketers will tell you that having a dead social mdia account is just as good as not having one at all lol.  Social media profile will rank highly within the search results, so when someone gets to your apge they don't want to see that the last post was from 2015.  Of course, your profile will likely drop in the rankings if it's inactive, but you get the idea lol.

5. Everyone has a different definition for "being active on social media".
Not everyone can run dozens of social media accounts and post to them every single day, that's absurd.  It's definitely more important to be present than absent, but you don't need to be posting ever day to do that.  What you can do is get something like hootsuite and automate your posting.  You can write up 10 posts for each platform and then schedule them to go out over the next 30 days.  This would post every 3 days and keep your profiles active 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company  Of course you'll need to respond to anyone who comments, but that's pretty obvious.

In Conclusion:
Social media can be tough to deal with if you don't know what you're doing or you have a bunch of profiles, but you can do it easily by setting aside some time each month to automate everything 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company  Be sure to optimize your profiles, not just your posts, and you will notice that some more people come in to follow you each and every month 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company

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The thing is, is there a point in starting a page on as many social media sites as you can? I mean Pinterest and YouTube are pretty specialised social networks so you don't need to start a YouTube channel there if you don't have anything useful to post there. The other important thing is that it is not good to just start a page, you have to properly manage it and post regularly on it. To do this easily, the best thing is to just get some sort of a social media page manager.

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I share your opinion about YouTube. I personally don't use it as part of my advertising or promoting because I have no content on it. So, what's the point in sharing your YouTube channel unless it's relevant to the business? There isn't. I solely focus on Facebook and Twitter right now and it's going great 5 ways to help increase ROI with your company

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I guess it has an advantage if your company has a profile in all social media network even in the major networks only. Facebook is for sure the number 1 in the list that it is foolhardy if you ignore that social media network for the promotion of your company. Most businesses are into Twitter and I even find some companies that are using Twitter for their product description at least for new products. If you will not use social media for the company profile then you are missing a lot.

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This is great advice. I currently advertise on only three sites and I think that it is high time to start advertising on others as I am considering of developing new products to sell online. I had a lot of success advertising through social medias especially Facebook. I have been able to grow my business due to Facebook. I have also created some YouTube videos but have not really been that successful with them.

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Cool advice, the best part is the webdesign part, some people don't take time to produce a good user interface, that will be appealing to the clients, for me a badly designed website, is a huge turn off for me. some people don't like paying experienced folks to handle designs for them, they prefer to go for the cheap guy, because there is always someone that will do it for a cheap price. not knowing that a poor design is a huge turn off for clients and visitors, because it will be really hard to operate on, in most cases.

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I think social media profile optimization is not easy. You have to make sure that all of those profiles are good enough for your branding part. I have found it really hard to setup the company profile for clients on some social network. For example some clients with local business have nothing to gain from the linkedin. So it's always a better idea to go through the profiles which may help like facebook, instagram and twitter help most of the business.

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The item #4 is important to me. Posting frequently is tantamount to spamming. And since a company profile needs a formal approach, the post to promote the same should have a reason of sorts. The type of business and the target market should be taken in consideration. One friend who is into dropshipping with local clients make posts to promote her business in Filipino. That post would clearly be ignored by foreigners who are not a prospective buyer. Likewise, a local business is best promoted locally to focus on the target market.

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