Using Adwords and Paypal, what you'll need to know to not waste your money.

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Using Adwords and Paypal, what you'll need to know to not waste your money.

Recently I was talking about how I only started using PayPal when starting out a website, but I didn't touch on how I was getting the traffic.  The method I am using is Adwords, big shocker lol, and it was bringing in a decent amount of traffic too.  What I did was set up my adwords campaign and had everything set at $0.06 per click and $10 a day.  Now for most niches this wouldn't get you much traffic, but for the niche I'm targeting there is a fairly large amount of searches but not much competition.  This means that my CPC can be low and I still get a good amount of traffic even if my ads show up on the second page Using Adwords and Paypal, what you

So let's get down to it.

My CPC was set at $0.06 and my daily cost was set at $10.  This means that I can get a minimum of 166 clicks a day, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!  But there's only one downside to this, and that is, not every click will result in a sale even if your ads are super targeted and spot on.  With 166 clicks a day you would think I was getting at least 5 sales, right?  Well you'd be wrong and the simple reason for this because not everyone can use PayPal, but they can still click your ads and get to your website.  So even if they wanted to purchase, they couldn't, and that's a wasted click for you.

Why are you only offering PayPal as a payment option?
Well I've offered other payment options, like a credit card payment option through, but 95% of the time it results in a charge back which leaves me losing more money than what the service or item costs.  I lose more because I'm basically giving away my service or products for free, which costs me money, and I'm also refunding the full amount back to the buyer.  So if I get an item for $5 and sell it for $10, I would lose $15 if the person were to file a charge back Using Adwords and Paypal, what you

I've started using PayPal as my only payment option for new websites because it deters this kind of fraud.  The person purchasing won't usually purchase using paypal and try to file a charge back.  Even though it's possible to do this, they wouldn't want to put their paypal account in Jeopardy or risk using their PayPal balance and then not get it back for filing a fraudulent dispute or claim.  So by only using PayPal as my payment option in the beginning, I'm losing some sales, but saving myself from dozens (or hundreds) of charge backs that would have come through a payment gateway like

Could I use if I wanted and be safe?
Sure you can!  I've actually had plenty of amazing clients purchase using and I've actually built a good business relationship with them over the years.  But I have to be honest, this type of buyer is few and far between.  I only offered them the option when they were having problems with their PayPal accounts and then they liked using that type of payment option more so we stuck with it.  I will also offer it to buyers who have purchased multiple times from me over a few months because they've shown trust and professionalism.  Now they don't always take me up on because they're more comfortable using PayPal, which I understand, but I just wanted to give them the option Using Adwords and Paypal, what you

How do I use Adwords and not waste clicks on people who can't use PayPal?
Well that's actually pretty simple, you just have to go to the section where you can target specific countries for your campaign.  Within that tab you will see "Exclude" or "Excluded" and you can enter countries in there that you don't want your ads to show up in, and those would be the ones that don't accept PayPal... Get it now?  Using Adwords and Paypal, what you

But what countries are those, you ask?  I've written up a list of the countries that don't accept PayPal and there are right here for you Using Adwords and Paypal, what you

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Cameroon
  4. Central African Republic
  5. Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  6. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  7. Equatorial Guinea
  8. Gabon
  9. Ghana
  10. Haiti
  11. Iran
  12. Iraq
  13. Lebanon
  14. Liberia
  15. Libya
  16. Monaco
  17. Moldova
  18. Montenegro
  19. Myanmar
  20. Pakistan
  21. Paraguay
  22. Saint Lucia
  23. South Sudan
  24. Sudan
  25. Syria
  26. Timor-Leste
  27. Uzbekistan
  28. Zimbabwe

Now I'll always throw India in this list even though they can accept PayPal.  The reasoning for this is because I can blow through all of my clicks in an hour or two if I have India in the list that can see my ads.  And since there aren't many people in India that can afford to spend $20 to $200 on something they don't really need, like a toy, or something like an expensive SEO service, it's better to just remove it from my targeting all together.  I do this because I can get my ad in front of 1,000 people in India and only 1 can purchase from me or I can get the same ad in front of 200 people in the US where 150 of them can buy my products or services.

By excluding the entire list above, as well as India, you will have much more success with your Adwords campaign since you're not going to be wasting clicks on someone who can't purchase from you anyway.

Why wouldn't I offer a different payment option in the beginning?
Well that's because I've noticed a lot of the countries listed above have a tendency to file charge backs after they receive their items or services.  This could be why PayPal doesn't allow them to use their services as a payment option.  It could also be due to government regulations and restrictions, but I guess we'll never know unless we do a little more digging Using Adwords and Paypal, what you  So instead of risking it, I play it safe and just exclude the countries above since I always get charge backs from them anyway.

In Conclusion:
Instead of risking your money, why not play it safe until you have a decent profit bubble to fall back on in case you get a bunch of charge backs Using Adwords and Paypal, what you  Taking risks in the beginning aren't the smartest thing you can do when running a business.  You'll want to establish a good customer base before you start to expand into different areas, and countries.

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Damn, do people still do the charge back money thing? That's so lame and unprofessional from anybody that purchases something. I understand if you change your mind sometimes... but I know people love to do this for fun. And yeah, PayPal does also give you the right to refund your payment but I didn't know that fewer people do that over it. So that is definitely useful to know.

I agree with you that PayPal is the best payment option to offer to your customers - I absolutely love using it not only as the consumer but also as the website owner. Thank you for the great tips Using Adwords and Paypal, what you I will put them to good use.

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It's surprisingly "popular" for scammers to charge back on credit cards, and from my own experience even with PayPal, although these tend to be a bit more country-specific things. So it's very easy to agree with OP about simply banning some countries from receiving your items/services, because while obviously not all people are bad scammers, there are just so many examples from specific countries that it's simply less of a headache to simply not deal with those countries.

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Nah I don't think these scammers can still continue doing their fortes now that PayPal has already made very preventive measures and security modifications. The only drawback that I can think of when it comes to using PayPal is their charge whenever you do a withdrawal to your local bank. It's kind of painful but understandable.

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This is an awesome strategy which I know would help keep scammers at bay especially those that would received the needed services or product and till file a charge back making one lose more money.

I think the idea of outrightly excluding these countries is the best instead of losing,it better not to even waste your time, I think PayPal is way better than any other payment processor.

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It is a nasty thing to do to a seller when you make a purchase and you pay via Paypal. That gives you the privilege to get a refund in case there is a dispute with the purchase that you made whether it is a product or a service. I agree that sometimes that can happen but if that happens frequently then I guess there is a problem with the buyer and I don’t think Paypal will tolerate that frequent refunds.

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I think the reason above countries are not served by paypal are because of the political issues too. So apart from chargebacks and fraud the political reasons stop them. I don't have my country listed. But yes, I can see that how paypal can be bad in such circumstances. I am going to get into facebook and adwords ads but it's going to be harder from what I have noticed so far. Hopefully I get some good conversion though. But from what I have noticed it'd be reasonable to say that adwords too have it's benefits. I have yet to try it for the app install. In future perhaps I may have to make use of that.

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PayPal has had to beef up their security efforts due to the amount of fraud and hacking that goes on online. I think they don't feel they can totally control what is going on in some of these overseas countries, and feel a bit more comfortable confining their services to countries where they are more easily able to control the monetary system.

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That's very interesting. I have never even thought about excluding countries that don't support paypal from my marketing campaigns. That makes total sense, because usually i use paypal for all my online business type of stuff and target india! What a waste! Thanks for the list too, will definitely add it to my exclude list whenever i have future campaigns.

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Well, I think that Paypal is the best option for online payment. and for credit cards, it's ridiculous that people still do charge back though. But what I want to chip in here, is that most of the countries you listed above that don't accept Paypal, you will get to realize that 60% of it's citizen make use of Paypal, because I do know how popular paypal have become and they are many ways you can tweak your way through, and get a semi verified Paypal. And I think most people in countries where Paypal are banned still make use of Paypal. But good idea though, looking at it from a different plane.

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PayPal has been one of the safest way to make money on the internet and it's nice when you want to get from PayPal account as well.

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This is a great article. I don't have any experience with adword campaign. The only advertising I have done was on facebook. sadly, my facebook ad campaign failed miserably. I spent more money on advertising than made from the sales. I liked your idea of using paypal as the payment option. When I am ready with adword campaign, I will make sure I will use paypal payment on my website. I have never heard about Can you explain more on how it works?

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I get offers to join adwords routinely in my inbox. Offering me specials, discounts and such. I am doing fine without it though but one day I will probably take google up on their offer. I am just waiting for things on my end to slow down a bit so I'll have the time to really watch how and if it works for me.

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I have an issue with one website that pays me via my Paypal account. There is a service charge of around 10% that is charged to me. I already had called the attention of the admin of that site but I did not receive a clear explanation. I am wondering because another site that pays me in the same scheme doesn’t charge me anything. Is it about Paypal or the website?

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