What are the best way to get backlinks

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What are the best way to get backlinks

Hello Friends,

Please tell me what are the best way to get backlinks for classified site.


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Try these options:
Blog commenting
Directory submission
Forum signature
Guest blogging
Never try these options
paying for backlinks
backlinking to illegal sites
backlinking to the sites ranked lower than your site
excessive backlinking.

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I think the easiest for me is blog commenting since I am fond of reading blogs but only the niche that are related to my passion. I normally post a comment when the blog is very interesting that I have a question or I have something important to add. What if my comment will be seen by the readers of that blog and they would click on my signature then that can bring them to my blog.

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Backlink you get from blog comment is not a dofollow backlink. When the link is nofollow, search engines will not notice the backlinks. Therefore, you will not benefit in terms of backlinking through blog commenting. However, you might get substantial traffic through blog commenting. If you write good comments, your comment will get noticed and people will check your link.

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The best method is without a doubt guest posting. I wouldn't bother with paying or buying backlinks because they're almost always low quality and can be detected as spammy and you can potentially get punished by companies like Google.

I'd personally invest all of my effort into guest posting because they give you the best results and high-quality backlinks which is what is needed for your ranking.

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Guest posting and the social media are two that works out every single time. In case of guest posting, make sure you find out sites which are relevant to your niche. And then social media can be chosen for the promotion of content. Some people if they like your content can then blog through their own post. So this in general helps out in many ways. You can see that it can be really good for many reasons.

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I would bet on a guest post strategy. It may be something medium to long term, but it really pays off. I've already used it myself and it worked very well on my sites.

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I have not done much in the way of guest posting, but it is certainly a proven strategy and one that will help you in turn with your blog. It seems to be a very popular way around here to get backlinks. Backlinks seem to be very important and a way you can turn your blog into gold or at least silver!

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I assume guest posting only works for blogs right?
I've got an ecommerce website (watch store) and I'm also interesting in learning more about the best way to create backlinks.
Any suggestions?^^

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White hat SEO- off page optimization based works are the best way for getting back link. Off page optimization works include-

Social Media Book mark
Social Media Optimization

Forum registration
Forum new post
Forum thread reply

Classified post
Classified registration
Classified post reply

Blog write
Blog article submission
Web 2.0 Blog
Web 2.0 blog link wheel.


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My main ways to get quality backlinks are from:


But to do these techniques, it is time consuming or you need to invest more money for them if you don't have time to build backlinks.

Hope that helps!

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Alright! Thanks for all your tips! I think it's kinda hard to get back links if you're also concerned about creating content for your own sites. I now have 3 websites under my belt and I'm having a hard time micro managing the 3 sites. I make my own content for my websites because I'm don't have a lot of extra cash right now. Writing content takes up a whole lot of time.

Then add to the mix link building, and boom! I might have to stay awake 24-7 to do all of these things. Haha! Well, anyways, yes, the tried and tested methods are forum and blog posting. But if course, these forums and blogs should be related to your sites to have great effect on SEO.

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