Search Console Interface Update

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Search Console Interface Update

Big news coming from Google this week. Search Console may get a big interface update this year and the available print screens that got out look amazing!

Check them out:

Search Console Interface Update

Search Console Interface Update
Search Console Interface Update
Search Console Interface Update
Search Console Interface Update

Don't know about you but I think Search Console definitely needed a change in looks. The basic interface slightly changed since Google Search Console was called Google Webmaster Tools, it looks outdated and basically as websites from the 90s.
If Google Analytics got a makeover the last few years it is time Search Console got one. From the print screens above I'm also seeing a little more information about errors, indexed pages as well as overall better informational data.

I'm hoping all these changes will help me better understand how to optimize websites for Google Search, get them cleaned up and error free. I have over 70 different domains and subdomains in my Search Console at the moment, I also want the main listing page to be updated and a lot more user-friendly, managing all those domains is no easy task for an SEO with the current version of Search Console.

This updated version of Search Console is currently running in a closed beta version. But I hope by the end of the year we at least will get an open version of the beta version.
What do you think about how the new Search Console looks? How time do you spend every day using Google Search Console?


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Thank you for this update! You are spot on when you say the Google Search Console needed a makeover. You didn't say "extreme" makeover but I say an extreme makeover was overdue. Hoping this helps me to better understand what's going on. The Google Webmaster Tools are fantastic but some of them shoot way over my head. Nevertheless, I go into that dashboard and try to teach myself as best I can. This is great news for non-geeks!! Search Console Interface Update

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Waaw. Search Console Interface Update

thank you very much for sharing

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Looks like Google Search console is making use of the material design. So this same interface should be available from the tablet and other small devices. I have found the interface easy to use. I am sure they will keep on adding features on top of this interface. I guess they come from long updates since webmaster tools was renamed to search console. It looks good though.

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Yep, they really are pushing for their own design guidelines. And they have a good reason why.

I like how it looked back then but now I love it. I'm a huge fan of material design (I'm a HUGE fanatic of Android lol) and I really liked how they managed to incorporate the theme to search console!

Good job Google!

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Thank gou for sharing this even if I took soo long to read it but I'm glad to be one of informed people now :-)
it is good to update google seach console I think It will have something better in the new update and I also think that it is going to be more user friendly for new users.

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It looks like Google is not resting on its laurels with the updates from time to time of their tools. I am not really aware of Google tools because I am not well versed with them although I have a pretty good idea of their existence. And I’m sure the users of the search console will be glad to know of the upcoming update of the design. And by this time, the update has probably effected already.

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