Starting A New Affiliate Site? Get In Here..

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Starting A New Affiliate Site? Get In Here..

Hello everyone,
I have noticed how people run into rocks when it comes to affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, nothing good comes easy but whatever is worth doing is worth doing good. Let's help out each other with valid affiliate marketing practices today.

Here's the perfect checklist that worked for me in 2015 and 2016 before I took a break.

  1. Awesome Niche (For yourself and the outside world): Here's the most important of it all if you really don't want to struggle with running a successful niche site. Spend more time (if possible, weeks) researching a niche you love or hate so you never get tired or bored of writing for it. Also, you want to choose a niche that appeals to people - in the sense that, something thousands of people are searching for or are in dire need of. Make sure there are enough buyer keywords for the niche you choose.
  2. Great content. Greatest of all!: Are there sites ranking for this niche already? The lesser the better. Here's where you can outsmart these sites. Read through all of them and come up with an excellent content strategy that would trump them. Google wants the best for their users hence, best content has higher chances of winning the #1-position race. Add relevant images, videos and infographics to your content so as to make them sweetened. Be careful to not stuff your content with too much keywords. The longer your content, the better!
  3. Backlinks. Juicy Backlinks: This is the order of the day but unfortunately, it has gone wrong. The idea of backlinks to many has churned out so much spam in the system that Google had to tighten their fists towards shady backlink strategies. Well, here's what I do and it's totally good for someone who wants a long-lasting website as well as quality backlinks. It is called the outreach method.
    Make a list of relevant sites to your niche and get their contacts first (they'll most likely have a contact form on their website anyway).
    Now make sure you have supercharged your niche site with awesome content. Go ahead to reach out to these sites in a friendly mail telling them how you have buttressed one of their posts and if they could quote your site's content (with a link back of course). Be friendly, don't sound desperate! A good rule of thumb is to mention one or two of their posts and suggest additional points which you have covered on your own site . This way, you'd make them rest assured that their site offers you some value. They would definitely be happy to hand you a free link. Works 60% of the time for me. Great link is all that matters!
    Additionally, I visit forums and blogs to add value with my comments while leaving a backlink for myself, naturally!
If these things still work (I can tell they still do), then I'd advise you do extensive research about them. And if you have more, kindly share so we all can learn.



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Apart from choosing a good niche, all these other aspects come in handy if you really want to get and keep your traffic. There is nothing as detrimental to you affiliate website that a poorly writing post, how then do you get people to take action and signup for your offers. Again if you are really interested in getting good organic traffic from search engines, then you should never over look building good backlinks.

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Thanks for the informations, And i am agree with tha the content is the important thing that you should focus on it to get people to your offer.

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Absolutely invaluable information. I've been using these tips and tricks ever since I first started affiliate marketing. Thanks for the tips!

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Great tips,sure these tips are still valuable valuable in good thing about affiliate marketing is to get your content run right.

Content still remain the best.put the content right and build back links to your content so that people get to see your content and do the needful.

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Indeed valuable information. If I may ask how much daily conversion you are having with the amazon ads? As in the links? I have not much success with the Amazon ads. In fact you can see that affiliate ads from the amazon take time to convert. In fact in some cases you'd require to be making some effort for this to work. I can tell you that affiliate links for me are not much converting. Hoping to learn something more where things are going wrong.

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For blog monetization ,especially for affiliate program, I would think that niche is the most important thing we should consider, and in my opinion, I think freelance type articles, business earning, fashion design, health, food and drink should be most popular niche to start with. But it is hard to find out which monetization program (affiliate programs ) should we choose?

thx !

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I agree with the outreach method. The time and effort spent here generate income that is much more sustainable, compared to spammy methods that may seem to be successful at first but are not really viable in the long run, not to mention unethical. Apart from that, mutually rewarding and beneficial relationships with parties concerned are established and developed.

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I launched my affiliate site couple of months ago. I did some research and choose a niche. Then I developed contents on this niche. Over the days, I published contents. When I had enough contents, I applied for affiliate networks. When I was approved, I added products. I even created an Amazon affiliate store on my website. When my website was ready, I began promoting my website. sadly, nothing seems to be working. I am not getting affiliate sales. I am getting moderate traffic, however, my traffic is not converting. I am past #1 and #2, and I am working on #3.

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Quote informative article that's going to help me get better at affiliate marketing. The good thing I saw in this article is the art of reaching out to clients on what you sell for it will help build up a connection with them.

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Great tips. Finding the right niche is tricky. This is because we are spoilt for choice. It's very easy to get de-railed and sidetracked. Affiliate marketing is not easy especially when you're starting out. Even getting traffic to your website can be a huge learning curve. I agree with the back links scenario. It can be pretty confusing. Does it still work? Or does it work so long as you comment with useful content, that is not spamy? When does Google decide to act?

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I agree that great content is the greatest of them all because it is not only for the benefits in terms of SEO but also for the visitors to the site. When I would check on a site by clicking the backlink, I would always want to see a good content that has some information to share. If the content are just images and kaleidoscopic colors for the design then I consider that site empty and null.

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