Cost Effective Email Marketing Solution to Grow Your List on Wordpress

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Cost Effective Email Marketing Solution to Grow Your List on Wordpress

So you decide to venture into building a list, and as you know "The money is in the list". It certainly is if you know how to go about it effectively, but i will be focusing more on cost effective ways of building your list. so you setup a landing page where you collect all your leads after enticing them with juicy offers, now the problem lies on setting up your email marketing platform to manage these leads for you.

You then opt to go with aweber or constant contact or any other platforms that you feel suits your need but after your trial has expired and you are slammed with really expensive bills when your business has not actually scaled up to handle such bills, its is them you begin running around to find how you can savage your list and find other cost effecting way to run your promotions that won't mean you paying from your teeth.

Now if you use wordpress to manage your website, there are solution which you can use to cut down your email marketing cost by over 400% if not more. The good part is you will be able to manage you list from your wordpress admin dashboard.

Just install these plugins and you are good to go. They are...
1. Mailpoet
2. Mailster
3. Mailwizz
Run this plugin with email solution like amazonses where you get over 64,000 free email monthly, and your email marketing problem could have just come to an end.

Just do more research on them and you will find they are a powerful solution to manage your list successfully and also reduce cost drastically. So when you begin making the needed cash, you can then decide to pay for more advance services like Aweber.

cheer to your marketing campaigns... let me know what works for you.


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Wistia seems to be one more plugin that can allow you to post emails from the WordPress itself. And that can be lot easier for you to post your content. As you can see Wistia type of the emails are definitely needed. Most of the email marketing plugins like Mailchimp are good enough as well. I think there are some other mail marketing solutions but most of them are paid.

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I agree mailchimp is another great email marketing solution which allow you operate a free account that you can use to manage you list with an option to port to a paid service when your list grows.

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Apart from mailchimp there are some other services which are cheap. For example, I have good success with the mailerlite and mailjet. So it depends on what you want to do with the mailing. In some cases promoting the content through different means obviously helps. I think in some cases however it'd be reasonable to try to send the list through recurring users. I am going to try out custom scripting that works with mendrake mail and hopefully it should be good enough to work out.

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I have been reading many discussions about email marketing and it looks like email marketing is on the rebound. I remember in the earlier part of the 2000 years, email marketing was the most effective when it comes to reaching people and prospective clients. But it faded somehow with the emergence of social media. But now I guess email marketing is once again in its effective state.

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