Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update

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Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update - One of the most fun and cool little tools Google is giving us had just got an important update. I've been using it in my SEO audits, together with Google page speed insights for some time now. 

But recently Google decided to update "Google Test My Site" tool to include the percentage of users you lose from having a slow loading website. This is great for a number of reasons by for my the main reason I like this update is that everyone trusts Google, including my clients. I'm always pushing for speed optimizations and most clients don't really want to understand how important this is to rankings. 

Now I just show them a test in Google Test My Site and give them an exact percent, hey this is how much you are losing because you don't want to pay a programmer to implement some speed optimizations and you don't want to move your website to a better more faster server or hosting package. 

Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update

Here is are the main things Google Test My Site is checking:

Testing on a standard connection (3G)...
  • 70% of mobile network connections globally will occur at 3G or slower speeds through 2020.
  • Analyzing site data...
    1. Checking HTML/CSS
    2. Running Javascript
    3. Detecting compression
This is how the results look like:

Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update
So, apparently the loading speed of SEOclerks is 5 seconds and it loses about 19% of visitors due to loading speed. 
This isn't an actually bad result. I've tested websites that had a 40%+ loss because of loading speed.  

Google also compared your score to your industry average (somehow Google is able to figure out your industry very accurately):

Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update

Even more info with exact details on how much you can save by implementing optimizations:

Google Test My Site - Important Tool Update

How do you like this new tool update from Google? I personally love the new updates Google is making to its tools. All of them look amazing and are starting to provide some really valuable insights. 
SEO Audits had never been easier! 


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Love this update, it really benefits marketers like yourself. I'll have to look into this new feature from google and test it out on some websites that I currently manage.

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Great post Chris I will check this out for my site and see what results I get back. Thank you for this I am sure it will come in handy for other site owners on SEOCLERKS.

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Very interesting your post Cristian.

I did not know this tool from Google and thank you for letting me know about it. I will test it on some of my sites and maybe post some feedback on this tool here in the forum.

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I was aware of this tool but did not know it had been updated. Glad you posted this information. Google does provide valuable tools for Internet marketers, and any entity that wants to develop and maintain their online presence. Tools like these are good because they let you know what a visitor or outsider will see or experience when they land at your site. Thanks to Google, testing your site's mobile speed is the easy part. Speeding it up? That's another discussion.

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Now that is a really nice update from Google. I love that they always think of new things and constantly add new features and options to their already existing tools.

Thank you for pointing this addition out! It looks really, really good and useful. Not only from the marketing aspect of you trying to explain to the owner how important his/her loading speed is but also for many other purposes. I like that they offer large statistical data like comparison and so on.

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Thanks for the heads up, Test My Site has always been my reference point when I'm trying to abide by Google's rules. Glad they keep updating it constantly, it's obvious that it's an important tool for them.

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This tool is smart for Google to implement. Many companies overlook the little things that bother clients and they lose a good customer base in the process. I have been annoyed when I was waiting for a page to load. We are all busy. We have things to do. This tool makes it more convenient for you and the client. Cool. I can't wait to see what other things Google has up their sleeve.

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I think this is really good tool. And we can see how much conversion we can have with the responsive view. I have found that for my website it has the 70% score. You can see that such high score means I am doing lot better with the google test my speed. I think it'd be interesting to see if the ads are the reason why most of the scores are coming low. Atleast that's my observation.

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Coming from Google it will no doubt be a well thought out update. This will be useful for every user here and hope they will come here and learn about it.

Congrats on your search.

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Thanks for sharing this information about the updated version of Google Test My site tool. Google is truly being on top of their products that they seem not to stop doing research for the improvement of the said products. Maybe Google wants to be the dominant force when it comes to the tools that users would prefer. It’s like having a one-stop shop with Google that they have everything that you need for the internet.

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