3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

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3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

Businesses think that when it comes to online marketing, it will cost an arm and a leg to gain any head way, which simply isn't true with all of today's methods. Some people think that online marketing simply doesn't work because they tried it in the past and it yielded no returns what so ever, but that's probably because they were just doing it wrong.

When you're growing your online business you need to focus on the overall strategy and not a single thing. You can't just do social media marketing and think you'll rank for highly difficult keywords. You can just do SEO and think you'll rule Facebook because of it. That's just not how it works and if you think that, you should read this to see 3 things that you should focus on to grow your business online 3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

When it comes to being successful with your online marketing it doesn't matter if you're a small mom and pop shop spending $1,000 a month or if you're a multi million dollar corporation spending hundreds of thousands each year on your overall campaign. With how the search engines are set up, as well as social media, it's easier now for a small business to compete on a larger scale.

1. Identify the right customers
Identifying the perfect customer for your products or services is the first thing you should focus on when starting up a marketing campaign. If you don't know who to target, you'll just be wasting a load of money trying to figure out what works. By targeting the right customers you can skip the guessing game of who will convert and who won't 3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

When you know exactly who you're going to target, you have a good idea of what they will want to see coming across their monitors, because it's what you like as well 3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online Your ads can target people just like you and after you do some quick split testing on ads, you will know what works best because you can track all of your conversions 3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

2. Attract the perfect customer
You need to do smart marketing when it comes to attracting the perfect customer. This means that if you're targeting people to sign up for life insurance, you might not want to be running snapchat ads since they will never see them lol. This is where Facebook would come into play since you can get specific with your age targeting. You can target people over 35 with a certain amount of income to increase your chances of getting them to sign up.

A few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Which social media platforms would my ideal customers probably be on?
  2. What websites would my perfect customers usually be browsing?
  3. Would my ideal customer be more of a desktop user or mobile user?
  4. Will my perfect customer read emails I send out or would it be better to call them?

After you ask yourself these questions and get the answers, you will have a better understanding of where your customers will be and what device they will likely be on. An older person will likely be on a desktop and a younger person will usually be on a mobile device, so your device targeting should help you a bit when getting targeted.

3. Get your target market to engage with you.
Engaging your target market is what will turn your visitors into life long clients, hopefully. You can engage them in several different ways.

A good example of this is when you're running a Facebook ad campaign that is sending people to your business page. You will get likes, shares, comments and hopefully some click throughs to your website. This is where the conversions take place, once they get to your website. Ultimately you'll be getting people to pay you for your products or services.

A simple way to start the engagement is to collect a users email and then have auto responders sending out an email every few days or once a week. This way you will get your message in front of them a few times and they can decide if they want to sign up with you or unsubscribe.

Online marketing doesn't have to be difficult unless you make it that way. You can easily get targeted using facebook ads and you can collect emails for further engagements so that you can convert people who are on the fence in terms of making a decision whether they want to sign up with you or not.

In Conclusion:
Every business needs to be investing in online marketing whether it's a PPC campaign or an email capture campaign. You will be investing money but you will be growing your business for the better and eventually you will not worry much about the investment each month into your campaigns 3 things you need to focus on to grow your business online

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Identifying the right customer and attracting the right customer are two ways that can direct your business to the path of success.
Before you launch your business, you need to identify your customers. Customer identification means knowing who your customers. The type of business determines the potential customers.
After you launch your business, you need to attract the right customer. If there are no customers, there will be no sales. In order to generate sales, you need to attract customers.

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I have a question about this very issue. I plan on launching a website pretty soon still am not a big fan of social media, in fact, i hate it very much. How possible of impossible would it be for me to run my website with minimal social media usage and still get some decent views and visits?

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With social media, your presence is important. So if you are not very active then you can get only few reactions to y our posts. My suggestion is for you to post regularly like once or twice a day. But your posting is not about your business but just a regular post so your social media friends would get to know you better. If your posts are informative and interesting then I’m sure people will remember you. And after a month of showing your presence, you can start posting about your business and hopefully you can get a positive response from them.

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Social media is one of the primary traffic source along with search engine traffic, email marketing traffic and direct traffic. If you do not use social media to promote your website, you will be shutting doors to a trustworthy traffic. In order to benefit from social media, you need a large fan following and building the followers on social media site is a daunting task. If you shut doors to social media for traffic, you need to do email marketing, establish your brand so that you can get direct traffic as well as optimize your website for organic traffic.

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Good post, Raz! This will surely help those people who are trying to put their businesses online if they don't have enough knowledge yet. Also one more thing to point out is their site traffic. Like what you said, they can't focus only on social media marketing. Limiting your engagement to only one platform, you will have a hard time getting online customers with that.

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Nice post and I agree with everything you've mentioned. When you do your research - prior to the business launch - you really have to make sure that you know your target audience so you spend allocate your marketing/advertising funds in the right areas. If you don't target the right consumers you won't get much return on your investment into advertising. A good advertising always pays for itself - you should be making back the amount you put into it, and often even more.

I really like the questions that you listed because they're right on the spot - they force you to think about your customers and focus on them like you should be.

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And also to create a high quality content, it's described as relevant and engaging information that encourages site visitors to return in the future.

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Great article! Identifying, attracting and engaging your audience are the foundations of any business, whether online or offline. I would add a 4th point which is customer retention or what is known as the trust factor. Once you gain and maintain the trust of a customer, they remain loyal customers for life.

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Loving these tips. I've really been implementing these concepts into my business and I've had massive improvement. One thing that I've been focusing on lately has been consumer engagement. This one really helps because it keeps the buyer coming back.

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Good advice here! Knowing the type of people you need is important in starting a business. It's going to help immensely when you're going to start your advertisement campaigns and deal with customers.
Always engage with your audience, especially at the start, it's going to make your business more credible.

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You are right in making your number 1 as the most important. It would be a waste of time if you don't know who the right customers are. In prospecting, you have to identify at once who are the prospects and who are not. For example, your business is beauty products then you have to discount the children. With men, they are considered second class prospects. Of course, the main prospects are the ladies especially those working women. I used to sell clothing items and that's what I learned.

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I like this point of Attracting right customers and just whilst reading this a small question crossed my mind please if you'll allow me to ask
it, I've seen websites which buys referrals and things to promote
themselves quickly but question is how do these people make money when
all they do is making people referring their website to others is it
another piece of scammer? because i don't understand how they make money

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