101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What's That!?

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101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What's That!?

101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What
Hello all my content writers! My freelancer writers, authors and bloggers! Do you ever have "writers block"? Well if you do I feel for you! And I used to myself. But that was more in my early days of being a freelance writer and author and I never knew how to overcome it! When I never knew what to look for and where to find ways to overcome my writers block. And I'll be honest with you about my number #1 tip for overcoming writers block: stop writing and start reading!

Seriously! When you hit a wall and can't find the words to write anymore. The number one best thing you can do is to stop writing and start reading. And I know that kind of defeats the purpose since the main thing you're trying to do is get an article written so how can stopping writing and starting to read help with that? Well when you stop writing and start reading instead, you'll find that you give yourself space, space to think!

Plus if you are reading something that is related to what you're going to be writing about, you'll find inspiration comes from out of the blue! Literally, every time I get writers block (apart from doing something else to find inspiration) and I put down pen and pick up book (or my iPhone or Kindle reader) and start reading. As I'm reading, something will stand out to me, something will give me that "aha" or even that "eureka" moment. An ideal for something to write about. And before I know about it, I'm penning/jotting down some things in bullet point outlines which I can then form my content around! 101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What

But there are sooo many more things than this to do, to help you to overcome your writers block. To find inspiration with! What those things are you just need to know about! So on the WordClerks FAQ, I've started to do a series of posts on 101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Never hit writers block again! 101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What 

Check that first post out as it has links to the other posts in the series I've been doing on WordClerks right now. Because I know there are quite a lot of freelance writers, aspiring authors and many bloggers here!

And more than that! What about when you are looking for things to write about? Those content generation ideas to keep that content flowing to your site. How can you write about them if you don't know about them?

So this series of 101+ content generation ideas should give you some ideas when you're stuck for them!

It really should!!

Cheers and enjoy!



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I always call it writers slump instead of block, haha. But yeah, I have recently been experiencing one. I just found myself unable to produce the high-quality articles and things that the people wanted me to so I decided to take some time off. Just some time for myself where I can rest my big brain and recover. I've written too much in a short amount of time without proper breaks and I found myself mentally exhausted.

Anyway, you really know how to get my creativity going! The suggestions you've posted are seriously good. I used some of these before like: watching youtube videos or searching through different online news but I've never considered going through famous quotes, Yahoo! Answers and such things. Very helpful 101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What

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Writers block! hahaha. Before I started writing for clients, I though writers block is just a paper thingy. It was after I started cracking my head for ideas that I discovered it was a real thing and annoying as hell.

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It goes to show that you are a new writer who just discovered that writer’s block can hit anyone. That was also my idea before I became a freelancer that writer’s block was just part of the idiosyncrasy of writers who were trying to give an impression that they are focused on their work. But when it hit me without notice, that’s the time that I realized writer’s block is like having a blank mind.

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The last thing that a writer does, if at all sometimes is write. Ideas and imaginations come from somewhere and they go somewhere else. Once ideas are allowed to flow without barriers and blockades, the energies will ignite and after that anything can happen. Writing is just one of the many ways of transforming some essence of these ideas into the written word. The best part of this transformation is it's as natural as a feeling, as an emotion, as a gesture and we are very much apart of that nature. Once we remain true to ourselves and continue to learn and to love and be apart of the things that we feel connected to, we will maintain the great influence that allows us to overcome any challenges and aspire towards surpassing any great feat. Nature is the key and we do not have to think to be natural.

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Writer's block happens really?? No I can't believe it, But yeah Of cause I read about that And They are still there since I see them bloggs still slowing down then later they disappear completely so thank you for sharing 101 contents generator that's a real fortune With that I feel like want to start my own blog right away, Thank you soo much.

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Writer's block is something that I'm not likely to experience at the content mill where I only need to work on topics required by clients. If that ever happens, though, the cure is always research and more research. Now that I've started a self-hosted blog, I'll need all the tips I can get. Thanks, I've bookmarked that along with other important topics around the site.

I already have a few topics on the line up even before I finalized the hosting plan but I'll surely run out of ideas to write one of these days. One solution I've been looking at is checking out other blogs on the same niche and providing much better content by capitalizing on my finance specialization.

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I experience writers block all the time. Most of the time I just have to be in that right mindset to get around it and when I do I actually write something amazing. One of my main problems with it is focus, I can't focus on one thing for long periods of time so I'll lose my train of thought and I'll end up correcting myself a lot and basically destroying the entire thing I was writing.

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Yeah, we all work differently in the way our minds work and we all have differently lengthened attention spans. You may have a slight ADHD/ADD disorder. It's not really a disorder persay it's just what they call it but I think it should be called something else because there's a lot of stigma attached to it but that's simply because many people who don't have ADD or ADHD don't fully understand it. I'm not saying you do, but if you do have problems with staying focused on something. Example: the task at hand. Then you should get a diagnoses as it might actually help. And anyway, look at some people who have say, autism, some of them are so damned creative! So don't look at it as though you are less then or not equal to other people! It's just what makes you who you are. A completely unique person. And I know what you mean sort of about correcting yourself all the time. But you just have to learn to let go and come to realise that nobody is perfect. But I hope you find the series helpful to you anyway dude! 101+ Content Generation Ideas and Counting.. Writers Block? What


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Usually when I encounter writer's block when writing essays. I try to do some chores like washing dishes or folding clothes to keep my mind off the prompt for a while. This will help you generate some ideas for a while since writers get stressed out while facing the prompt and worrying what to write.

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It is true. We can't create things all the time. We have to create, consume and maintain. That's how we can maintain the balance. I know some of the people who read a lot. And then they create content. This seems to be the way for many people. And they seem to be getting out of the writers block this way. I guess one needs to read lot for that to work out.

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Wow great post mike you could say this is ideal lol, Really great read tho mate and yeah in time some do suffer from writers block as for my self I often still do sometimes. Its like have you ever had something vanish from your mind for a few moments like when you site there writing and something so simple when your writing and your trying to think how to spell a simple word lol. You know how to spell it as you done so many times before. But for some reason your mind wants to not tell you it lol. Oh well it maybe just me.

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Though I am not a freelance writer, but more like a casual writer, I do not encounter writer's block. Besides reading, I always think life gives us lots of inspirations too. Just start living, and we will find many topics to write. I actually learn this from my children, as they are really living in the moment.

Thanks for creating that series. It helps to discover more topics for us to write too.

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The list is made up largely of sites on the Internet. But we can also look around and take notice of a few things like
1. people around us -- what children say, what old people advise, what lovers do together
2. pets, strays, and other animals
3. local events like a children's birthday part, a football game, a wedding, a funeral

With so many sources of inspiration and content, it is a wonder that writer's block still happens. But I guess that it does happen.

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I do get writer's block every now and then. On these occasions, I take a break. I usually go out for a walk or I listen to some meditating music. The meditating music makes me feel relaxed. Most of the times, whenever I get an idea I jot it down on a piece of paper. This helps me whenever I have writer's block. At least, I know that I have a topic I can write on.

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Gee, that’s a very simple remedy you had said regarding writer’s block - stop writing and start reading. However for me, that is not effective because when I encounter writer’s block, whatever I read would only jumble the ideas on my head and further confuse me. My usual remedy is to walk away from the writing area and forget all about writing for the moment. Even when I talk to people as a way of diversion, I never mention my writing and even the idea of writing so that my mind would be totally refreshed.

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