Social media campaigns can make or break your business

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Social media campaigns can make or break your business

When you're running a website, you need to know that social media campaigns can make or break any business.  A proper social media campaign can bring in traffic which will turn into newsletters subscriber, sales, website shares, etc.  If you do even one little post wrong, you can actually ruin your entire campaign and if you don't put the fire out quickly, you could ruin your business.

When you run a social media campaign you need to think of a few things before you attack.  You can't just attack your campaign from all angles like you're throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall just to see what sticks.  You need to be strategic when setting everything up you need to ask yourself these few questions

First: What is your goal of the social media campaign?  Sales, sign ups, only traffic, etc?
Not knowing your goals for your campaigns will make it extremely difficult.  You won't be able to gauge your success and that's never a good thing.  Start out knowing how much traffic you want and if your goal is to turn that traffic into sales, you'll need to monitor your conversion rates.

Second: Do you know what kind of audience you have and what you should be posting?
Knowing your audience and what to be posting is crucial for successful campaigns.  If you have a political business, you won't want to be posting something funny unless it's highlighting something in the media that warrants a funny joke or meme.  If you are in the comedy niche, you won't want to post anything about religion or politics, unless you're making fun of it.  Even then you might be crossing some lines and losing a lot of followers because you could be offending them.  Basically you'll need to know your audience and you can't step on any toes with your posts because you will likely lose them if you do.

Third: You need to think of how they will react to the posts.  Will they share, like, comment and will all of this be in a good or bad way?
Is the goal of your posts to get them shared, liked, or commented on in order to increase engagement and hopefully some traffic.  If you don't know how people are going to react, you need to set up some test posts that aren't going to hit as hard as a good one and figure out how people will react to those.  If you're testing the waters it's always better to dip your toe in rather than jumping off the end of the pier lol. 

Fourth: Are you going to have time to respond to all of the comments that you could possibly get?
Having a successful social media campaign will get you a lot of comments across all your platforms.  If you don't have time to respond to almost everyone, they will feel disconnected and not come back.  You will likely lose followers that you don't respond to because they think you're just in it for the traffic.  Even if you are just posting to get traffic, you need to treat your followers with respect and try to answer any questions they have.

Fifth: Should you be outsourcing all the work or can you handle it by yourself?
If you don't think you can handle all the work that comes with social media, there's a lot, you should think about outsourcing it to a credible company that you can afford.  You can also get something like HootSuite and sit down for an entire day to automate your posts throughout the month, but you'll still have to focus on all the reactions you get from your posts.  If you can automate your posting but not your responses to comments, you will still have a failing campaign.  I would recommend automating everything by sitting down for a day and scheduling your posts, then hiring someone to stay on top of the comments.  This way you can cut down the cost of your campaign and just hire someone for a fraction of the price it would cost to have someone manage everything.

You will always need to have some presence on social media and setting up a campaign to bring in traffic, sales, sign ups, etc. will get the word out quicker than other methods.  I've set up plenty of campaigns for my websites and I've noticed that it is quicker to brand a website through social media because you're getting your messege in front of people who would be willing to share your thoughts and posts.

In conclusion:
Setting up a social media campaign is a necessity even if you don't have some specific goals.  If you don't have goals, you need to stick strictly to informational posts about your own business and try not to branch out until you know where you want to be in a year or so.  Figure out what you want instead of blindly posting on all your social media campaigns.  Sit down for a day and type everything out in a file that you will then save to your desktop.  Know what you want to do before you do it and you should be more successful in the end Social media campaigns can make or break your business

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thanks For good tips to use you give to us, I am new And I get all post very useful and brilliant I wonder if you're one person or A group of people :-) Because you're going to be my role model soon when I start my own Blog Or sites, Got lots of things to learn from here :-)

I would like to add some words, It takes time and lots of patience to get to what you want in this social media world So people don't give u, In the beginning it's not like you want but with time it will be worthy to cling on :-) Giod lucks To all starter and to me one day :')

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Basically, first, you always want to do an extensive research before you start any sort of campaigns/marketing. You want to answer these questions: who, why, what, how. Once you can answer them you can start considering starting your campaign.

Don't forget to be interactive, get a nice follower base and post/tweet but don't spam.

Your tips are very good and if people will actually follow them, they will for sure succeed in their social media campaigning.

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The social media can actually make your business in the sense that it will help people to know more about your business by advertising it. It could break it if it has hateful comments.

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The social media can bring success to your business, but I don't think it breaks it! Yes, there can be the unwanted chance of failing to raise your business with the help of social media but this is not the end of the world. You can try different ways to advertise and add traffic and boost your business!

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One way of testing social media in promoting something is via a video on YouTube. Upload a simple video but it has to have a theme. Then post a promotional blurb in your social media account that includes the link to your video. It's not the likes or the comments on your post that would matter but the views of the video. We have done that many times but from the thousand friends in Facebook, the test videos didn't even get 50 views.

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This is a very informative post. I think you need to do some research before running any social media campaigns. This will indicate if it is worthwhile to go with the campaign. Knowing what you want to achieve from running the campaign is important. If you know your goal you will be able to plan and work to achieve this goal. I have read about some businesses who have flourished due to social media campaigns.

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This is really true. The way we run social media campaigns can contribute to the growth of the business or bring a fall to it.

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