SEOClerks Annoying Popups

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SEOClerks Annoying Popups

Has anyone else been experience an unusual amount of crappy pop-up ads from SEOClerk?

It happened to me when I tried to order something, causing it to not go through and lose about 300 words of my product correspondence.

Hopefully this doesn't persist.


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You mean the terms and condition update that just happened yesterday? Other than that I haven't seen any popups on SEOclerks, though I can understand what you are saying, you probably hit the submit button and were redirected to the terms and condition update/announcement and you lost all your written progress in this process. As far as I remember that wasn't a real popup, a real popup you can close and continue on with your own business.

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Yeah, what Cristian wrote. I personally haven't had any pop ups at all... Ever. I only had the new terms and conditions when I first came on the website today. I do use the ad blocker though. Perhaps you clicked something without realising? Or like Cristian suggested you got taken to agree with the new toc which is completely understandable.

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I haven't seen any popup so far. But part of the reason it might be this way is that I'm using ad blocking software. If SEOClerks have popup adds, and you have no ad blocker, that's probably why. Right now, I can see that my ad blocker has 5 things blocked here.

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I never experienced any pop ups from SEO Clerk. Yet, I never purchased anything on here either. What were you trying to purchase?

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Are you confirm about this pop up? I have been working with SEOClerk for the last 2 years and I didn't faced this types of problem.
Are you confirm that pop ups are coming from SEOClerk?

Change the browser and than try again. Change the software system also or try to log in from some other places.


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