5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing

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5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing

Online marketing can be extremely stressful sometimes, and we all have out outlets to relieve some stress. Working online means you have to manage your own schedule, do all the work and basically be your own boss. With all of the duties you have to manage and supervise at the same time, you can get overworked and stressed out.

A lot of online marketers work a full time job and then come online to make a second income, which can be stressful in itself. You're working 8 hours at your normal job and then you come online to make some extra cash but you might not be as successful as you'd hope and become a bit stressed out.

Below I'm going to cover a few ways you can reduce your stress from working online. Some of these may seem obvious while others you may not have thought of because you didn't know they're actually reducing your stress 5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing

Resetting Yourself

  • Sleeping - Taking a nap here and there will actually reset your body and you can be less stressed out because you're re-energized. I love taking naps a few times a week, especially if I'm working late the night before lol.
  • Hiking - Have you ever been hiking? You're doing something that doesn't benefit you much, but you're getting outside and getting out of your own head which is a great way to reset yourself 5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing
  • Vacation - A vacation is always a great way to reset because you're leaving your job behind and not thinking of it. Leave your laptop at home and don't answer any work emails, you'll notice you've reset and you're ready to work more because you're less stressed out.

Hiring someone else
  • Hire a VA - Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to get some small repetitive task done that could actually be stressful. I hire VA's for a ton of things that will take u a lot of time but can be finished pretty easily. It frees me up and relaxes me if the VA is doing a good job.
  • Pay a friend - Hiring a friend to help you out will reduce your stress because you will have inside jokes and you can be more at ease when working.
  • Bring on someone who knows the work - Bringing on a partner will always help reduce your stress because you don't have to focus on all of the work yourself. You can actually do half of the work and be much less stressed while being more successful at the same time.

Changing Your Focus
  • Work on a different website - When you work on a different website you're actually changing your focus on something else. By doing this you won't be thinking too much about problems you may be having on another website.
  • Focus on a different part of your current site - If one section of your website is giving you problems and you want to pull your hair out because of it, work on a different feature. Hate your contact us page? Work on your products page!

Working Out
  • Go to the Gym - I like going to the gym at least a few times a week because it not only makes me more in shape and healthier, but I'm much less stressed afterwards 5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing
  • Set aside at least 1 hour a day - If you set aside some time for yourself just to focus on you, then you will usually be less stressed out during the day. I'll do this and watch a movie with my daughter if she's home which is always a great time for me.
  • Get out of the house - Just leaving the house and going for a walk will reduce your stress immensely. You are getting away from work and getting out of your own head, which is always a good thing when you're stressing out about something work related.

  • Learn from YouTube - If you don't know how to do Yoga, you can always watch a bunch of YouTube videos and figure out what to do. I've looked up these videos before and some are pretty good, but others are clearly from beginners. You'll have to find some good channels prior to starting out because you want to take credible advice on how to do something lol.
  • Go to a Yoga studio - There are plenty of studios out there that will let you come in for Yoga classes. I'm not sure of the pricing, but it couldn't be too much money.
  • Do it with friends - You can look up videos and go to classes with friends and have a fun time with each other while doing Yoga. Having fun doing something will always relieve your stress 5 ways to reduce your stress from online marketing

In Conclusion:
You'll have to figure out what works for you when you're trying to relieve stress. If going out for a hiking adventure is more your style, get outside and go on a hike. If you prefer to just work out for a little while each day, pick up some weights and pump that iron lol. Figure out what you like doing, and do it to relieve your stress. Not having a lot of stress when being an online marketer will always make you more productive, so use my ideas above and figure out what works for you!

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What about meditation? I find it one of the most effective ways to relieve the stress. You can meditate anywhere you want. It doesn't only relieve stress though. It can also help relax, regain focus and self-reflect.
Might be bit hard to learn at first but there are plenty of good books and videos that teach you the proper ways of meditation. I highly suggest it.

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I have read in one discussion that meditation should be practiced by freelancers because that is the industry that is very stressful. I agree that a freelancer has more stress than an employee like me because I earn a fixed income and I don’t worry much with my finances while a freelancer is always scrimping with the expenses and always trying to find more work to earn more. Perhaps meditation is good to de-stress freelancers.

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Hmm, these are very helpful. Thank you for sharing these tips, I'm sure they can help plenty of people.

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It is better to take some rest while you working for a long time. I go for an outing to another city to relax for a few days. I play soccer and cricket to relax. sometimes pay to my friends to do my work for a few days so I could take rest for a few days. If we take proper rest then we can work in a long term. We should take care of our health because health is wealth.

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Parabéns pelas suas dicas!

Eu particularmente reduzi meu estresse com o marketing on-line quando parei de seguir vários "gurus" de marketing digital. Geralmente eles prometem muito e dão pouco valor em suas palavras.

Acabei de seguir um pequeno número de especialistas em marketing e com isso, deixei de estressar.

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Rest is very essential in reducing stress. Also the idea of getting a friend to support in the marketting is a good idea, you can also go out to have some fun as a form of taking break this will help relieve the stress in the marketing.

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I agree with all your points. I am a freelance writer. I sometimes outsource my work if I am over-whelmed or just not feeling to write. It is easier that to burn myself trying to write. That way, I have save time and have enough energy to carry on the next task, not forgetting about getting people's perspective on the job at hand.

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These are definitely tips that are sure to help out anyone. Some tips that I currently use in my weekly routine would be jogging 15k a week and taking at least 4 fifteen minute power naps a week.

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One of my proven strategies to reduce stress from online marketing is working in short shifts instead of long shifts.
For example, instead of spending one long session on marketing, work in short sessions, in other words, do not work 5 or 6 hours consecutively, rather in short sessions like 1-2 hours, take a break of 1-2 hours and again start your marketing.
When you are working in short sessions in multiple times in a day, marketing work is never tiring.

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That working out reminds me of my high school chum who is a manager of a gym. She was offering me a big discount for a membership package. She said that I needed to workout in the gym to de-stress myself. I work in a bank and my position gives me a lot of pressure and stress that’s why she was offering me that gym package. However, I don’t have the time to go to the gym and I promised to just do my workout at home. But you know, some promises are made to be broken huh.

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