What is the best keyword research tool?

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What is the best keyword research tool?

As all of you probably know, keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. It's essential in effective web marketing.
We can of course easily find many different ones on the internet. But I'm wondering, which one do you use and why?

My preferred choice is Google keyword planner. I never really tried any other because I never felt the need to. To use it you will need AdWords account. It's fairly easy to use and it provides so much information... from traffic estimates to historical statistics and so on.


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I have been writing online since a decade and all through these years I have never used other keyword tool except Google Keyword Planner tool. I started using this tool because I was not aware about other tool when I started writing online. later, I did not switch to other tool because I was completely satisfied with this tool. I think everyone should use this tool because it is not only free to use but also the best in the market.

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As a newbie to the affiliate marketing world and the subject of keyword research, I did some digging and found an article about the Top 10 Best Tools for Keyword Research according to 61 Online Marketing Experts. The list included the following:

  1. SEMrush [36 votes]
  2. Google Keyword Planner [33 votes]
  3. Keyword & Longtail PRO [10 votes]
  4. Buzzsumo [9 votes]
  5. Google Trends [8 votes]
  6. Ubersuggest [7 votes]
  7. Google Analytics [6 votes]
  8. KWFinder [4 votes]
  9. Moz KW Difficulty Tool, Market Samurai & WordTracker
  10. SERPwoo, GrepWords, SEOcockpit, BrightEdge Data Cude & Excel [2 votes]

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Yeah I know there are several other options available but I'm more interested in which one are YOU using and why.

I'm bit surprised by your list though. I'd 100% bet that Google keyword planner would get most votes and not SEMrush, interesting and weird at the same time.

Thanks for your feedback guys.

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for me i stuck with google keyword planner it free and give you amazin results other paid tools not do better than keywords planner they just sell something that already free in google that my openion ,

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I like to use Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and these tools have worked great for me.

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I have in particular tested a few different tools, but in my opinion, nothing compares to Google Keyword Planner.

As an exclusive Google tool, I have more confidence in using it. In addition, Google Keyword Planner gives me all the metrics I need to do the searches and choose the best keywords.

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The Zemanta plugin is a related posts widget. It works with the WordPress and Blogspot publishing platforms. While this plugin is not geared towards finding keywords, it provides an incidental benefit. In addition to suggesting related posts to supplement your blog content, when you are in the process of writing a post, this plugin also suggests labels (or tags) and in-text links, which can be used as keywords.

Anyone ever used the Zemanta plugin?

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I have a colleague who is good in researching for a keyword. But he said that he is relying on Google tools. It’s not really clear to me what he was talking about because during that time, I was not in the SEO forum yet. But anyway, now I am beginning to understand the importance of keywords in the SEO work because it’s one way of getting visitors to the website from the search engines.

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