Choosing right thumbnail for your post or video is very important

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Choosing right thumbnail for your post or video is very important

It is very important to choose a very attractive and eye-catching thumbnail for your blog post or for your videos. I have noticed the videos that are getting more views just because of an interesting thumbnail. You can check the value of thumbnail over Youtube.

Thumbnail is more important than the content in the video. I have seen many videos don't have the same content that was shown in thumbnail but it gets a lot of traffic just because of that thumbnail.

So always try to choose a hottest favorite thumbnail.


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Well yes, it's called click bait for a reason.

You literally bait somebody into clicking only based on the thumbnail it shows. Half the time these thumbnails are highly deceiving though. You click thinking you will see a video about an apple and you watch a video about a banana - no connection whatsoever.

I think it can be frustrating when people do this but you can't blame them because it does increase the traffic/views. The competition is increasing and it's harder and harder to get your content to be noticed so you should try to use every mean available to your disposal. Catchy thumbnails are definitely one of the major factors.

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I haven't done enough research on the analytics of blogs, so I can't agree/disagree with that part. When it comes to YouTube, however, this is very true. In 2016, YouTube changed its entire algorithm towards videos. This kind of sucks, because quality content produced by genuine content creators, were pushed down. Meanwhile, 100% clickbait videos rose to the top. PewDiePie, YouTube's top content creator supports this claim of an algorithm change. Despite this, YouTube has denied these allegations. But to be honest, the statistics speak for themselves. Mega channels like PewDiePie aren't affected. Smaller channels, however, face a major loss in their viewership.

But you're right, thumbnails are key in having a successful click through ratio nowadays. Sadly, the value of quality content within the video itself has declined majorly.

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Speaking of Thumbnail, I think the Avatar you use to post with is just as important. I almost didn't click on this community post because you didn't really have any avatar icon. I know it seems like something simple but it is a form of "click-bait." A catchy avatar can go a long way. A picture with words speaks for itself and I personally am more likely to click it. You have to think and say "if I was searching for X and saw 'this picture or avatar' would I click to see inside?"

Ask yourself that before every post or youtube video, etc.

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Thumbnail is the face value of your content. If your content has a interesting and eye catching thumbnail, it is likely that your content will gain visibility. You need to have an interesting picture or scene as the thumbnail for your content. Even when you are selling product, you need to take good pictures of your product as use the best one as your thumbnail. While choosing thumbnail, you need to remember the feature image that you will use as thumbnail should reproduce well when used as thumbnail.

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Agreed, thumbnails is important eye catching factor that helps drive traffic into your blog , especially if you are to promote your videos and posts on social media then its very important to choose the perfect thumbnail for you post/video, just think you are an audience trying to find a nice post about a subject, then you would rather choose the post/video with an attractive thumbnail rather than a meaning full description. So conclusion : Thumbnails are important.

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Having a great looking thumnail has never been more important. Thumbnails and captions are the first impressions that a viewer has and makes a decision to click on it or not. This is more commonly known as "clickbait". The thumbnail may or may not be relevant to the content but they will still use eye-catching thumbnails to lure in viewers. Well back then there weren’t that many competitors so it was easy for them to stand out from the crowd. But now anyone that does anything with videos is going to go crazy with these thumbnails.

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Yeah thumbnails are very important in videos and in video marketing strategies, some call it the click bait technique. you might have been seeing some comments on social media like "Am a simple man, i see boobs i click like", "Am a simple guy i see Jackie Chan i click".
So the thumbnail is the first impression in the video and 90% of viewers who clicked your video did so because of the thumbnail the other 10% clicked because of the name.
If you go through most videos on you tube check the comment section, you will see comments like "Yeah, am here because of the thumbnail", "Thumbnail 7:10, thank me later". so it really matters.

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In our Youtube channel, we were not aware of those details like the thumbnails. To be honest, we didn’t know that you can choose a desired thumbnail for a particular video. But now I realize that the thumbnail is like a poster of the video that if it looks interesting then there is the tendency for the reader to click on the video to play. We are now changing some thumbnails of videos that are not relevant to the theme of the video.

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Honestly me neither hahaha. I was completely unaware of it, until I saw this post. Maybe I'm somehow distracted, or I'm not a very picky person when it comes to details, but anyway, I did some checking and I realized the thumbnail issue, and now I can say I can change thumbnails, and be more interactive about it. I know, I have to pay more attention haha.

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