How to optimize a blog post in 2017

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How to optimize a blog post in 2017

When it comes to optimizing a blog post in 2017 some of you may be lost because you either don't know how to do it or you've been out of the game so long that you've lost that magical touch lol. Don't worry, not much has changed so you should be able to pick this up pretty quick if you knew how to do it a while back How to optimize a blog post in 2017 Below I'll go over 6 quick tips on what to do with your blog posts in order to optimize them for 2017. Enjoy How to optimize a blog post in 2017

Your Titles
If you've been writing for a while you will already know that the title of your blog post can attract or deter people from clicking on them whether it's in a PPC campaign or the organic rankings. If you haven't been writing for a while, well, now you know. What you'll want to do is get your titles to be under 60 characters to appease the mighty Google and also so your title doesn't get cut off in the results. You should include one of your keywords near the beginning of your title for the best SEO benefits and less of a chance it will get cut. It your keyword is near the end of the title and you hit 65 or 70 characters, your risking your main keyword in the title being cut off and now your conversions may be dwindling. You'll need to make your titles seem natural and not spammy.

  • Natural: Backlinks can be purchase at SEOclerks
  • Spammy: Buy Backlinks or Backlinks from SEOclerks
  • Spammy: Backlinks - buy them at SEOclerks

Do you see the difference? You don't want to just jam another keyword in there if it's not natural. Type it out how you actually talk and you should be safe, unless you talk like Yoda How to optimize a blog post in 2017

Your Descriptions
When you're writing your descriptions you'll need to think of a natural way to optimize them just like your titles. You can't just jam it with keywords and expect it to rank. I like to put 2 keywords in my descriptions and I've seen a good amount of rankings because of it. Write your descriptions how you naturally would talk or type and be sure to make it slightly intriguing because people will be more likely to click through if they have a question or are interested.

The one thing that I don't like about a description is that it's not always guaranteed to be what Google or the other search engines index in their SERPs. They could decide that a few sentences from the middle of your body would be best to show to everyone searching on their engine. You'll have to take the good with the bad, or you can force the search engines to make your description what is shown muahahaha!

Your Headings
When it comes to writing a heading you need to think of it as a sort of title to what you're about to talk briefly about. You will want to get a keyword into your heading for the best SEO benefit and also so people on your website know exactly what they're about to read. Again, you need to make sure that your keyword fits in the title and it doesn't look spammy. The search engines hate spammy looking titles, don't use them lol.

Your Content
When you're writing up your content you will need to remember that you cannot use your keywords too many times. If you go over a 3% to 4% keyword density, you're getting in the danger zone and your post could be seen as breaking the guidelines set forth by Googles search team and they will give you a slight penalty. The penalty is easily removable, but you'll want to avoid it none the less. Another reason keyword stuffing is not good is because your visitors will begin reading your content and be turned off by it. It's extremely difficult to read something with a high keyword density and I know that I always close the page without finishing. You should always write something up for your visitors and not the search engines. The more genuine you seem, the better it will be for you and your website when Google and the other search engines index your pages How to optimize a blog post in 2017

Your Images
A lot of times people will pass this part up because it requires some coding. I know that if I'm running a fully PPC lead generating website I won't bother with image optimization, but that doesn't mean you can overlook it too. You'll need to add alt tags to your images so that the search engines can easily understand what the image is all about. If your image has the file name 3948skl.png then how is Google suppose to see that image and what it's for? If you add an alt tag to 3948skl.png that shows Google the image is about a dog, backlinks, sky diving, etc. they will be able to assess your page better.

Another thing I like to do that isn't talked about much is optimizing the file names of my images. If an image has a guy jumping a dirtbike over a hill, I'll name the file guy-jumping-dirtbike.jpg or whatever fits with the image. This way the search engines will see the words "guy jumping dirtbike" and possible show me a little more love than if I were to just add an alt tag How to optimize a blog post in 2017

Your URLs
Usually you don't have to worry about this part because most blogging platforms will take your titles and add them in as the URL. So if your title was "Dogs catching frisbees at the park" then your URL will likely be" Depending on how you have it set up, you might not have "blog" in the URL at all which I like better because it shortens the URL allowing me to guarantee my keyword to show up How to optimize a blog post in 2017

With Google doing all it's updates and targeting phrases more than exact match keywords now, you'll want to make sure that everything you do above is on point. If you slack off on some of them, you can almost be certain that you won't rank for everything you're trying to How to optimize a blog post in 2017

In Conclusion:
It's not too difficult to optimized a blog post in 2017 if you follow the tips above. Just be dilligent and don't slack off because you're getting tired of posting or you have somewhere to be. Just save your post as a draft and come back to it when you're not tired or rushed and you'll be grateful that you did How to optimize a blog post in 2017

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Hey, thanks a lot for the tips. I've been blogging for a few years now and I'm just now paying attention to SEO. I did not know about the 60-character titles, keywords upfront in title and not repeated more than a certain percentage and natural phrasing. I'm printing out your post and will be using as a reference guide.

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These are really good tips. I've been interesting in starting up blogging but my only attention at the moment is discovering the niche I want to expand my ideas on.

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Cheers Razzy! Even some of us still need to hear this from time to time! And it's always great to get and hear a fresh perspective on it anyway! Here's a quick way of how I think of each parts of a blog post when optimising them.

For the title I sometimes use my main targeted keywords twice but never more than that. I see best results from this (when using twice). For my description content I'll sometimes use it once or sometimes twice depending if it's natural to do so or not. For my content depending how long that content is I'll use my keywords about 3 times in it, sometimes bolded, underlined or colored or quoted to emphasis it at least once or twice. and I sometimes try to use synonyms of some of them as well. You can find synonyms of your targeted keywords easily just google "synonym checker" and search your keywords for the synonyms of them. For images, unless I'm using my own from the start, I'll strip out their exif-data and replace with my own, use SEO/people friendly file names and ALT tags of course. URLs should also be SEO/people friendly too. As for phrases, well, everyone loves a good phrase but you're right, there's no slacking!! You need to adopt a good Irish Phrase of "We stay until the jobs done!". How to optimize a blog post in 2017

You know what I'm on about right?...

And man on about what you? Yoda talk like I do!! How to optimize a blog post in 2017

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Have a wonderful day.

An ideal blog post will must SEO optimized. SEO keyword based blog post will give you huge and huge traffic from search engines. When people search engine keywords and keyword phrase than search engine bots show the result from worldwide search engine database based. The result have 50 words of title, 150 words description or some images which are alt based and some important keyword based. So an ideal blog post must be have an unique keywords within 150 words minimum once. The images will be hyperlinked to a specific websites.


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Great tips you provide us in this article about blogging. I was looking to build my career in blogging and this article give lot of information how can i build a blog and how to do SEO for it.

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I agree with your point. The most important thing in a content is the title. If the title is attractive enough then the visitors will come automatically to our post. Subheadings also a good way to attract the visitors to read the whole content. Whenever we search for something over Google we use to read the title of the search results rather than reading the description. So it is a better idea to start optimizing our blog from the post title.

If you are posting the content according to the post title then nothing can stop your blog to get ranked high in the search engine. I have seen man people having attractive post titles in the post but the content is totally different than that. So I like your suggestion about the content. Content should be unique, high quality and according to the post title.

I really want to thank you Razzy for sharing a nice article about optimizing our blog in 2017.

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Something about featured images I have learned that, featured image through open graph search is good idea. You can show your blog post images in the social network. I think you have to see that optimizing the blog post this way is not that easy. You just have to get all the things properly. Like SEO, featured image, quick loading of website, responsive content etc. That way things work much better.

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Here are some of the SEO trends for 2017.
Get HTTPS protocol: SSL certificates are important factor in Google ranking and user interaction
Optimize your website for mobile devices: Mobile traffic is taking over web traffic
Make your website load faster: The website that loads faster will be ranked higher than the website that loads slow.

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The title is my weakness. When I was writing as a co-blogger, my title would usually be revised by the blogger. I admit that I am not good in making titles that sometimes I consult people on the matter. With the content, I think I can write a pretty good content although my vocabulary is definitely thin since English is just my second language.

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Pretty much same with me. I find it harder to make the titles. I am not sure how the people can make a title. And how they can add the content. And how that can work out with the blog post traffic. But I try my best and try to get the most out of the things. It is kind of hard with content generation though.

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