Authority link building and what needs to be done.

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Authority link building and what needs to be done.

In the past 10 years, SEO has been a fickle game of building links in hopes of getting top rankings. Most of the time you're working off of theories and what other peoples results, which could be good or bad. The downside to SEO is that whenever we figure something out, the algorithm changes and we have to revamp our tactics in order to increase our rankings lol.

When the Google launched one of it's major updates, the Panda Update, webmasters from all over the world were scrambling to figure out what exactly they needed to do in order to increase their rankings and protect their websites at the same time. Well since then we've discovered that the update was launched to kill link farms and content farms with low quality articles posted only to get backlinks which are similar to link farms. High quality content on other niche related websites with backlinks aimed at your website is the main way to please the panda.

The Panda update isn't even the only algorithm change we have to please. We also have to factor in the Penguin and Hummingbird update, which are both completely different from one another.

With that being said, Google is in charge of our rankings and deems our websites worthy of top positions or not. They control the algorithm and could nuke everything we've been doing or bless us, but only time will tell Authority link building and what needs to be done.

Old link building methods don't work anymore.
When it comes to building links, it seemed so much easier 10 to 15 years ago because we could just put links wherever we wanted and see an increase in rankings. We could literally build 1,000 links an hour and stick to the top of the rankings and siphon a massive amount of traffic from the SERPs. We never worried about authority links because it didn't matter where we placed our own links, it was mainly a game of numbers that you had to exploit in order to get ranked, but that only gains a penalty now.

Old link building methods are super outdated, even if the method was from just 5 years ago it likely won't be viable to increase your rankings. People who use to be great at SEO and link building who come out of a 3 year break have a rough re-entry because everything changes when a new update is launched. Old link building methods and strategies that worked just a few years ago might not work as well, or at all, in today online world because Google gets more picky about the websites they give that coveted #1 position to.

You need to take more time on your link building strategies
When it comes to linking, you are never going to win the race if you're always being the hare. You want to be the tortoise most of the time because a slow and steady strategy of link building will always win the race. The main reason for this is because Google wants to see a natural progression of links being built and if there are thousands of links out of no where in your link profile it will send up some red flags.

Taking time on your linking strategies is always a good thing because you won't boost your link profile too quick and get on anyones radar. You will increase in the rankings naturally and that is what everyone is targeting Authority link building and what needs to be done.

Taking it slow is always a better way of building your links because if you somehow do get a penalty it will be easier to figure out which links are the problem and you can remove them or use the disavow tool to remove them from your ranking factor Authority link building and what needs to be done.

In Conclusion:
Be safe when it comes to building your links and try to get niche related authority backlinks which will help you out than an automated 1,000 links an hour method from software. Build your links in a slower progression than you think is safe because being under the radar is always better than having red flags going up against you. If you're getting back into SEO and backlinking be sure to study up on the newest algorithm changes so that you don't hurt your website(s).

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Yep! Great article Raz! I was just saying earlier how SEO's need to know SEO to do SEO. And that might sound obvious, but not just any old SEO. While it's good to know old SEO, compared to new SEO. A good SEO needs to know about new SEO otherwise if they are doing the old style of SEO, that could have a negative impact and knock on effect for your site and its rankings in the SERPs.

And just like you would go slowly to catch a monkey, hence the saying "slowly slowly catch a monkey". You would want to go slowly when doing SEO link building as well. It can seem like a no brainer to some people/webmasters new to webmastering, blogging and or affiliate marketing and they can get this basic idea that they need lots of backlinks to rank high. So they go out and build 10k links to their homepage overnight using some link building software or some link building service. Then wonder why Google isn't indexing their site lol.

And that still happens now today! But you have to take it easy man. Only start off building links manually by hand at first. Start with building links to your site from other sites in your niche/industry. That can be done by joining forums and interacting with blogs and other sites in your niche.

It'll take a while to get those coveted types of related links but that's okay! It's not a race! I get that your eager to start earning with your site but you just can't game the system that way today it doesn't work like that anymore! lol Authority link building and what needs to be done.

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Nice points made.... I really enjoyed every bit of the info.
Nice one buddy.

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A very good explanation on effective link building. I am glad that you have mentioned how and why the old link building method wont work anymore here. Thank you.

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One method I heard about for linking involved making great content to be shared on social media. In that case, people would naturally build links to you without effort on your part. Also, since others are building the links, the process would seem natural. Anyway, I think that would be the best method, so I think a lot of effort should be put into making good shareable content.

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There was a time when article directories or link directories could be considered good platforms for link building. Building backlinks from article directories and link directories still work, however, these days backlinks from article directories and link directories are not considered quality backlink. The best backlinking method is organic backlink. In order to generate organic backlink, you need to publish valuable content.

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When it comes to link building, I agree that you have to be discerning. You don’t just post your link anywhere in the internet. And now I think links that you post in the social media networks are being considered by Google and other search engines. They are called social signals that can also be an equal to the traditional links that you post in forums and blogs. The main advantage in social media is the probability that your post can be shared thereby your link will be spread out further.

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