Wordpress or WIX, your preference?

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Wordpress or WIX, your preference?

As the title says, WordPress or WIX? Which do you use or prefer?

To provide some background information for those that don't know these two web softwares.

First is the WordPress.

Wordpress is a web software that allows you to manage and create websites, blogs, portfolios and so on. You can start using it for free and stay that way or you can upgrade. It's very easy to use and open-source.

Another feature they offer is the ability to add custom domain and manage it from their website.

They offer over 40,000 free themes and over 3,000 free plugins so it's highly customizable with an inbuilt SEO features.

The bad side is that these plugins can start conflicting with each other and causing problems. There are also A LOT of patches and upgrades which can break other things

Their website is

Second is the WIX.

WIX is also a website builder. Easy to use and user-friendly. Same as WordPress, you can use it for free as long as you want or upgrade to one of their Premium plans.

It has a very neat drag and drop web builder software which is very convenient for the non-developers.

They have over 100,000,000 customers and that just shows how good this software is.

Their websites also perform at above average speed and are very secure.

The bad side of WIX is that there is no unlimited plan and that if you want to remove WIX Ads you have to upgrade.

Their website is


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Wordpress offers much more than the flashy templates that Wix has to offer. Freedom to develop my website in any way is a must.

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Ye, I agree with you on that. I think Wordpress is better when it comes to creativity and allowing you to expressing yourself. I guess Wix is good if you're a non-developer though. It can be confusing.

Maybe Wordpress is, in a way, for more advanced website creation.

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I prefer Wordpress why because my blogs will be easier and more flexible to create on this type of platform and and reach more persons .The blog we create gets a lot of view and comment because of Wordpress. It's fast and reliable to use.

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Wordpress. It provides you with tons of customizable things to your website. I'm kind of tired to hear the "With Wix, You can create your own professional websites." in Youtube, haha. Wordpress offers some flexibilities to your websites, too.

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Wix is basically taking advantage of the fact that a lot of blog and general website owners don't want to install their own stuff. Also, these owners don't want to pay thru the roof for hosting, themes, and installers. In that case, Wix offers and all-in-one solution. However, though, the irony is the fact that cPanel has Softalicious, a WordPress installer and many themes are free and can be installed inside WordPress. Therefore, basically, Wix is a solution for those who don't want to deal with 3rd party hosting.

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Wix, I would go with wix, even though wordpress is a older hosting service, wix has many advantages over wordpress, wix is more user friendly and it provides more options, plugins and tools which are so easy to merge with your site, everything can be done simply by dragging and placing. So my personal suggestion would be wix.

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Wix is a good way to start out. I have a Wix site, but Wordpress just has so many cool features, it puts you in the drivers site for creating your own customized sites, Wix is just not on the same level as wordpress. Wix in not really for pro web builders, but with Worpress, you have something for everyone, weather your new or a pro at web building. Hands down, Wordpress wins this battle.

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My personal preference is for the WordPress. I don't think WIX is going to be long term good solution. As the WIX have lot of design limitations. Also it may not be good for the woocommerce and shopify type selling. So that is one reason I'd not use them either. If you want to sell something, then better go with WordPress. And if you want to just put on some persona for website or for business, in such case WIX can be a good option. I'd suggest going with WordPress.

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No doubt I prefer Wordpress and there is nothing to discuss.

In the past (a long time ago) I tried to use Wix to develop some website, but I confess that I found a tremendous disappointment, as I found the platform very confusing, in addition, the resources and the support was horrible.

Today I know that they have evolved a bit (I do not know how much), but there is nothing to discuss.

Wordpress has everything I need in SEO optimization and plugins. In addition, the performance of websites in Worpress is much better.

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They are pretty different to be completely honest. Wix offers you a quick way of creating a site but for scalability and modularity it's a bad choice. Wordpress can actually be built upon and depending on the type of your site you can even make a business out of a website that has Wordpress at its core.

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