How to increase your client satifaction rate

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How to increase your client satifaction rate

When it comes to client relations, out main goal is to keep every single client happy for as long as they are signed up or as long as they are purchasing from you. A lot of companies will be super nice to people in the beginning and then sort of fade off once the client is locked in or keeps coming back. This is probably one of the worst things you could do because those clients are the ones who will leave positive reviews of your services or products later on down the road. Think of it as a double edged sword of sorts, you can have them ready to leave the best reviews possible around the web but once you start slacking off on your responses you will see them posting something like "Well, this company was great for a while but in the last few months it's been difficult to get them on the phone or a basic response via email" Keep everyone happy, and here are a few ways to do that.

Customer Support
I touched base on this slightly in the intro so I'll keep this part pretty short. What you'll want to do is set something up that will either forward new client emails to your phone or personal email so you get a notification, if your setup doesn't already do this. Another thing you can do is set up a chat system that is linked to your phone via a mobile app that will notify you once someone tries to contact you through it and you can just respond like it's a text message (my favorite)

A super quick response time will not only make your clients happy, but you'll increase how many clients you get to sign up each month How to increase your client satifaction rate The chat to app service is a pretty amazing thing to offer if you can get it the main form of conversation through your website because you will never miss anything. You can be out to lunch with some friends and respond right away since you will most likely have your phone on you. This will impress a lot of people who are trying to contact you because it will be like you have a support team on the ready to answer anything that comes in.

Give people a coupon for anything you sell and they will likely be happy. Now if you're selling a $1,000 item and only give them a 5% discount, don't expect a load of positive feedback because that's not much lol. Now if you were selling something for $1,000 and were able to give a 25% to 40% discount, you'd make a lot more people happy with their purchase as long as the product or service they were buying is high quality.

The coupons would have to be a one per client type of thing because you would definitely lose a lot of money in the long run if someone could just spread the word about a 40% coupon on your website that doesn't have a cap on uses.

Unexpected Free Stuff
Giving away free stuff with every order is a great way to increase your clients happiness level (yes that's a thing lol). I remember back when I was skateboarding I would order off of CCS and within each package I would get some random stickers or another set of shoe laces and it would make my day even better. If I bought a pair of shoes I would expect to just get a pair of shoes, but I would get extra shoe laces and some stickers, Whattttt!!! Your unexpected free items don't have to be extravagant in order to surprise someone, you can do stickers if you want and they will likely get used.

Now if you go with the sticker idea, you will usually want to add in at least one of them with your business logo as the whole sticker. This will in turn make your marketing a little easier because people will give the stickers away or someone will use them and get others to see it randomly. FREE MARKETING!!!!

Frequent Buyer Discounts
I like to do this a lot because it's one of the few ways you can say thank you to those customers who are keeping you in business. I will give a special coupon to someone, or a few clients, and they can get something off of our website for free (within reason). If I'm selling something that costs $1,000 then that item would be off limits, but maybe anything that is $100 or less would be fair game. This protects my bank account because giving something away that is super expensive isn't the best business move lol. The client will be super happy that you're thinking of them and they won't care much as to what the amount is that you're giving them for free. I like the $100 because it's a lot of money to some people and doesn't break my bank account.

Of course if you're giving out these frequent buyer discounts you will want the client to hit a certain spending limit, let's say $1,000, and then you hand them the coupon for $100. If they spent $1,000 then you likely made much more than the $1,000 they spent. They will see it as you see them in a different light and want them to have an early Christmas present lmao How to increase your client satifaction rate

Random "Thank You" Emails
This method works well when combined, or not, with the Frequent Buyer Discounts method right above this. You can track buyers who have spent $300+ on your website and sent them a personalized (actually personalize it) email that is unique for each client. You can email them something like:

Hi (Client Name),

I've noticed you purchase a good amount of items from our us since you registered on (insert website URL here). I personally want to thank you for keeping us in mind when you're looking for (niche here) items. We will always be here if you need the best items and we always try to improve every item on our website for customers just like you.

We couldn't be where we are now without customers like you and that's why I want to give you this coupon that is linked directly to you so you can choose 1 item for free right from out website.

Your Coupon Code: (Coupon Code Here)

This coupon is good for $100 worth of items on our website. You can mix and match the items, up to $100, and we will cover it How to increase your client satifaction rate Of course you don't have to spend exactly $100 to use this coupon. You can spend $30, $47, $99 or even $105 and we will take off the $100 for you when you enter the code How to increase your client satifaction rate If you go over the $100 you'll have to pay the difference.

Again, I wanted to personally thank you and give you this discount coupon for $100 because you chose us for a lot of you (niche here) purchases How to increase your client satifaction rate

Thank You,

(Signature Here)

When you add your signature, be sure to put your name and just under your name add "CEO at (your website)" to make it look even better. If someone sees that the CEO of the company is sending out emails to select customers it will look better than if they get an email from Jane the assistant to the marketing director lmao How to increase your client satifaction rate

In Conclusion:
Keeping your clients happy is your main goal when they are purchasing from you. You do have to remember that the client isn't always right and sometimes you'll have to cut ties or just simply ban them from purchasing anything if they're too much of a hassle. Be nice, give them free crap even if it costs you some money, and they will gladly share your website How to increase your client satifaction rate

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That's a nice list Razzy.

My saying when dealing with customers is:

''a happy customer is the greatest advertisement''

If your customer is happy not only will he be loyal and keep buying / using your services but he will also spread the word to all his friends - your sales will go up.

Always treat your customers like you would treat your favourite person in the world. Even if they're grumpy or rude - never, ever be rude back. Stay professional. Go out of your way to help them and listen to their feedback.

From my personal experience I believe that a quick, responsive and friendly customers support is a must. If a person is facing a problem and they contact you, do everything in your power to fix the issue and keep them happy. They will write good reviews about you and recommend you even more.

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This is an awesome article! Definitely achieving customer satisfaction will benefit you as a the go-to guy to sell your product and advertise your website.

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I agree to whatever you said. The customer is the king. If we lose our customers then it will definitely affect our profitability. A good customer service is what helps you to actually retain customers. You must always be there for your customers and respond to all their queries in a timely manner. Customer complaints actually help us to learn and improve the way we are actually doing things. Discounts will definitely attract more customers which will help boost sales and increase profitability.

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I remember when I bought a laptop from a dealer that was the client of our office. The vendor was known to me so I had trusted her with the product that she was selling. When the laptop arrived, I was surprised that the payment could be in installments for 6 months. That was not a tangible freebie but understandably big deal since I don’t have to pay in cash. That vendor was a really good marketing person.

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