Reseller hosting or Dedicated/VPS ?

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Reseller hosting or Dedicated/VPS ?

Web hosting business is a profitable online business. But its not easy to get success with this. Because you will need to attract new customers for your business while we still have lots of large hosting companies. Its like a war with big fishes to get success. However, I have started my own hosting business with reseller hosting. After getting few clients for my hosting business I bought VPS to provide high quality hosting services to my clients. Now I have nearly 50+ active clients with more then 60 orders (active cPanel accounts). I am really happy that I am getting clients from the first day of my hosting business. I always try my best to provide the best quality hosting service at affordable price. But its always not possible to provide the service at very cheap cost. Because you will also need to pay for VPS or reseller. If you will use reseller hosting then you will need to pay very less while you will need to pay more for VPS or Dedicated. However, which one is better from your opinion VPS/Dedicated server or Reseller hosting ? Which one you prefer for your hosting business ??


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Of course Dedicated Server. It has non-shared resources. VPS is a piece of Dedicated Server.
Reseller hosting can be a piece of VPS/Dedicated server.

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I support to do business witb vps. Virtual Private Server field is not a war still now. Rrseller field is a war for getting success. People will be happy if they get the service of cloud server by virtual private server. Cloud server based vps has been just started.


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I cannot really tell the difference between VPS and reseller. I'm assuming that reseller is built with more quarks that help resellers. Anyway, besides that, it seems to be the same, and technically you can resell hosting from a VPS setup. Could you essentially say that a VPS and reseller configuration, minus the quarks, is exactly the same?

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I think if you have app or some mission critical database app then that means you need a dedicated VPS. You having dedicated managed hosting can do as well. I don't find any benefit of the reseller hosting. You may find some use of such sites. But it'd just mean that reseller hosting being used for the client sales. I don't see use of such hosting in every context. Some of the time we just have to use the VPS and dedicated hosting.

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