What is a 'reseller' on SEOClerks?

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What is a 'reseller' on SEOClerks?

I have seen many gigs mention that they allow reselling or something and just wanted to know more about that and how the process works.



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An SEOClerk reseller is any user (all members have an affiliate ID) who refers another user to us with the hopes of that user making a purchase. The reseller earns 10% of any purchases made, for life!.

For Life?
You earn 10% of all sales... for LIFE! There is no other affiliate system like ours. If you refer a user today who purchases 1 year from now, you earn 10% of that sale. If you refer a user that purchases 3 weeks from now, next month and 6 months from now, you earn 10% from each of those sales. We do not use a cookie or session variable to store affiliate data, we store it in the database where it resides permanently.

In addition, we pay your Paypal fees. The 10% you earn is exactly what you see in your Paypal account when you withdraw. We don't nickel and dime you.

Read more about our affiliate program -

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Resellers are people who make a service that someone else has.
Lets say that the main seller is selling there gig for $5. You create the same gig but make it more expensive so you can make profit. So you could sell that gig for lets say $10. Once somebody buys your gig for $10, they will go and purchase the same gig but from the main seller for $5. Thus them making $5.00 profit.

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To end the Confusion. There are TWO Types of "Resellers" in the World. 

1st Example)- There are Resellers that act as an Agent or "Sub-Seller for a Company. Such as a Hosting Site like's "Reseller's Program"

2nd Example)- Then, there's the Reseller who Buys Services as an Independent Individual - the Resells them at a Higher Price. 

So the Reseller Jordan Speaks of, is that of my 1st Example- 

Hope this helps, 

What is a

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Reseller on seoclerk is a solid way of earning, but its little bit techniqal & mind game

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In Easy Words, If You Are Selling Facebook Likes 1$ / 100  And I Buy It From You And Sell It In 2$ To Seoclerks Or Any Other Site, Its Mean I Am A Reseller..!

Reseller Is The Guy Who Sell Something After Buying It From Someone Else..! He Dont Sell Directly..

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