How do I transfer a Google domain name to my hosting company?

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How do I transfer a Google domain name to my hosting company?

I'd like to purchase one of the fancy new TLD extensions from Google domains such as .rocks or .chat, but want to use it with my own hosting company - such as not with Blogger or Wix. Will I need to transfer the domain or can the domain be redirected? Tell me how to do this.


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You can use your domain from Google Domains without transferring it over to your web host.

Domain Name Host:
You will be required to point your Domain to the Domain Name Servers of your web host. You will need to find out what is the name servers for your host. Normally, it is and but it can be something else. They should have this information on their website depending on which host you use. If you are unsure about the domain name servers of your host, you should contact them. For example, for Wix (I know you are not going to use Wix but it is just an example), the name servers are:


This can be found on their website as long as you have an account. Once you find this information, go to Google domains and there should be a section where you can change your Domain Name Servers. Input this information there.

Web Host:
After you change domain name servers on Google Domains, you will need to go to your web host to park your domain which is basically just adding the domain to your hosting account so you can use it. The method for doing this varies depends on your control panel but normally there is a button to park/add domain.

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Yes all you will have to do is change the name servers to that of your hosts name servers in your Google Domains name servers panel.

Sounds more of a mouthful than it is. Once that's done you can use it with your hosting company the same you would with a domain hosted with them instead. Here is the guide that shows how to view the name servers for your Google registered domain.

You may need to consult your current web host for the name servers for your account unless you don't already have it. Or you can look it up in your account page for that host as most provide it along with your cpanel access links, email accounts management etc.

It's the same if you buy a domain with someone else like GoDaddy or NameCheap etc, you will have to enter your hosts name servers for that domain to be pointing to your website in the settings area. If you already have a domain hosted with these 2 giants with the same host then you can find your name servers to use that way as well.

By the way, Google Domains is still in BETA and only available in the US still. At least for me, it says "You appear to be in a country where Google Domains is not yet available. Learn more" which then goes on to say "You appear to be in a country where Google Domains is not yet available. You may manage your existing domains, but you will not be able to make a purchase unless you have a U.S. billing address." Funnily enough. If I click that I do have a US address, it doesn't seem to ask me for it and has let me search for a domain. I don't really have a US address so I hope that's okay Google! I will have to investigate that more.

I just wanted to see what sort of extensions they had, what the interface was like and what the prices were! As well as the renewal costs as that's usually where they get you with these new vanity domains. Also I'm wondering what the benefits are to it and of course, whether or not a Google Domains registered domain has any more authority in the SERP's over other domains. It does say on their Features page that "you get to use the same DNS servers as Google". And they offer site creation services in the same way that Wix, Weebly, Shopify etc do. Plus a suite of domain management tools from $12 per year for a .com. Seems to look like quite a good deal to be fair.

You can even transfer in your domains with them from other hosts nice and easily and then get those perks.

Looking forward to it being available on the small rock I live on called England.

Oh and hope this helps and good luck! How do I transfer a Google domain name to my hosting company?

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I would never recommend transferring your domain to a web hosting company. Web hosting companies come and go all the time and your going to be screwed if they go out of businesses. I would just change the nameservers to your web hosting company.

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