Some info about keyword research that might help you.

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Some info about keyword research that might help you.

Keyword research is the main thing that will determine if you're getting into a good niche that can be dominated quickly or if it's going to take time. It's also a good way to figure out if it's worth targeting at all because the amount of time you'd have to put into the website may not be worth your time in order to make money in the long run. I say this because by the time you rank one competitive niche website you could have 10 low competitive niche sites ranked and making money. Sure your high competitive niche website would be making more money than you could count, but the success rate for these types of websites is extremely low.

Now the thing with keyword research is that you can figure out rough estimate on how much traffic a particular search will get, but you can never estimate the profits. You can be selling a $100 item and getting ranked for keywords with 10,000 searches a month and not making a single sale. On the other hand you can be ranked for dozens of keywords that are getting 1,000 searches a month and getting sales everyday. The amount of searches a keyword is getting doesn't always relate to an increase in sales, so you'll have to pick your main keywords strategically.

Over the years I've had plenty of clients sign up with me for my SEO and Online Marketing services and they give me a list of around 50 keyword, which 45 of them are extremely difficult to rank for in 1 to 3 months. What I do is I ask them for a list of keywords to target and also so I can get a good idea of what they want to target. I don't tell them that I will target exactly the keywords they're giving me because a happy client is one that sticks with you, but not ranking for their keyword list makes them mad Some info about keyword research that might help you. I'll figure out what keywords are getting 1,000 to 5,000 searches per month and I will target these first because they will usually rank quicker than the 30,000+ searched keywords. Now some of you are saying "Well if they don't rank for the keywords they sent you, won't they be pissed off?" and that has definitely happened, but not usually. It usually doesn't happen because they are getting 1,000s of new visitors coming to their website each week from the low competition keywords that I've targeted and they don't care anymore because of the sale increase I have gotten them in less than 3 months lol Some info about keyword research that might help you. Now I will always target those highly difficult keywords, but they are my main priority with a new client because they hardly ever rank in the "happy client" timeline of less than 90 days Some info about keyword research that might help you.

Keyword research comes second nature to me and it's always a part of my game plan, but that might not be the case for a lot of newer webmasters and online marketers. But don't worry, because I'm going to help you out a little bit Some info about keyword research that might help you.

A couple ways to do some free keyword research:

  1. Google Adwords and Bing Ads - These are both PPC platforms, if you didn't know, and you pay for your ads to be placed on top of the searches for your desired keywords. That is of course if you can afford it if you're in a difficult niche. But I'm not talking about using Adwords for traffic, I'm talking about how you can use their keyword tools to figure out what keywords you should be targeting. Adwords will give you suggestions based on a list of keywords, or a single one, and you can go through to figure out a good idea of what gets a lot of traffic. Usually the ones that get the most traffic will be tougher to rank for, so target keywords that get around 1,000 keywords and you should be safe.
  2. Searching your main keywords on Google - When you do a basic search for something like "SEOclerks" you will get a ton of listings for, you guessed it, SEOclerks! But the listings are not what you're doing this for, you're actually looking for the suggestions at the bottom Some info about keyword research that might help you. The suggestions are: seo marketplace, seoclerks facebook likes, roundshelf, gigbuys seoclerks vs fiverr, seoclerks instagram followers, seoclerks youtube and seoclerks twitter followers. If you were targeting a specific niche, not SEOclerks, you can add these keywords into your SEO plan because you know people are already searching them Some info about keyword research that might help you.

In Conclusion:
You will always need to do good keyword research because if you're not, you will be failing more than succeeding. You could hit a golden nugget here and there, but it's likely that you won't and you'll just be wasting time and money. The keyword you're ranking for may get a lot of traffic but it might not make as much money as a keyword getting much less traffic. For this I would suggest targeting your lower trafficked keywords first and your higher trafficked ones after about a week into your campaigns Some info about keyword research that might help you.

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It all starts and ends with your words. Your keywords. And the name "key" is used simply because those words are "key" words to your success or not! And as most niche websites will be set up from the start to target some keywords, you need to do your keyword research / homework before you start it really. Although a lot of sites aren't set up to target some keyword from the start as much as they are just to be cool sites that people will like. And if you already have good rankings and are a high authority site, you'll naturally rank high for the keywords you're using in your content, on your site anyway. Although it can never hurt to do some keyword research, see where you're ranking for what and then look at other keywords, similar, related keywords etc that you could rank for with a little help. Say from some SEO package on here or something. But again, you have to be careful in what type of SEO package or service you go with as there is such a thing as overkill and when it comes to SEO, it's a path you need to tread with great care and respect. After all, it's a lifelong thing and it's your business so you need to treat it with respect.

I'm sure I'm just preaching to the choir there for you! lol but for a lot of other people that's still a lesson they will learn the hard way unfortunately. As lots of people new to doing SEO will usually go OTT on it and the bad/sad thing is, a lot of SEO's wont tell them that, they'll just sale them their service, take their money, do the SEO and hope the client is happy. And that's what it's like when it comes to buying/selling SEO services as well and that's fair enough. But still, good keyword research is pivotal today regardless to if you're a site that already enjoys good rankings or you're a new site just starting out for the first time. Some info about keyword research that might help you.

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I am of the opinion that the lack of keyword search and optimization is what is slowing down the progress of so of these new online guys that are into blogging and building of new sites. They tend to forget that having a new blog comes with knowing the right keywords to use while writing contents for their blogs and that end up hurting them in the future.

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In one discussion, I had read that you should be searching for your keywords from time to time in order to know the popularity of the keyword in the search engines. And if your search tells you that the keyword you will use is not that popular then you can use the synonym. Am I right on my understanding about the keyword? That the more popular the keyword that you used, the more traffic it can bring to your website.

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