Why do I need to write content for my website?

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Why do I need to write content for my website?

When it comes to websites you will always have to remember that if your content is not compelling, you won't have many readers. Writing content for your website is always a good thing because it will help you in many ways such as increased reader retention, increased search engine rankings which bring in traffic, building authority and increasing conversions. Below in the CD I will cover all of those points to show you exactly why you should be writing content or at least hiring someone to write it for you.

So let's begin, shall we

Increased Reader Retention
When you're writing for your users you will eventually get a good amount of content on your pages and this will turn into people reading more than just the one article they come to your website for. Keeping people on your website is one of the best ways to turn them into loyal fans who keep coming back week after week. If you can keep writing compelling content that is edgy or cutting edge they will share it with friends and in turn bring in more readers that could eventually turn into fans.

Increasing your reader retention isn't always an easy thing to do because people have a 5 second attention span when online. They will get to a page and just skim over most of it unless you have something popping out that catches their attention. If your content titles and body are attention grabbers then these readers will stay on your website for a good amount of time, which is what every webmaster is trying to do Why do I need to write content for my website?

Increased Search Engine Rankings
You, Me and all of the other online marketers are fighting for those top rankings in the search engine results pages because they bring us that holy grail which is what we also called super targeted traffic lol. By writing great content and optimizing it you will also be increasing your chances of increasing your search engine rankings. Now you won't see this happening over night because as with all SEO it does take some time and effort to get ranked. Just publishing a great article and getting it crawled won't make Google rank you #1 for competitive term within their search results. You'll have to do a lot of work in order to be seen as an authority in order to get your articles ranked easily, but you can do exactly this over time Why do I need to write content for my website?

Once you are in Googles good graces it will seem like you just publish a good article with a decent amount of information and the next day you're getting traffic. This is because you're now seen as an authority, or trusted, and Google doesn't have to baby you when you submit content to your website.

Increased Authority
Just like mentioned above, increasing your authority is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done. If you keep creating high quality content for your readers you will eventually get the golden ticket to the SERPs (sort of). You will be given the glorious stamp of approval by all the search engines and you'll notice that not only an increase in traffic from long tailed keywords but your short tailed, or main keywords, are beginning to pull in traffic due to you ranking higher than normal.

To increase your authority you will not only have to post great content on your own website but you will have to post on other platforms, websites and blogs. Target websites that have a good amount of natural traffic and domain authority in order for your content to be read and possible get some traffic from directly. After you get a few dozen of these articles out you will notice an increase in authority since these other authority websites are linking back to you.

Increased Conversions
In the end we're all chasing more profits, and if you're not, you're just a liar lol. By creating amazing content that brings people in on a daily basis you're going to be seeing an increase in your conversions. It doesn't matter if you're working with adsense or selling a product, you'll see more clicks on your ads or more sales in your dashboard. Search engine traffic is the thing that every webmaster wants because it converts much higher than anything else out there. Of course you could run a PPC campaign but that's search engine traffic so you can't really compare it.

By becoming an authority and increasing the speed of your content getting spidered, indexed and then ranked you are increasing the time it takes to make money for your time invested into the project. And we all know that time is money Why do I need to write content for my website?

In Conclusion:
Do the right thing and take your time creating content for your readers. Become and authority within your niche and you will hopefully be blessed with more traffic due to you ranking almost over night for long tailed keywords and much quicker for short tailed keywords. Taking your time on content for your website will only increase your conversions and make you a happier marketer in the long run Why do I need to write content for my website?

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Yeah, an increase in all those things and more. It's mad though, because there are some websites that haven't added a single new word of content to their site in years, (I'm talking literally 10+ years) and those sites still rank high now. This is partly largely because those sites have age behind them which is one of the biggest and best ranking factors of them all. Since Google largely ranks websites by their discovery date. But for the rest of us, for the other websites, websites that haven't been around as long as they have and don't enjoy the same rankings by Google, we simply must add regular fresh content to our sites to get those improved search engine rankings. And not just for the main keywords your site is targeting either, but to give it a chance to rank for other things too. It makes me laugh sometimes actually, how some people come to me asking me why their site isn't ranking for something like "fresh apple and cider vinegar" or something. Then when you check their site, those words don't even appear anywhere upon it! Not in any blog posts, no other pages or anything. Well you can't rank for it if it's not there on your site!

Fortunately for us and for these other people, we can get all the fresh unlimited content we need for our sites right here on SEOClerks. Just from selecting those quality services in the Article Writing category. And of course, there is also WordClerks now too which is marketplace dedicated to content writing services of all kinds. I just wanted to say that. Why do I need to write content for my website?


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Definitely all valid points, with site traffic flowing it, this audience would be expecting the creator to keep them updated with what sort of information could be to let them know they're alive.

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Over the last few months I have written quite a bit about writing landing pages and offer pages. But I haven’t said much about the challenges writers face when writing a home page.Home pages can be tricky, simply because your page not only has its own job to do, but also has to support a group of second level pages.

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Very good post!

I particularly think content is king. Without content it is practically impossible to create an SEO strategy.

It's a shame that many customers still do not value content production as one of the best digital marketing strategies.

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My take on the website is the need for traffic. That is the ultimate goal of the website because what is the purpose of the website if there are no readers? And one way of getting readers is by updating the website with fresh contents. Try creating a static website where the initial content will be the only content for 1 year. I don’t think it can even get 100 views simply because there is no content to speak of. My rule of thumb in posting contents is once or twice a week for conservative updating. But it can be more frequent depending on your capacity to produce contents for your website.

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