How many backlinks does your website need

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How many backlinks does your website need

When someone is getting into doing SEO for their website they always ask "How many backlinks do I need?" and the answer is pretty simple. There is not specific amount of links you can build for your website in order to increase your rankings above your competitors. If there was a specific amount of backlinks you needed to build to overcome your competitors, don't you think they would be doing the same thing and every website would be ranked #1 in the search engine results pages? In this discussion I'll go over why you need to build backlinks, how many you might need and how frequently you need to build them.

So let's begin

Why you need to build backlinks
Building backlinks increases your rankings, which you probably already knew, and they help you overcome your competition in order to be on top of the SERPs (search engine results pages). You can have the best content and design on your website but if there are no links aimed at your website then you won't be loved by Google or the other search engines. The big 3 search engines, Google Yahoo! and Bing, want to see that other people are sharing your website before they decide to put you at the top of their search results.

How many backlinks you need.
When you ask "how many backlinks does my website need" it's hard to determine because that all depends on your niche and competition. If you're competitor is building 10 high quality links per day then you need to do 15 in order to overcome them. If you're doing a reverse engineering process of link building to overtake your competitors then you'll be building all the same links that they have and adding your own to take the top rankings. This process works very well and is the best when you're trying to play it safe. It's usually the safer method because if your competitor is already ranked #1 then you know they have some good links How many backlinks does your website need

How frequently you need to build backlinks
This is pretty tough to determine since you don't want to build too slow and never see a top rankings or build too quick and be penalized for being too aggressive. Usually when building backlinks you have to think of how old your website is. I like to think of a website as brand new if it's under 6 months old and new if it's under 12 months old. After 6 months you can usually increase the frequency of your link building campaign to your homepage and subpages and after 12 months, if you haven't gotten any penalties, you could open up the flood gates and build a lot more links in a shorter amount of time. Now I'm not telling you that you can build 1,000,000 auto approved blog comments to your homepage after 12 months and you'll be ranked #1 for anything you want, that's just silly. I'm saying that you can increase your frequency about 100% but you'll have to watch your rankings in order to stay safe.

In Conclusion:
It's hard to say how many backlinks you need and how often you should build backlinks to your website without knowing your niche and competition. You will need to figure this out using backlink checkers or doing everything manually and just watching your rankings until you overcome your competition and make them jealous How many backlinks does your website need

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Yeah there is no set number of backlinks that you will need to rank high with today. The answer to the question: "How many backlinks will my website need to rank high"? Is: "As many as it takes!". That could be 5. It could be 500, it could be 5000. And no two backlinks are created equal. Even if you have a link from the same site in the same place. One of them will be older so that one will be more valuable from that perspective. Plus it's not just your backlinks that count.

But the backlinks your backlinks have too. How many of them there are, how old they are etc. And for really high competition keywords, some of those sites have literally thousands of very old backlinks that go back years, some even decades (for the sites that still exist) and those are hard backlinks to get let alone compete with!

That said, it's not impossible to get a rough idea for how many you might need to say, outrank your competitors or something. But this does come down to doing keyword and competitor research. Looking at how many backlinks they have and from where. Going about getting the same ones and more.

But again, that might not even be something you need to do. As you know, just one high quality link from an authority site can be worth 100 or even 1000 links from low authority sites. So if you can get those high quality links, you might not even need as many as your competitors do to outrank them. It's funny kind of ruse the way it all works it really is. It's logical though! How many backlinks does your website need

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Yeah, it all depends on your competition. If the competition keywords are low then only a few backlinks could suffice.

You literally can't set a number, it's impossible to. There are too many variables that you have to take into consideration. Also to add, Google's newer algorithms seem to care more about the quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity. It's a bit confusing at first but once you understand it, it's simple.

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The number of backlinks depends on the competition in SEO. For instance, a search term like "web hosting" might need a tremendous amount of backlinks while a lighter one might need only a few hundred. Anyway, you can gauge how many are needed by examining the number of searches for certain terms as well as the business type associated with those terms.

However, though, if something has fewer people searching for it, it doesn't necessarily mean the competition is less. For instance, it's known that certain lightly used keyphrases with many words are actually more likely to get a buyer. In that case, those terms would probably be incredibly difficult to beat as I'm sure most marketers would be aware of the situation. Anyway, I could be wrong.

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I don't think there is any fixed set of number. You can find good amount of backlinks as low as 10 doing lot of work compared to 100. So it all comes down to how much links are good for you. I have found that more links the better.But it's not possible for many of us to have that much links per day.

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Great post and glad I come across it , I daily try and gather a few backlinks at a time I did use to buy backlinks I stopped doing this as worried to much on hurting my site .
But my question is as many people on SC can say I will get you 10,000 backlinks is this possible we know it is but can this get you there quicker are the links real and where do they get these simple 10,000 backlinks anyway.

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When I started my first blog using the WordPress platform I was impressed with ther CMS (Content Management System). I think it's the reason most people believe that WordPress is the best publishing platform. The CMS is a great help in creating quality back links. What's your opinion?

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I think how many backlinks then it depends how quality those backlinks are.

Building backlinks nowadays are very important but we should consider to build on high quality sites because if building on low quality site, it will not help rankings for our sites but hurt SEO for whole site.

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This post answers some of my questions.
We need backlinks to improve our search engine ranking. We need a better position on search engines in order to attract traffic and drive sales. However, how much backlinks do we need and how frequently we need to do backlinks were the questions I was trying to know. Thanks for these tips.

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Great post about backlinks. My understanding about backlinks is to spread as many as you can on popular websites particularly forums and blogs. But the problem is the way you post your backlinks because being considered spamming will ruin your cause and you may even be blacklisted. There should be a decent reason for you to post your backlink on such popular websites.

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