What is Facebook F8 all about?

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What is Facebook F8 all about?

Facebook has these yearly conferences names Facebook F8 in which Facebook presents their new applications, tools as well as other features their services will have in the future.

So what happened this year at Facebook F8?

1. Platform for augmented reality developers can use to create new filters same as Snapchat.
2. You can now combine file sharing services like Box with Google Workplace.
3. Instagram can now be accessed offline, everything you've seen or liked can be now been seen again even you aren't connected to the internet. This is very useful for people that don't want to use their internet data for a whatever reason or they are in a region where they don't have any internet access.
4. Facebook is integrating artificial intelligence on business pages so they can figure out and inform you about your best content. 5. A social platform for the Oculus VR name Facebook Spaces. This may well be the first idea towards a VR social media platform.
6. Facebook Messenger 2.0 - which basically will integrate a lot more bots directly with users.


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I'm not surprised that Facebook is spending so much money on chat AI since it could potentially replace a LOT of jobs over at Facebook. And hey, we'll probably still get a better response than the usual canned ones that Facebook send you for most things! But I really love the Augmented Reality technology and see it as the true future of fully immersive gaming and just the way we view life in general. But it does have a lot of potentials in it to be used and useful for so many things as well. I like how you can use it to see what something looks like in your home before you've even bought it or what a pair of jeans looks like on someone from all angles. That will truly revolutionize the shopping industry just on its own trust!

And I like the sound and idea of a VR social media platform that could be fun! I played some scary haunted house game on my own the other day on my VR headset on my own at night. I'm never doing that again! LOL What is Facebook F8 all about?

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I am amused with that artificial intelligence that would evaluate our posts if it is best content or now. Truly that’s one advance feature that will revolutionize Facebook. However, isn’t it offending when you see that your post has a tag to mean it is not a good content and has to be improved? In other words, it’s like intruding to your expression already. Correct me if I’m wrong but telling us which content is the best may not be that relevant when it comes to evaluation because most Facebook posts are for personal purposes and not for business.

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