Who still using Windows XP ??

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Who still using Windows XP ??

It's been a rock solid operating system and perfectly usable within its limits. The moment when you feel secure with your Windows XP and it does what you want it to do, but one day something bad happens, it locks up and you had your data on it and as a result, you breakdown so hard most likely to never see your old data again, I still remember the number of blank CDs I used to burn to save my data or backup and disk defragment would take up to days. Meanwhile,Windows 10 gets shoved into your face when you refuse to upgrade, you just wish you could touch Windows XP again.

Windows 7 is the best platform for me as I am a hardcore gamer and also for work it’s okay. But I think Windows XP can be Immortal with some tweaks.


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Well, I don't think windows XP is important, especially for games, sure when only Vista was around as an alternative, XP was better, but since windows 7 came out I don't see any reason to keep holding on windows XP except your configuration doesn't allow for the upgrade.

This is the case of my father's laptop. Pretty old runs better on XP compared to Windows 7.

And why are even talking about windows 7 anymore? We have Windows 10 now! Again if you configuration can hold Win10, switch, trust me is something completely different, much better experience.

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I have Windows 10 and Debian 8 on my main machine, but I also have an old XP machine. Depending on what it's being used for, Windows XP is still perfectly viable, and will remain so for many years to come. Outdated, and unsupported can be scary words, and devs bank on that, especially when money is involved.

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Using Windows 7 here. It's been the most secure, most stable of all Windows versions if you ask me. I remember Windows XP and I also remember all the BSOD's I used to get suffer from using it. And many hours in frustration trying to get it to do things. XP would work well at first but then eventually, it would start slowing down and being buggy on you. Most OS's are like that, even Windows 7 although not as much. I've not actually experienced any OS problems with Windows 7. I have my hardware issues but those are usually because of the hardware like the RAM failing or something. Although that's not happened in a while too fingers crossed!

Windows eh, just another pane the glass!

But as long as it serves its purpose and gets the job done without any problems that's all that really matters to me. Who still using Windows XP ??

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I don't think there's anyone on the earth surface still using Windows XP..It's laggy and very very bad for gaming..I don't think there's anyone using it.

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I don't use Windows XP anymore but I think some people might be using it. I am using Windows 10 and I know that there has been various criticisms about it. As for me I am quite satisfied with Windows 10 and have not had any issues so far.

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My friends are still using Windows XP but they are moving to Win 7 because it is more better if comparing with WIN XP.

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I agree that Windows 7 is much better than Windows XP because that’s the operating system of my office laptop. However, our home desktop is still running on Windows XP. I had it upgraded to Windows 7 but some old programs wouldn’t run properly even after the tweaking. And after a thorough testing, we reverted to Windows XP. One technician said that Windows XP might have an issue with 32-bit processors because it was designed for the 64-bit processors. Oh well, as long as the Windows XP is running, so be it.

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