What is your favourite Windows OS ? Debate

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What is your favourite Windows OS ?

When it comes to operating systems Microsoft Windows is the leader so far , if we refer by popularity. Personally i liked too much the old OS Windows Xp, because it was a system well designed, stable , and very easy to use it.

Talking about last year, i switched from windows 7 to 10 and i'm loving it , everything is perfect, and is running very smoothly? . However,comparing windows 7 with windows 10 , yes, windows 7 might be more stable than windows 10, but personally i like it more than 7.

Please share your thoughts...


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I actually loved Windows XP very much. It was stable and easy to work with after some messy previous versions. I still have it on my old desktop computer, but when i bought my laptop it come preloaded with Windows 7 and by now i am very much used to that too and it's also good. I didn't try any newer versions so i can't comment on it, but i would love to konw how other users feeling about Windows 10 as i will be upgrading soon i guess

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Thanks for your reply anweb! I've been using windows 10 since first beta release which was "technical preview" and i liked it very much. Now i'm using the official version which was launched on 29 July 2015 , and is working so cool.

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I remember it wasn't that long ago we were formatting and reinstalling Windows XP. Nowadays it's Windows 7 and 10 if you upgrade of just go with that out of the box. I had most of my success from Windows XP though in that it got me to where I am today and had a lot of good times using that OS as well. I really like the sleekness and power of new Windows 10 PC's though but you do need a lot of RAM at least 4GB standard although it an run on less. But it seems the more we go up in version, the more RAM is required. I remember tinkering around with a Windows 95 computer once and even an old office I worked in about 10 years ago was using Windows 98 still on one of their PC's I had to do their accounts and order filing on. Then when I'd get home and check my emails on my own Windows XP OS it was like ahhh this is better. I still feel that way now when using a VPS or something that's running Windows 2000 or something.

Oh and the worst ever Windows OS I used was Windows ME OMG. That thing was buggy like it was from planet bug!

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Yeah Windows XP was my favourite OS , but since Microsoft stopped supporting it , i switched to windows 7, then last year i switched to windows 10 and i'm very happy with it. The worst Windows OS ever for me was : Windows Vista.

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honestly iam more prefer windows 10,,because its come with cortana function,,its quite comfortable with it,,
and for the learning networking iam suggest linux os debian
so far iam still using windows product,,from xp-10

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I recently upgraded to windows 10 about 4 months ago and I hated it at first. But it's been growing on me a little more every day What is your favourite Windows OS ?

The network configuration still annoys me because it's different than windows 7. I loved when I could just go in, edit something, and everything would ran perfect. With windows 10 I guess they wanted to make it more "User Friendly" and add pretty images that throw me off What is your favourite Windows OS ? When I'm having wifi or internet problems I always go through the same routine I would in windows 7 and I instantly get annoyed because the path is a little different. So basically what took me 1 minute to do on windows 7 now takes 5 minutes because I can never remember the path to take when messing with my connection settings What is your favourite Windows OS ?

The Cortana feature is a nice touch, but I've yet to use it. I can see how it would be awesome for anyone wanting to use it, I just haven't thought about using it when searching so it gets overlooked. I would also think I'm talking to the Halo AI system which is or was named Cortana lol What is your favourite Windows OS ? If I were to talk to Cortana I would imaging a blue woman popping out of my screen and responding to me What is your favourite Windows OS ?

I do like windows 10 better each day even though I don't use all the features and I'd encourage everyone to try it out at least once. Don't put it on your computer, make a friend download it just in case you hate it lmao What is your favourite Windows OS ?



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I love Windows 7 and I've been using it since "forever". I've never had any problems at all. I bought a new gaming rig quite recently, about 5 months ago, and installed windows 7 and everything worked out great. Just as usual. Until I made a huge mistake. I installed Windows 10, because of the free upgrade.

Here's when the first problems occurred. Blue Screens occurred regularly. No matter if I played CS:GO, Diablo 3, ARK or Rocket League. No matter what I played, I got that stupid Blue Screen.. I even got it sometimes when I was watching YouTube videos. I can't remember the exact message now, but it was something about not having enough memory or cpu power. Always the same message too. Which obviously wasn't the reason, as I had a new gaming rig with about 2 times the performance compared to my old rig and I never had these problems with the old one.. However, what I finally did, was just to install Windows 7 again, and all of these messages disappeared..

So yeah.. I'll stick with Windows 7 for now.

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Actually Windows 10 is a great OS(my opinion), but as i said windows 7 is more stable for now. Windows 10 was launched last year on 29 july 2015 , and it will take years to be stable as windows 7.However, there are made huge improvements on it since the first release.

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Hi I used several windows platform from then beginner of computer user. When I first purchase computer in 2000 I was used windows 97 OS and in that time for me it was awesome and in following years I used windows 98 OS and both was same from me between windows 97 and 98. Then I install windows XP. Really it was great experience with windows XP. Huge graphical interface really attract me. Though I was not advance user, just used entertainment things. Oh in the mean time I used also windows 2000 server, when I was MCSE students. After getting windows 7 I never see behind again for other operation system. And still I am using windows 7 for my all office laptop. it is really easy to handle all things by windows 7. And recently I used windows 10 on my tablet PC. But for me ever best windows 7 OS. And windows 10 may next one.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I started using Windows 10 a few months ago. At first I just hated it. I could not get used to it at all and started to regret the fact that I upgraded. In time I got used to it, and although it is okay I think I still prefer Windows 7. I know that Windows 10 should be an improved and better version, and maybe it is just me, but I loved the Windows 7 traditional start menu, and practically everything about it. It could be that if I had to go back to using it I would then start favoring Windows 10 more, now that I have got used to it. All in all I guess they are both good, as in they are both reliable and stable operating systems.

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I liked Windows 7 and also XP. I have windows 10 now and I hate it! When I got my new laptop with it installed I cried, I really did. I couldn't figure out how to even turn it off. I'm sorry but no Start button?

Call me stupid or old fashioned but I need my start button. I think this alone makes Windows 10 stink.

I hope when I get my next laptop there is something else out because I don't want Windows 10 again.

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I really liked windows 7 and windows 10 is not too bad. I didn’t really like Windows 8 though. Windows 8 was designed too much like a tablet operating system and it just doesn’t fit computers. Windows 10 has too many unnecessary features like Cortana; that was literally the first thing I disabled but other than that, it is quite good. I guess it is just me, other people probably like these new features. I still prefer the Windows 7 as the interface was clean and simple. Having used windows 10 for a while now, it does seems to be quite good.

Kind regards,

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I presently run Windows 10, but my favorite Windows operating system was Windows Vista. My only real complaint about Vista was it was a bit on the heavy side. Windows 7, 8, and 10 are good, but each is a little worst than the last.

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Maybe I can say that Windows 7 is my present favorite among the OS of Microsoft. But perhaps it can change if I experience Windows 10 and if it turns out better. Our home desktop is still running on Windows XP and it is the favorite of my husband because he is most comfortable with it. However, I understand that it is already obsolete as operating system and many software do not support it anymore.

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