Windows VPS offer by BestVps user (Failed to deliver)?

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Windows VPS offer by BestVps user (Failed to deliver)?

Hi, I need assistance with regard on my order 1186400. I ordered WindowsVps to this user "BestVps" last May 29'15 and my status is now "Delivered". How come my status is delivered already? But I haven't received any Windows VPS service from him.
I checked his services today June 3'15, and I only see 3 services instead of 4 which is (Windows vps With 7.5GB Ram And 200 GB Disk for $5).

I already made a follow-up to BestVps since June 1 but to no avail. Because of this I want to refund my $5 due to lack of communication to the customer. By the way, I'm not the only 1 complaining about the Windows VPS issues.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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i can understand your problem. Bestvps is level 1 seller. you go to order page and reject deliver work and cancel the order.other wise you contact the administrator here is the link.

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Hello I think you have got a adequate answer from @tiger111. However I would like to give you some guidance for you.

1. Always check the comments and  feedbacks in sellers profile. There may be one or two sellers doing spaming rarely.
2. Untill the complete work is done, do not mark as completed
3. If any problem with the discription and the service contact the seller right away.
4. You are deserved to have the service at the time of you by but not the update . So if some problem with that please contact seller back
5. Do not hesitate to complain the seoclerks if any spammer found

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Thanks for the tips guys. Btw, I did not activate any status from him. I was so disappointed to that user because of not replying to all my messages. Anyway, I appreciate your messages here. Thanks a lot guys!

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I faced a same problem from a vps seller. I contacted seoclerk staff and they re-opended the oorder.
You can re-open this order by contacting seoclerk staff.

Use follwoing link and register. Then open a ticket by saying your matter

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