Readability for Search Engine Optimization

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Readability for Search Engine Optimization

Readability is one of the factors for SEO though it is ignored by a lot of people. But if you follow the guidelines of the top Digitial Marketers in the industry they will surely tell you to focus on the readability of your site.
So, what is Readability?Readability is the ease in which a text can be read and understood. If you write a blog or a website which have a bad quality of font used, or a lot of grammatical mistakes or the background of text is so bad that it almost covers the text, then your site have low readability. And it is surely going to have an effect on the number of visitors as they will not tend to come back to your site again if they cannot even read the text written on your site clearly.
There are a lot of readability index used for the text and outline articles. Here are some of the most popularly used readability index- Flesch Reading Ease Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Coleman-Liau Index Gunning-Fog Index
All these are different types of formulas used to calculate the readability levels of the articles. I am not describing them in detail. You can go to Google and do some more research on it if you want. I know will not use those complex formulas to calculate the readability index of your site. So, I am listing some of the online tools that you can use to check the readability index of your site-
Go to and put in your websites URL. And it will show you the results- whether your site is appropriate to read for children, adults or university graduates. And also all those indexes that I mentioned above.
You can also use another free tool called – Online-Utility Document Readability CalculatorYou can use it to test the readability based on different indexes like SMOG, ARI etc.It will also suggest you which sentences should be rewritten so that they can be read more easily.
Some tools which you can use to improve your readability-
Grammarly-This is one tool which you can use to avoid the grammatical mistakes that even Microsoft Word cannot determine. This is a Browser Plugin (Chrome or Firefox) which will help you to avoid making any kind of grammatical mistakes while you type anything on the internet like commenting, blog posting etc. So, you don’t have to hire a proofreader to help you. The best part is that it is completely free (paid version also available with some advanced features).
This is again a free online editor which tells you the reading grade of an article which means how hard or easy is to read a certain content.


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Grammarly is a hell of a chrome extension! Seriously, I love this plugin!
But yes, I agree readability is important for search engines and of course, for SEO. I am sure Google, after the rankbrain update it is capable of understanding how well a text is written in at least English.

If you are using the right keywords but you overall content quality is low and basically, you talk gibberish, Google will take note of that and rank you accordantly.

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You should never write just for SEO purpose. You stuff your contents with keywords does not mean you can attract traffic. Keywords are necessary, however, too many keywords on your contents are bad for your site.
You should always write for humans. readability is something that is very important for online contents. If your contents is not good for readers, your bounce rate will increase, and you will eventually lose traffic. When you lose traffic, your search engine rank will also get lowered.

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Does this readability factor includes the font and color font? I don’t think so. But for me, readability is primarily the type of font and color because small fonts make me irritated as if I am being punished. Anyway, I understand that SEO is not after the fonts, all right, but with the grammar, I cannot agree on it. Take for instance the grammar checker of MS Word, it’s not accurate because it has been tagging most of my sentences where I cannot see any wrong grammar. So maybe SEO will not focus on that aspect of grammar.

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