Google search, more than a search engine

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Google search, more than a search engine

I think that Google is the NO.1 Search engine all over the world and Google is my favorite search engine. I like Google because they have some cool stuff. For example if you will type and search for "Calculator" Google will load a scientific calculator for you. However, I am using most of the Google services like Gmail, Google Doc, Google Webmaster tools and so on. You can organize all the Google services with your one account and its very helpful for everyone.

However, I know that there we have more search engines like Yahoo Search, Bing and others. So, what is your favorite search engine and why its your favorite?


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Google. Hands down. No other Search Engine does as much for people and webmasters as Google does. The amount of free Google apps there are now is truly phenomenal. What's even more phenomenal is that Google don't charge you a single penny to use any of them! Now if it was Bing/Yahoo etc they would probably want to you to sign up and pay to use them but not Google. They already make enough money as it is and it gets people using their services/apps etc by making them free and you can pay to upgrade or get more access to some of them.

Here's a screenshot from their Products page
Google search, more than a search engine
Google is so much more than a Search Engine these days. Although, I remember back in the early days of Google that is literally all it was, just a Search Engine. It never had any of these products, not any of them! Now though there are literally hundreds of free apps and products and that doesn't even cover all the other things that Google provide these days and stuff that they do for people.

And some people say that Facebook is a giant entity and could one day surpass Google in terms of users. Well I don't know about that as Facebook don't offer any of these types of apps and products and if they want to achieve that they will likely need to. I think that's another reason why Google offer all these apps and products for free. To stave off the competition if you will. Google search, more than a search engine

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My favourite search engine is Google! I don't think I could go back and use any other search engine now since using Google. I go to search for something using Google and I get what I am looking for at the top of the page, this isn't always the case with other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing, with these I tend to be scrolling for a little before I find exactly what I am looking for. Google is more than a search engine now as well, there is so much on offer from emails to webmaster tools as well as search plus you have YouTube and just one account is linked to all of them meaning there is no messing about when it comes to needing to be logged in, you already are! Google really did up their game and become the 'Big Dog' so to speak, it will always be my most preferred.

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I use Google search whenever I want to find information. I also use Google search to do a research. Google search also gives me an idea about the topics that I should write. I can use Google search to find my competitors. Google search is one of the products from Google. There are lots of Google products that can help us excel in online business.

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It all started with the search engine that we didn’t notice when it was growing bigger and bigger. Fortunately for us, the giant Google has been diversifying to other features that give us free service. What I enjoy most is the Google maps where I can see the exact description of a place where I am going. We always avail the facilities of Google maps whenever we are going abroad. At least we have a clear idea of how we would go around the city of destination.

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