Short and Long Term Profits with Micro Niches.

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Short and Long Term Profits with Micro Niches.

Everyone is talking about how a micro niche site might not be a great thing in terms of pulling in traffic and sales. Most people are focusing on big authority type websites aimed at one niche and they forget about how they got started. I myself love small micro niche sites offering a few products, up to 50, and targeting a small group of people. Why do I love this? It's simple, the competition isn't there and the people already love what you have lol. If you can combine this with a decent marketing campaign you can pull in some good profits quickly and over the long term.

What does this consist of?
This method, setup, system, etc. consists of setting up an eCommerce website and loading it with items of your own or someone elses. You can dropship items or if you're the manufacturer, you can load the website with your own stuff. I prefer the dropship method because I don't have to worry about stocking inventory and shipping, which is awesome Short and Long Term Profits with Micro Niches.

What do you do?
Well I don't dedicate myself to one specific niche since I'm in it for the profits with these types of websites and I don't care too much as to what I'm selling. I will do some good keyword research and find something with low or medium competition and spread out from there. When I find a good keyword set that I can target, I will go to AliExpress and look up items in which I can sell on my own website for a profit. If AliExpress has enough items to populate my site I will then set up a PPC campaign and see what I can get each keyword for. Now I won't be paying for anything because I'll set the campaign at $100 a day and have the CPC at $0.01 so that I'm almost guaranteed not to get any clicks. If I do end up getting clicks, it won't cost me much lol. Setting up the campaign will show me what I can estimate my clicks per day would be because they give you an estimate on how many clicks on keyword sets you'll be getting based on your spend per day.

Do I have to DropShip?
Absolutely not! If you have your own product you can easily set it up on your own website, but doing this will limit you on what niches you can target. If you have 5,000 bars of soap that you're trying to sell, you obviously can't target basketball keywords lol. I personally prefer the dropshipping route because I can target almost any niche since I'm not the one having to make the product. I can talk with hundreds of manufacturers and see which would be the best fit for me. Sure there are manufacturers that offer a cheaper product, but the language barrier can turn me away.

What SEO do you do for this?
The great thing is that since this is a micro niche site, you don't usually have to do as much SEO each month to get top rankings. Normally there is less competition because a lot of people are targeting "Money Keywords" that will bring in $1,000 a day if they somehow get ranked. What I do is target 100 keywords that will bring in $10 a day but I have to do 1/4 of the SEO work to get the results lol Short and Long Term Profits with Micro Niches. You'll still have to start slow since your website is brand spanking new, but after a few months you can start to ramp up your work and see higher rankings. The beauty of micro niche sites is that you can rank quicker and be at the top longer with much less time invested Short and Long Term Profits with Micro Niches.

In conclusion, I think that Micro Niches + eCommerce + DropShipping+ SEO + PPC Campaigns = Short and Long Term Profits. You can use this type of system to get any website profitable, but your niche is what will make or break you. You can target 10 different micro niches and make more than a big authority website, but a big authority type website will give you more recognition for your work done. Today it seems that everyone wants to be a big dog in their niche, but I just want to collect a nice paycheck at the end of the week. Those "big dogs" can make $1,000 a day but spend $900 of that on advertising while I'm paying $10 on advertising per day and making $100 lol. Don't let someone tell you that your niche is wrong, they may not know what you do and you can profit.

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Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much for giving us a huge information about micro nixhe selection procedures and also thanks for giving the details information about website usage policy. What is the role of SEO- you have said well.

Thanks for all details information.


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If my understanding is correct, a micro niche is a niche that is not very popular. Like one forum with horse racing as a niche. Admittedly, the members there are horse racing bettors only. But I have seen how it prospered and, in fact, there are now more than 5 of them fighting for the few local netizens who love horse racing. And that’s what makes is a micro niche – the members are local since it is a non-English forum. But again, all those sites are doing good with a few hundred very active members, it is earning.

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