Intermal vs External Links - Onsite SEO

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Intermal vs External Links - Onsite SEO

Hi there,

I am wondering, will search engines such as Google consider links that have the http prefix as external, even if it is still a link towards the website it exists on?

What I mean is, if you used this consistently, would Google consider your page to have a bunch of 'out bound' links?

Alternatively, if you are using the ../../../../ method of navigation, will Google recognize these links as identical links when crawling your website's infrastructure?

I don't think there are any other options available to handle navigation than what I mentioned above.

Any opinions or insight?


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It depends on whether or not you want those sites to be counted in your overall seo rank when crawled or not.
Are the sites linking back to you? if so just leave them the same, if not - throw the nofollow extension on the link so it does not negatively affect your on page seo.
Hope this helps a bit.
Be Well, J

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I guess I should have better clarified.
These are all links pointing to the same website. The website which contain the link(s) in question.

So instead of contact.html it would be as with every other link..In scenario A.
The problem with typical navigation is that it is written in PHP, and the position of directories will change depending on what variables are set. This forces me to use one of the two options..currently the later which does not look so clean.

I am however afraid of using the first method to handle this at risk of having almost no website infrastructure if almost all of the website's navigational links were considered 'out bound'.

It's nothing serious, but I am hoping to get some insight into this -- or better yet a more viable option.

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I know this is old now and irelevant and you probably don't even need to know any more. But I just need to answer it.

Google does not look at the http:// part of a URL to see if it's pointing to your site or not. It's all about the domain name being used.

But if you're using ../../../../ in your URLs that's not good URL structuring. You need to make clean friendly URLs that are as short as possible.

Hope this helps!

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If I understand your question you mean to you have a link to another page in the same website and that using the http or maybe https in addressing of the particular web page will make it appear as the link is on another site? I don’t think you can deceive the search engine crawlers with that kind of trick because the address in whatever format will be converted to numbers that includes the IP address as the prefix.

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