What is your freelance experience?

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What is your freelance experience?

Hello everybody, iI am expert on Social Media Marketing service. I have been experience more than 1 years in other marketplace, for example
odesk. Always, I complete my work honestly and quickly. & always I
give my best service to my every buyer.

I would like to hear more about your own Freelance experience, why you chose SEOClerks and any help you can give on being a successful SEOClerks seller.


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Have a wonderful day.

You have asked a nice question.I have been trying to become a successfull freelancer from 2003. I have tried huge and huge way to earn from online. At 2012 I have left all types of job and has been started hardly with Odesk and got some big projects on Odesk and Elance. After finish those project I have understood that I had got my way to become succesfull on freelancing world. But after few days I got hacked my accounts and I got trouble. Than I have found SEO clerks and still now I am with SEO clerk. I do not work with other marketplace.I have been trying and working for the last 2 plus years and I am happy. Looking for a lifetine project so that I can make some property and I can help my parents. I have choosen seo clerk because this is the 3 tier marketplace. I can sell my services. I can bid for new works and I can hire anyone.


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i have been freelancing for the past 6 to 8 months. I am a content writer and have produced content for various clients.

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I am happy to be a freelancer too. I enjoy writing different articles of different topic at different sites. Freedom to write is what I am looking for. Low payment, I don't mind at all as long as I am being paid.

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My experience with freelancing has been cool though hectic at times but I totally enjoy the freedom and pace of work.I don't need to leave the comfort of my home and I don't run late for anything because I work when it pleases me.I like the fact that I'm paid according to my ability tough the pay is small but there's no cheating.I'm paid according to the agreed amount.So far it has been a jolly ride, I don't have problems with clients.

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I am into freelancing for 3 years now although on a part time basis only because I have a full time office job. And I lasted this long simply because I am enjoying the work. I am a content provider for forums. That is not easy but somewhat enjoyable since I am learning things from the forum boards. Besides, I also get to meet people along the way.

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