What is the difference between dofollow link and nofollow link?

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What is the difference between dofollow link and nofollow link?

For the beginners in SEO there are a lot of terms which are really confusing one of them are dofollow and nofollow links. So what are dofollow links and what are nofollow links?

Dofollow links-

These are the default type of links which you find on the web.

These links are the links which are used to create backlinks and generating link juice for our website.

It will appear on the site same as the nofollow link which will take you to the site if you click on it. The main thing is that it allows both humans and the robots sent by Google or other search engines to reach your site. This will help you to get traffic as well as rank higher in the search engines. Google and other search engines only consider the dofollow links that are pointing to your site.
Nofollow links-
These are just the simple HTML attributes which are used to prevent the bots sent by search engines to follow a link and reach your site. It's HTML form is almost as same as dofollow link but just a simple attribute like "rel=nofollow" is added in the tag.
It will appear the same as the dofollow link.
But the main difference is that it will allow only the humans to follow this link and reach your site and not the bots sent by Google or other search engines. This will not help you to get indexed on the SERPs. Only real humans will be able to follow your link and visit your site.
One other type of nofollow link-
Robots Meta Tag-

This stops the robots sent by search engines from following any link on a webpage.
What is the main use of nofollow links?
Suppose someone puts a bad or spammy link on your site by blog commenting then the search engines will penalize you as well and lower your rankings because they found it on your site.
If you are an affiliate marketer then nofollow links are very useful. If the bots sent by Google find out a lot of affiliate links on your site then you will surely come down in the SERPs. So, always use nofollow attribute for your affiliate links so that only humans visit your site and make you profit and prevent the robots to follow your link.
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IMHO you need both still. A no follow link isn't a worthless link to have in all cases. Cases would be from sites that in the same niche, industry that yours is in. Those are worth their weight in gold even if they are a no follow link! But what I mean is, if you focus on just getting do follow links, or rather no no follow as there's no such tag as do follow (it's just a no no follow link (normal link)). And don't get any no follow links too, this can look unnatural! Very unnatural in fact as most big authority sites have a wide mix of both no follow and no follow (do follow) links these days and no big authority site would only ever have one of one kind and none of the other. Ever! So it's important to consider even no follow links. Sure they don't send any link juice through to your site. They aren't followed by search engine bots (spiders) but that doesn't mean that people still can't see that link and click on it! What is the difference between dofollow link and nofollow link?

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Thank you for the clearer explanation about the dofollow and nofollow types of link. Since the nofollow is an html coded attributes that should be specified does that mean that the site owner had intentionally made the webpage or the URL a nofollow? Isn’t if unfair to the users who would post a link on his site? But for a user, how would he know that the site is a nofollow?

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