Publishing content everyday to pull in targeted traffic.

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Publishing content everyday to pull in targeted traffic.

I've seen a lot of people talk about content writing, myself included, and we always talk about writing fresh content. But does that mean you can just write 100 articles and you're good forever? Nope! You'll need to keep adding content to your website(s) because that's what your readers want. You might have an article which you wrote a year ago rank forever, but it's not likely. The only reason it would stay ranked for that long is because the keyword it is ranked for is a very low competition one with little to not traffic so not many people target it.

How often should I write an article for my website?
Well I like to think that one article a day is a good pace to keep your website fresh and unique. People have done research and you can actually do 2 to 3 articles a week and be fine, but why do the standard when you can stand out and be seen more? I like to do 1 a day for my websites because it keeps me ahead of the curve and I can target more keywords than the people who are only doing 2 or 3 articles a week. Think about it, they will have 104 to 156 new pages a year while I'll have 365 new pages. If I'm targeting a different keyword per post then I'm likely to have more traffic coming in at the end of the year compared to the people who are only doing the standard/basic requirements in order to keep their website fresh Publishing content everyday to pull in targeted traffic.

What if I don't have time to log in every day and write?
Don't you worry your pretty little face about that, there are systems in place that will help you with this. You can actually set your post time when you're in your wordpress dashboard. This means you can write all your articles in one day and set each of them to post at a specific time, once per day ;) Write up 7 articles and set their times, it's pretty simple and anyone can do it Publishing content everyday to pull in targeted traffic.

What if I have absolutely no time to write my articles?
Well that's not a problem at all! You can actually hire a writer from here,, and have them write up your articles for you. I've worked with plenty of writers here and I rarely run into any problems. You can probably work something out where you can create a profile on your website just for the writer and have them log in to post the fresh content for you. I've done this in the past and it usually works pretty well, you just have to go over some rules prior to doing this because I've hired writers from other websites that tried putting their own backlinks in my pages lol. Needless to say that those writers were instantly fired and I deleted all of their links. I've never had that problem with any of the writers here on SEOclerks but that could be because I have a basic set of rules they need to follow in order to keep me coming back for work.

You said you have a basic set of rules, what are they so I can add them to my job requirements?
My job requirements are pretty simple and right to the point. I highly suggest you use these, and expand on them if you'd like, and send them to your potential writers in a PM prior to paying them for the work. Below are exactly what I use when hiring a new writer just so they know what they're getting into before the work starts.

  • Articles/posts MUST be a minimum of 700 words each.
  • Articles/posts can NEVER be copied from another website and pasted into my website.
  • Articles/posts can NEVER be scraped content and spun then added to my website.
  • Articles/posts MUST be unique and fresh.
  • Articles/posts MUST be optimized for my specific keywords.
  • Articles/posts MUST NOT target dozens of keywords in each post.

Hopeufully this post helps you out on your journey Publishing content everyday to pull in targeted traffic.

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This is some great information Razzy and definitely all on point. One thing that always annoys me is how people will come in saying the can write an article of around 700 words and then copy another article and change it around a little to look unique. It's so easy to work out that an article is not unique however people still keep doing that. I agree with you, articles have to be unique, they have to be your own content.

I believe most blog softwares now give you the ability to write out blog posts and set them to appear on a specific day and time. This was a god send for me as some days I wouldn't feel like writing or I would have writers block but I knew I already had something written up before hand to publish so that set my mind at rest.

It always pays to be organised I guess when it comes to publishing content.

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Publishing contents every day does not guarantee traffic. You publish every day, do you think people will come to your website to read the content you published on that day. You can of course ask your followers on social media and subscribers to read your content, but will they do it. Further more, you published properly optimized content today, however, it will not be immediately indexed by search engines. They will take time, thus it will take time to build organic traffic. Therefore, publishing every day does not guarantee traffic.

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It’s definitely traffic that matters and I understand that traffic is somewhat dependent on content. But to publish an article every day? That would be very taxing because I’m sure you will either run out of ideas or suffer fatigue. For me, the ideal frequency of uploading is twice a week or maybe 3 times a week at the most. As freelancers, don’t forget that we also need to rest just like ordinary employees who works 40 hours a week. My take on writing is not to push yourself to the limits or your output will suffer in quality. Just write in your comfortable pacing.

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