Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

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Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

As it says, Content is king but marketing is Queen and runs the household! Content writing is a huge thing when it comes to top rankings because Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the other smaller search engines want to see a website with something new and unique. Copied or spun content never ranks as well as unique content unless there is a glitch in the matrix lol.

Also, I got the title idea for this discussion from my buddy Cristian's header image on his profile Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.
Cristians Profile:

Go follow him, he writes some great discussions and also has some amazing services for sale here on SEOclerks Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

So lets get to it!

Why exactly is Content King?

Well content is king because the search engine users want to see something new and not something that they've already read a dozen times on other websites that have covered the idea, product or event. A good example of this is if you were writing about a video game covering a specific weapon, would you just copy and paste someones post about it and say it was your own or would you take the time to write it in your own words? Writing it in your own words will get you more followers and return visitors because it was unique and they like that!

The big 3 search engines want to please their users so they want to put unique and fresh content in front of their eyes. By posting your own content you're pleasing the search engine gods and in return they show you a little bit of love in the rankings department lol Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

Be sure to optimize your content, but not too much. If you do it just right you will see a better jump in the rankings as opposed to if you over optimize your articles and get no love because you were doing too much. Write your articles for your readers and not to please the search engines and you'll usually please the search engines. They want the articles to be readable for the real people who they will be sending to your website. If you write something like "SEO is the best SEO because SEO is going to rank your SEO websites" (SEO being your keyword) they will not rank your site because you're just trying to abuse their system.

Why exactly is Marketing the Queen who runs the household?

Marketing is Queen to the content king because it's much more powerful than fresh and unique content. The only thing is that you need BOTH to survive in todays online battle for rankings. Just by having hundreds of great articles that are fresh and unique won't get you top rankings, you need to do some marketing to get them found and to be seen as more popular. On one hand you can do loads of marketing with little content on your website and it won't go well while on the other you can do a lot of content generation with no marketing and it also won't go well. You need both to survive.

What you can do:

  • Write articles and post them on niche related website or blogs but be sure to get your link in the article.
  • Be active on social media because you never know how much traffic will come from facebook, reddit, Google+, etc.
  • Build backlinks to your backlinks (tier link them). This usually helps boost your tier 1 backlinks.
  • Get posts on websites like HuffingtonPost, BuzzFeed, etc. This will only help your marketing and brand building.

Well, that's an overview of why you need marketing as well as fresh content Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

I hope you enjoyed what you read.

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A better title would be "Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and Wears the Trousers!" Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

But I do agree wholeheartedly though! And it's a true analogy as well. In fact, so much so that SEO can actually be compared to a game of Chess. You have the King and the Queen, and they would be the content and the marketing. And you have all your other pieces too like Rooks, Bishops, Knights & Pawns. And just as they all play a part in playing the game and the correct movement of them determines the outcome of the game (whether you win or lose) The same can be applied to SEO as well. Where your King would be content, the Queen the marketing, the Rooks the SMM etc, the Bishops the researching, the Knights the advertising and the Pawns just doing all those small (but important) menial tasks like going out and asking people for guest posts, forum marketing, blog commenting that sort of thing etc etc.

But you have to move those pieces and use them to your advantage as wisely as you can. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a Pawn or too in order to get a better position on the board in which you can strike and make your death move. In as few moves as possible. I like to get people with the three move check mate. I always try that one on people I've never played with before to see if they know it and know how to counter it. But any good chess player knows that move and will know how to counter it.

And that's sort of how it goes in the world of SEO and rankings as well. Although it can take more than a few good moves before you start seeing some results and success from using those pieces wisely to the best of your ability. Sometimes a game of chess can go on for days while the other player works out the best moves to take. And through making those calculated moves you can see some success. But every game starts with a Pawn! Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and runs the household.

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I think marketing is definitely king here. And content often takes second seat. For example huffingtonpost and Buzzfeed posting very low quality content. You can see that it can be really bad to see how the content is second and the backlinks are winning. So that being said, I am guessing that people have to focus on backlinks from popular blogs. And that in itself needs to be properly managed. You can see that marketing takes time. And in such context the backlinks with different brands definitely helps a lot.

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If you really take a close look, the major websites get to live by a different set of rules. They can post weak content that then gets ranked high and can incorporate aggressive and intrusive advertising and never get penalized.

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That is indeed true. Most of the popular site have really weak content. And honestly it has no value to be honest. Buzzfeed, huffington and Vice type of website. Really bad content. And you can see they are focusing on the marketing aspect. And that works out. In short run it seems to be working in favor of them for sure. That's something I have learned.

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This is similar to the concept of salesmanship that I learned in school. It is easy to sell if your product is good but it is easier to sell if your salesman is good. And I also remember the final exam in that particular subject - selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo. I know it is absurd but that is just to emphasize the power of salesmanship. Now that we are into marketing, I believe that a good marketing plan can sell. Pardon me but that's what the scammers are cultivating now. They create an excellent marketing system to sell a fictitious product.

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